A Good-Fitting Bra (uh-oh, here come those Google ads again)

Poetry | Posted by Jannie on 3 December 2008 @ 2:08 PM 42 Comments

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A Good-Fitting Bra
A good-fitting bra is a [bosom] buddy indeed,
a little [or sometimes not so little,] friend
who won’t let you [or your boobs] down
until it gets too stretched out because
you’ve worn the friendship thin and not
given it that every-other-day break,
or better yet,  every-third-day break
as recommended in the Better Bras Almanac.
(Aside: a 2-day break also suggested for shoes.)
My experience has been it’s easier to replace  a
good bra than a good friend so be nice to
your bras.  And your friends!  And if your friends
are not nice to you, come here to my blog,
because I’ll be nice to you, if you’re nice to me.
And if I’m ever not nice to you it’s because
one of us has been an ass.  [Most likely me.]
But hopefully, all can and will be forgiven.


We Got To Be
On Sunday, striding across the parking lot
to the restaurant hand-in-hand-in-hand
we got to be the dashing entrepreneur,
the trophy wife and the golden child;
not the man who’s worrying how he’ll
cover checks tomorrow, the woman
with dust in every kitchen corner and
the kid who’s been flinging lip lately
like it’s going out of business.


The secret forgotten language of children,
The secret simple language of men,
The secret not-so-simple language of women,
— That’s what keeps the planets doing what they do.
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