Sing To John & Yoko’s…. “And So This Is Christmas”

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photo (17)

photo (16)

and so it was Christmas
and what did i do?
i strung up some li-ites
yes, more that just a few!

photo (15)

photo (14)

a very merry Christmas
we had us some fun
that was some months ago
yet, life’s just begun

~~ everybody now, and so it was Christmas… la la la la la




Christmas 2015… in lieu of decorating our house with a string or 2 of lights in several rooms respectively, I installed ALL lights in the room we spend most of our time in.

The first of the Christmas photos here was actually taken last. I can tell because the beams were more filled in with Jim’s yardsale-found antiques. I finished that “beamage” project over the holidays.

LOVE how in the 4th photo, you can see the reflection of Jim’s blue file folder in the mirror opposite, and the tree’s reflection in the big painting! :)

Yep, so that was Christmas.

And now it’s spring!

Look at the spring-cleaning I did yesterday around our fireplace!!!



Took a lot of elbow grease to get the soot off, but I got there, pretty-much.


Chilly and rainy here today, yay! Might have a fire again tonight, going down into the 50s for a low, whooohoooo. Summer can wait!

Love, Jannie

Wow, and look at this new Sociable thing below! I guess when my WordPress updated, that came along too, cool!

New Blue Bikini (new song lyric by yours truly)

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The lyric has been revamped (again) :) since the below… (Edit: March 17th, 2016.)


(The lyric below reflects improvements from the original version posted here — thanks to feedback from my inspirational songwriting buddies.)

gonna laze at the pool in the shade where it’s cool
hearing ukulele music floating in the air
gonna stroll on the sand holding your hand
watching the sun wave good bye to the day
i love you so much and i’ll love you even more
when i’m walking with you on the honolulu shore, in my

new blue bikini
supercute swimming suit
wait ‘til you see me
in my new blue bikini

it fits so good in the places it should
hugging my curves like the ocean hugs the shore
it’s the color of the sky in early july
denim blue that sings to the twinkle in my eye
bought it on sale today for only ten bucks
brand new with tags, ooo — talk about luck, got a

new blue bikini
supercute swimming suit
wait ‘til you see me
in my new blue bikini

(12 awesome measures of scintillating instrumental here, maybe something even a-la-Jimmy-Buffet-esque.))

gonna catch a few rays, ‘n splash in the waves
where the dancing dolphins are laughing every day
gonna do as we please, just you and me
going on adventures that we’ve never had before
we’ve been working so hard but we’ll be playing soon
i’ll be smooching with you on our second honeymoon, in my

new blue bikini
supercute swimming suit
ooo wait ‘til you see me
in my new blue bikini


~~ end of lyric.

If you’re in Austin Tx on Tuesday, August 11th 2015, please join us at “Song Doctor” where I’ll be singing and playing guitar on this brand new song of mine, whooohoooo.

And if you’re not in Austin Tx on Tuesday, Aug. 11, where are you going to be / were you??


Waikiki sunset photo by Joel Mertens, 2010.

Father’s Day 2015

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Yay, I finally have photoshop again, to make collages and such!!

Happy Father’s Day, 8 days “late.” And guess what?! I’m even gonna let you see 3 of these, bigger…




~~ Jannie


P.S. Sara — I know you took June off from blogging, so letting you know my previous post has a poem. I know how you LOVE poems.

xoxooxoxoxxoxo again.

“At First” — a poem with photos, plus some rambling about The Pea of late.

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at first
the stars’

the moon
flicked on
the lights
above the
dance hall

from the
cracks in
the cooled
lava and


to root
in pebbles
and ash.

quite a lot
more stuff


from the
to sing.

some say
it was really
the children
who arrived
first, followed
by the music

and that
may well be.

all i know
is i’m here
to enjoy
the song.

~~ END OF POEM, with photos from school choir competition a couple Fridays ago in San Antonio.

I had a blast helping chaperone a 4-bus trip of 200 choir boys and girls. Spent the rest of the day at Six Flags. Left school at 6:00 a.m. , returned at 8:00 p.m.


Kelly is pretty-much always the shortest one. But she’s growing great, I had to let her choir gown hem down all the way for that performance!

Here they were in the warm-up room before they went on stage…


They won first place.

And it’s kinda cool that the girl with the side braid in the top 2 photos was the 3-year-old in the yellow dress ten years ago. (Kelly in white lace, with robins’ egg blue ballet leotard beneath.)


Braid girl, Kelly and the choirgirls with the green satin sashes will begin high school this fall — 9th grade.

(The choirgirls with the black satin sashes have just finished 7th grade, going into 8th. Kelly would actually only be going into 8th too this fall, but the way her Montessori schoolin’ went in elementary, she had “Skipped” a year when she integrated into Public school in 5th. (That’s Grade Five to us Canadians, right Talon?) :) :) :)

Kelly’s last day of Middle School was this past Friday!!!! And a week before that I got to enjoy the last few songs at her high school’s Incoming Frosh dance when I arrived to pick her up.




Kelly does wow the general school populace with her gymnastics.


Caught mid-aerial. She’s getting really good at those, steady on her feet.

But back to things choir…

Here was one I took with a much lesser camera at her Christmas 2014 concert…


See how high up Kelly’s hem was then?!!! She’d grown so much, I didn’t realize until I saw her on stage that night.

And a photo taken at a high school graduation party yesterday…


The gym mate Kelly is sitting atop is going off to college at U of Wisconsin this fall, where she will continue gymnastics.

ONE more photo!


Kelly picking out her friend’s graduation card on the way to the party yesterday. That skirt was well below her knees when she wore it last fall. Growing, for sure!

Now my lovelies, I could include at least 50 more recent awesome photos here. And I could tell you how Kelly was the only student in all 3 of her school’s 8th grade classes to make 100% on a recent major algebra test, advanced algebra — 9th grade level!!! And remember — that’s a 7th Grade aged brain we’re talking about!!! :)

But….. I really must end this post now, to get back to laundry and packing. Then vacuum my car. And finish giving Jim his pedicure. Going away on vacay tomorrow!!

Take care y’all!


“Everybody’s Buttocks Are Beautiful” song lyric

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I have changed / improved the below lyric since this post was originally written. ~~ Jannie


Verse 1
my buttocks are looking oh so flabby today
i overheard her say
at the coffee shop yesterday
she was lamenting to her friend
that she’d gained weight in her rear end
she feared her gluteous maximus
was losing it attractiveness
so i leaned over to her table
and said excuse me lady, don’t you know…

everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
no matter the shape or size
everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
in God’s eyes

Verse 2
she replied from her pie, skinny ma’am please get real
you don’t know how i feel
you probably got buns of steel
i said, oh no — quite to the contraire
i’ve not been exercising my derriere
my fanny is a little flat
but i don’t worry ’bout that
i know what really matters
is the beauty here in my heart, and…

everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
no matter the shape or size
everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
in God’s eyes

then her friend said, i agree
your butt is a beautiful sight to see
a glorious gift from God above
made of grace ‘n made of love

if it’s big, medium, little
hard as rock or gotta lotta jiggle
your heinie’s fine as fine can be
so shake your booty down with me…

then we all got up
and danced, and sang

everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
no matter the shape or size
everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
in God’s eyes

Repeat Chorus

~~ (rear) end of lyric.

An offering for my next Open Mike.

O.M.s are a hoot!! Usually you play 3 tunes, but sometimes a couple more if not a lot of performers show up.

Posted with love, by Jannie


P.S. When I started that index card months ago, 4 of those 6 songs’ lyrics were still not finished, so — yay me for my progress!  :)