Wacky! (This’ll Explain A Lot)

Family, Just Good Stuff | Posted by Jannie on 6 January 2010 @ 10:34 AM 55 Comments

So, its “wacky” January 6th, right –  R.A.O.K.A. first Wednesday of the month? Sami? Lance?? Everybody???  :)   IS THIS THING ON?!?!?  :)


Who needs snow, when you’ve got a wacky dad?!  Two summers ago he zipped the olde moto-ski out of its garage to give the kids a surprise spin around the barnyard.  That’s my neice Alyssa (10) in front.  And Kelly’s  sandwiched between her and Dad — that’s  her white-sneakered leg.

Typical Canadian Maritimes’ summer recreation, I tell ya, fokes!   :)   As you can see, I come by this wackiness more than honestly.

Isn’t my dad cute?! He was 70 in that picture.  I’m so glad to have a healthy, active dad who loves life so much.

And how’s YOUR wacky today???  Done anything wacky lately?


EDIT Below…  (Copied from Zeenat of Positive Provocations.)  Zeenat — hope you don’t mind??  It’s my first foray into this R.A.O.K.A. and I’m learning as I go.   :)

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    On 6 January 2010 at 10:37 am

    Tammy said, 

    Did I make it to the first comment?

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    On 6 January 2010 at 10:48 am

    Jannie said, 


    Tammy, you did!!!

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    On 6 January 2010 at 11:10 am

    Tammy said, 

    Ah Ha I made it! That is so cute your dad on the ski. That picture actually touches me because my Dad is turning I think 74 this month. He is my hero! This is a coincidence because I woke up this morning with him on my mind, probably because I was thinking of his birthday this month. Maybe you were channeling me or I was channeling you.

    So, what wacky thing have I done lately? Going to Wal-Mart! Is it just me or does anybody else hate Wal-Mart and wish they did not go there as soon as they step inside the door. Well, i always do. Anyway, is it only me that wishes they could spray the rude Wal-Mart airhead associates with a can of Mace? Or maybe a bottle of water like the people use to train their dogs or cats not to do something. Now there is a less violent solution to the problem. It would be sorta embarrassing getting banned from Wal-Mart.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Introducing…………Psychobunny =-.

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    On 6 January 2010 at 11:40 am

    Lynn said, 

    Wackiness. I made an attempt to lure Blue Bunny to come live at my house in Georgia, after his comment on my blog, “my jannie says I a cheep date and she liking that. and she like my singing. And my doing the disshes.

    Who wouldn’t want that????
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Pozole Blanco, feather and Hitchcock =-.

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    On 6 January 2010 at 12:09 pm

    J.D. Meier said, 

    That’s too cool – snowmobiling with no snow required.

    I bet cross-country skiing across the grass would be tougher, but I guess there’s always roller-blades.

    Wacky huh? … Maybe I’ll do a little moonwalk on my way down the hall.
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..3 Ways to Know Something =-.

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    On 6 January 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Chris said, 

    Your father is great! I knew it was Kelly’s leg — I recognized her tiny-ness and her precious knee. :-)

    I haven’t done much that’s wacky lately. We’ve been SICK! I think we’re rounding a corner, though. I’ll get my wacky on!

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    On 6 January 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Jeanne said, 

    OK I’m accepting the challenge. For me it’s still early and I’m still in my jammies (11am) but I’m determined to wack it up today, as a tribute to YOU, girl friend! AND to your dad, the tree from which the acorn doesn’t fall far ;)
    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..Dogs and Cats =-.

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    On 6 January 2010 at 1:03 pm

    wade said, 

    I thought that you needed snow for those things to work

  • 9

    On 6 January 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Jeanne said, 



    I do wacky things every day, as you know. So, it’s hard to pick.

    I’ll pick inventing BBB as Blue Bunny’s Brother and creating a gravatar and a Blogger profile so that people can read all about BBB being from Lettuce Town and such. That was pretty wacky, no?


    P.S. You are so popular that your CommentLuv plug-in keeps telling me “too many accesses for this IP. Please wait a minute”. Now that is a popular blog!

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    On 6 January 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Jeanne said, 


    I just decided to be wacky and try to comment again to see if CommentLuv had recovered. Sure enough, it did.

