Leaving On Three Airplanes…

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Dad and Mom — August 20th, 1959.

Yep, we’re heading today to the Home & Native Land for Mom & Dad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Wait – they can’t be married FIFTY years — that’s for OLD people isn’t it?  Ahh, but they’re just babes of 72 and 70.

Speaking of babes, here’s one.  (shhhh, he’s only 2 and 1/2  years younger than my mom.)

Regrettably this handsome husbandly type can’t join Kelly and me on this trip.  The deal to sell our car biz fell through, so Jim’s staying behind to work, making sure Kelly and I can travel and party in the posh style we’ve grown accustomed to.

Miss him so much already, but that’s the way it goes in the real world sometimes.  He’s the sweetest man I know.

And just for fun… as suggested by a very very wonderful blogger, Chris, here’s my Jim in a few retro dos.  Oh.  Dear.  Lord.


1968……………………………. 1976

1978…………………………… 1980

1984…………………………… 1986


Sorry, Hon, couldn’t resist.  And I’ll be 1000 miles away by the time you see these and the neighbors call 911 at the sound of your screams.

(Friends, If you missed Kelly and my retro hair post the other day, you can check it out here.)

Oh, and we can’t leave Blue Bunny out, now can we?

But wait!  Isn’t Blue Bunny a boy?  (I can’t quite tell. ) So here…

For something else funny, see how Thomma Lyn Yearbooked her cats too!

Well, it’s 4:05 a.m.   Gotta get Kelly up, first plane of 3 today lifts off at 5:45.

Leaving my laptop here (yes, a wild move, I know) and will have limited Internet access in Canada, but I plan to post at least a few times from my brother Harry‘s over the next 2 weeks — so be sure to check back here for some kick-ass pictorials and vacation antics, okay?  Okay!

Promise I’ll get around to your blogs as soon as I can.


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    On 19 August 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Holly Jahangiri said, 

    You’ve managed to wrap up “touching,” “funny,” and “totally weird – but funny” all in one post, as usual. Thank you for being such a reliable source of giggles!

  • 2

    On 19 August 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Christa Bledsoe said, 

    You are mean lol. Wow, he is sorta like a girl with all those different hair dos. j/k I love before and after pics.

  • 3

    On 22 August 2009 at 4:53 am

    robbi said, 

    Funster, Looks like a wonderful spot,you will be having a great time.

  • 4

    On 26 August 2009 at 12:46 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Guess who?? Well me, of course!

    Lynn: And how could anyone ever forget YOU?? P.S. I think Blue Bunny’s got a major crush on you.

    Sheila: Fixed healthcare? I’m gonna check out that post of yours, for sure!

    Talon: I’m laughing at that ’76 too! Michael Caine comes to mind. Ahh, missed YOU too.

    J.D. Thanks. I do believe I saw Blue Bunny lurking in the halls of my school too, and hiding in lockers.

    Glenn: A thousand hugs in your general direction. And you got most of it right, except we were swilling Alpine beer!

    Chris: Blue Bunny is now in another galaxy but sends his (or her?) love.

    Wade: Ma & Pa have no computer and I left purposely left my laptop at home. Did manage to get that Somewhere In Paradise post in at a buddy’s house. Totally takin’ my laptop next time — I was jonesing like crazy for the first 5 days.

    Hey Caity-boo, cute Caity. It was a great time. And can’t wait for their 60th anniversary! I’m sure they’ll make it.

    Mia, cute Mia: Yeah, but I’m sure the biz deal fell through to open golden doors of wonder for us.

    Aimee: You and I know what a blast Canada is 24/7. A very very special place, due to the people. I had to laugh, Kelly asked “Why does everybody in Canada swear so much, Mom?” Frig this and frig that. I guess we do because we can? :) LOVE it!

    Natural, my Natural Woman, it was great up there. And glad you liked the pix. I just looked at them again and laughed.

    Susan: That’s cool about your parents! And how many years married for you now? If Jim and I make it to our 50th I’ll be 77 and he 99. And I’m looking forward to it!!

    Weyrd1: I’m really sorry to hear about your dad dying. That sucks. Hugs. Big, big hugs.

    Patricia! I did NOT forget about you either, but that does not surprise me, at all. :)

    Karyn: I will call Mom and tell her you wished them a Happy Anniversary, thanks!

    Thank you, Sweet Tess. And I could never forget you either. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of me over there as I’m sure Lance has me totally wiped off the top talker board by now! :)

    Thomma Lyn: Retrobun, sounds like a stale biscuit! LOVE it! Thanks for all the well wishing, you beautiful lump of humanity, you!