    .-= Jeanne´s last blog ..Abscessed Tooth =-.

  • 11

    On 6 January 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Jannie said, 


    Hi Friends!!

    Tammy, Tammy Tammy, you shot for first — you scored!! My dad will turn 74 this October. Dad’s my hero too!! We are so lucky to have such wonderful fathers, and yes perhaps chaneling each other today. Does yours live close by? Mine’s about 2700 miles away. I was searching for a “wacky” photo and lo – the perfect one indeed popped up. What in the world happened to you at Wal-mart? Whenever I went there it was pretty-much a sane experience.

    Lynn!! Blue Bunny would be too good to give up for good, but I’d certainly let you have him for a while. Yet, if he liked it better with you I would understand and set him free — I know he’d be going into great hands with you. I do work him a bit hard. Maybe he needs a break. Would you make him wash dishes? He does LOVE to vacuum.

    J.D.! Now, my dad does not do that very often, in fact I think it was the first time. Funny guy! We all laughed and laughed. Cross-country skiing on grass I’ve not yet tried, be quite a work-out I bet. I have tried roller-blading on ice — tricky. Can you moonwalk? Really?? Why do I have no trouble seeing you doing that down the hallway at work? :)

    Chris!! I thought of you, of course, when I posted that pic, thinking of Kelly’s skinny little legs and how you love them so. I really did think of you! Dad is pretty wacky — the type of guy to up and do a little jig by himself. So sorry you’ve been sick — NO fun. Hope you aer on the mend? Did one of the boys catch it first, then spread it to you? OR vice versa? hand sanitized, I’m OCD about it, and I do not get sick.

    Jeanne!! Yes, I am a lot like my dad. I even look like him. I’m sure you will wack it up in style today, as you usually do, o free-spirited one. And are you in Huntington Beach today??? I saw that come up on my Feedjit, saw your comment and assumed it must be you.

    Wade!! Welcome back. Hope you are well. Well, most people do use snow for those, yes. But not Dad, on occasion of making little girls laugh! :)

    Jeanne!! My true wacky-mistress fun friend!! Your harry Potter halloween comes to mind, too. BBB is a hooty-hoot. Lettuce Town. NY?? next to Levit Town? (Is that how you spell it?) Maybe BB will start roaming around the Wordpress realm too, I’ll see if he has free time for that. And maybe it meant your I.P. has multiple e-mail addresses? With BBB and all? Yay — Comment Luv Recovery!!! I know sometimes when I comment on blogs, the Comment Luv doesn’t even show up until I post. Still, Comment Luv is such a cool cool thing. Are you glad you switched from Blogger to Wordpress? I never did ask you that. Hoe you are feeling okay today, as best as can be expected. Tomorrow afternoon you’ll be shining and happily laughing, the dentist all over.


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    On 6 January 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Cookie said, 

    I could use more wackiness!
    I didn’t notice there were two little girls in the picture until you pointed it out. :)

  • 13

    On 6 January 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Paige said, 

    Wack away my friend, wack away
    .-= Paige´s last blog ..O’ lookie see =-.

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    On 6 January 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Lance said, 

    Dear Wacky Jannie,
    So…it runs in the family!! Snowmobiling in the grass! I wonder what happens in the winter? Grassmobiling in the snow??? Hmmm….I wonder what that would be, even!

    Oh, and your Dad…way awesome, way wacky, way cool!

    …see, just like YOU!!
    .-= Lance´s last blog ..RAOKA: Wackiness =-.

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    On 6 January 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Lori said, 

    Your Dad rocks!!! This is great! I lived in Minnesota for many years, and I can remember a friend of mine breaking out the cross-country skiis to ski down a grassy hill in the summer! Sooo funny – and wacky, too!

    Thanks for adding to the RAOKA crusade – it sure has been a fun ride!
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Random Acts of Kick Arse: Wacky =-.

  • 16

    On 6 January 2010 at 2:15 pm

    sheila said, 

    Wacky is my middle name. :)

    I just LOVE this pic, your nieces laughter is contagious!
    .-= sheila´s last blog ..Old Dog – New TricksWord(ful) Wednesday =-.

  • 17

    On 6 January 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Lynn said, 

    He vacuums? {{SWOON}}
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Pozole Blanco, feather and Hitchcock =-.

  • 18

    On 6 January 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Cindy said, 

    nothing wacky today .. yet! Camera battery is charging and I’ve been trying to figure out some self portrait ideas though, which will for sure be wacky :)

    I must not understand how motoskis work though because I dont get how it’s moving on the grass? o.O?
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Merry late Christmas =-.

  • 19

    On 6 January 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Talon said, 

    Too cute! And never too wacky! :)
    .-= Talon´s last blog ..Used =-.

  • 20

    On 6 January 2010 at 3:27 pm

    jingle said, 

    You dad looks absolutely handsome and full of life!

    I wrote 8 cat Haiku today, hope that people who have cats come to read and like it.

    As always, you family is among the most beautiful in the universe.

    what An elegant wacky day!
    .-= jingle´s last blog ..2010 little Mittens Fit 1005 Cute Kittens! =-.

  • 21

    On 6 January 2010 at 3:34 pm

    vered | blogger for hire said, 

    She looks SO HAPPY in that photo.

    Yes, you are lucky.
    .-= vered | blogger for hire´s last blog ..Fat People Not Welcome =-.

  • 22

    On 6 January 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Natalia Burleson said, 

    Your dad looks like a great fun dad! :)

  • 23

    On 6 January 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Hilary said, 

    Oh my golly gosh .. the bluesy bunny has gun rouge en bleu wiv his commints.

    ‘cept it’s blanc, blanc and probably blank white as snow – so not much fun. I slivvered (I sounds like Harry Potter’s Slitherin) up to the Home – not to happy because driving an automatic and forgot about the weather & difference etc .. Mum fine and snuggled up with Hardwick, while her daughter scarpered back down the hill to her little house.

    All’s well that ends well ..

    Well that’s it – no fun and games .. and my Dad’s no longer around to help .. I’m too old – help??!!

    Luv to all’s and plz send some warming wever over here – you got blue too all over Americas .. not sure if Blue Bunnies’ dye has run – or it’s just darned cold??!!
    Hilar Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..How are the Incense Trail, Skyscrapers and the San Francisco fishing fleet connected? =-.

  • 24

    On 6 January 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Momisodes said, 

    I love it! Your father is awesome :) The smiles on the girls faces says it all. What fun!
    .-= Momisodes´s last blog ..More like Ms Piggy =-.

  • 25

    On 6 January 2010 at 5:21 pm

    Sami - Life, Laughs & Lemmings said, 

    Hey Jannie. Hell yeah it’s on! Welcome to the wackiness. And what a magnificent way to enter the world of RAOKA too! I’ve tried my hand at snow mobiling a few times in Canada and the US and totally loved it. The closest thing we have here in Aus is a jet ski. I’m excited to see that snow mobiles can be ridden on grass. Now, if I can just find someone here who sells them! ;)

  • 26

    On 6 January 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Cookie!! I think we all could do with a little more wackiness. Stick with this wild blogging crowd and you can’t go wrong. Yes, I had showed thr picture to someone before and they thought it was just one little girl — my exact reason for pointing out the two of them there.

    Paige!! Just call me the Wench of wack. :) And keep it up on your end, okay, which I’m sure you will because you were kind of born that way weren’t ya??

    Lance!! Well, horse and wagon in the summer, yes. A tractor sometimes. And in the snow we usually run barefoot in bathing suits. Lance, my dad is a one-off that’s for sure, and a real sweet guy — kinda like you.

    Lori!! Whee-hoo, another mistress of R.A.O.K.A. mirth herself! I am honored and thrilled you shouldst grace my very humble blog. Thank you for your visit and comment today. I look forward to more ROAKA words and fun to come!

    Sheila!! Yes, you are a wacky one, indeed, as your blogs shows every post. You have a real wit in your writing. Yes, Alyssa was in full wacky laugh mode there. We all were.

    Lynn!! BB especially loves to watch the dirt swirling around and around in the upright vacuum’s see-through dirt receptacle. I hope he starts on the Christmas tree needles soon, that’ll keep him busy for a good day — they are all ground into the carpet – yi!

    Cindy!! Ahhh, getting a photo of your enlarging belly? How nice. I bet it turns out as beautiful as you. The snow mobile has a revolving track at the bottom, like one of those big Caterpillar construction machines. And teh skis are used for steering.