    Snag: My one and only Snag! Kelly and I spent a couple hours in Boston Logan yesterday. Shoulda said to heck with Texas and jumped over to see you. But Jim was kind of anticipating our arrival. So… another time, my pal!

    Lance: The mullet, eh? Jimmy Rae Cyrus perhaps?? Ooo, I should Yearbook YOU! Think?? :)

    Katie: YOU are MY kind of odd too. And my kind of wonderful levitied gal. Have missed you!

    Dot: Your parents separated and got back together dozens of times? Reminds me of that song “Live Close By And Visit Often.” Works very well for some, probably makes a lot of sense. Missed you!

    Lunch time! I’ll be baaack.

  • 5

    On 26 August 2009 at 1:37 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Kim: Jim liked to keep up with the latest looks, yes! And did it with obvious aplomb. :)

    Avani: You been waiting with bated breath for me? And no doubt unable to think of anything else but me in my absence! :)

    Shay: Now that’s eerie. I just came from a land where for 2 solid weeks “frig” was basically every second word out of everyone’s mouth. Michiganland – north of the border, up Canada way. :)

    Lisa: Up way way way early the day we flew out – but got to Maine at 2:45 p.m where Ma and Pa picked us up and whisked us home, right in time for one of those glorious sunsets.

    Patriaia: WHAT?! I won a book? Cool! Yay! I winned! I winned! whee-frigging-hoo. THANKS! xo

    Mama Z: Thanks! When I call I’ll be sure to forward your best wishes. Wish th3ey had a computer tosee how ultra cool you are. Next year I think I’ll buy them one. This year was Mom’s ring.

    Bunnygotblog (and yearbooked,) :) Thanks so much. Love your new gravatar. You are so pretty.

    Chris: You’ll keep me hopping here with all those ideas! Jim in the women’s styles and me in the men’s. And you just know I’ll do it someday. You ROCK, sistah! ox

    Elaine: Often emotions are hard to hold in, but point us to lessons we can benefit from. We are all on different yet similar journey and any closer we can get to love is always a good thing. Forgiveness is healing. (Can you tell I’m a big Liara Covert fan?)

    Snag: I too have people I send blessings to but no longer associate with. Light and love is always here to tap into, there are always positive rays to capture. (Again with the Liara Covert.) :)

    Julie: Oh there is Julie again with that gorgeous gravatar! face in Hole? That’s a new one on me! Why do I have a feeling it may bode another blog post, and a funny one, at that??

    Brandi: “And I ran, I ran so far away. And I ran, I ran both night and day, to try to get away.” Singing that now here in the library! Thanks for reminding me of that catchy band.

    Robin: Blood-curdling, weren’t they? His screams. And did you hear the sirens too? 6 sheriff cars showed up.

    Thank you, Dear Lena. Mom and Dad have a nice wedding album with other sweet pix. Pretty cool. How long have you been married?

    Joaquin: And Lyle stuck with that do, didn’t he? Must’ve got it from Cosmo Kramer? Had a great time, yes! See you soon.

    Kathy: Actually in 1984 Jim was a monk in Quebec, made wine and chocolate-covered coconut bars. Maybe you saw him there? :) And now, hear my evil genius MMwwwwaaa-haa-haa-haa laugh.

    Paige: I’m the REAL funster? Wow! Can I please get a brass-plated plaque for my desk with that on it? :)

    Liara: Ahhhhhhh, you so nice. And notice I mentioned you and your wisdom twice up there in this comment?? I really don’t know what I’d ever do without you. Thank you. And deep blessings on your soul.

    Holly: Ahhhhh shucks. Thank you. Thank you so much. I am glad to touch and lift you up. Life is so beautiful,I am blessed to share what I have been given.

    Christina: And as per Chris’ suggestion, I do believe I shall tinker with a wee bit of gender-bending with these dos. Evanshually…

    Dear Robbi: Many X’s and O’s to you!

    Okay, I guess that’s about it for this post. Now, on to the one a week later…


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    On 27 August 2009 at 7:28 am

    Lynn said, 

    Ah – tell Blue Bunny I heart him, too. He has an ice cream brand named after him. How about that? http://www.bluebunny.com/default.aspx

  • 7

    On 28 August 2009 at 11:04 am

    Jannie said, 

    Deere Lynne: my sekrit is oute but i knewed it cood not last foreffer. i shood post on my jannies blog about this.

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