    Talon!! Nope, never too wacky, that’s a facty, jacky. jackie. :) Will you stay tune her for more?? And I like how it sometimes gets wacky over in your neck of the woods too, especially with your 2 dogs.

    Jingle!! Yep, he’s a handsome dad. And in great health as he stays busy with chopping wood and all that entails, as well as making hay and such, and taking his work team of horses for rides in the woods. Use those muscles or lose them, is right! Thank you, Jingle!! Cats!!! I haz a cat, I will pop over there as soon as I post this. Loves me some haikus.

    Natalia!! Yes, he is. Quite the legend around the area he lives in, well, he’s always lived there, born in the same house his dad and grand-dad were born in.

    Vered!! It was a very boisterous and fun occasion!

    Hilary!! They are all talking around here about the UK and Europe’s big freeze. So you drive and automatic? I had to laugh at my friend from France when she came to visit — she thought driving an automatic transmission was hard. :) It’s all relative, eh? Blue Bunny, Blue Bunny. He likes that blanc de blanc, champagne eh? And I’m thinking of changing out my background here from these snowflakes to…? Too early for Valentine’s hearts. But I’ll come up with something fun. Deep purple vertical lines, maybe? The possibilities are quite endless.

    Momisodes!! Yes, quite a wacky day, to be remembered for all time.

    Sami!! I bet snow mobiles are not such a hot item in Australia. Is there some snow in the south, tho? ilove snow-mobiling too, when I’m properly dressed, and not getting lost in the woods. :) Yes, I’m in — I’m in on the R.O.A.K.A. Whoo-hoo!!! Never been so happy to join a group in a long while. It’s gonna be soooooo much fun.


  • 27

    On 6 January 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Sami - Life, Laughs & Lemmings said, 

    Haha, no, not a huge demand for snow mobiles in Australia. There’s a bit of snow in the southern parts but not anything like you guys get over there. Our ski fields are usually either slush or ice. Having experienced the snow in Canada, I’m now spoilt for life!
    .-= Sami – Life, Laughs & Lemmings´s last blog ..Random Acts of Kick Arse – Wacky =-.

  • 28

    On 6 January 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Patricia said, 

    I am almost never wacky and if I was funny then folks would think I just finally got with the “fat” program…
    I did for get to have my husband’s lunch ready and he even called to tell me he was coming…
    I did threaten a service organization that if it did not do something for their service project this year, I was not going to volunteer for them any more. I think maybe they would be happy about that as I am sure I embarrass them – though they would miss me doing all the fund raising work…
    I am a very positive person but not very fun…hmm
    I did take pictures of penguins and send them to a funster friend who is decorating hmmm?
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Inner Productivity: a Mindful Path to Efficiency and Enjoyment in Your Work =-.

  • 29

    On 6 January 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny said, 

    I love being on the RAOKA trail with all of you, funsters! Your photo captured your little one’s delight perfectly. Pure joy expressed and shared now with the world. Awesome!
    .-= Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny´s last blog ..RAOKA – Wild and Wacky! Another Way to Stay Young – from the inside out! =-.

  • 30

    On 6 January 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Tammy said, 

    What happened to me at Wal-Mart? Well, I wrote the whole spill on my second comment up there and deleted it because I did not want to bore you with the petty details.

    But since you asked………I will try to shorten the incident. I went through that self check out deal and i kept triggering that stupid robo voice…..”please place your item in bagging area.” (for the record I was placing the item in the bagging area!) So, the snotty cashier comes to inform me that I was triggering the thing because I was removing the bag too soon. (In a rude tone)

    Well, her bright insight did not change my impatience with the whole ordeal and robo voice did not shut up and I kept getting more and more irritated and it made me a nervous wreck. Not the voice the cashier. So I decided right then and there that one more word from her and I was going to tell her QUOTE: “Do yo want to ring this shit up yourself? If not, go away.” See wouldn’t it just be easier to use a spray bottle and skirt them in the face like an animal? Okay, so I can be a bit temperamental and touchy. The good news is that I contained myself and did not cuss the rude lady. Sorry I vented all my suppressed anger here.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Introducing…………Psychobunny =-.

  • 31

    On 6 January 2010 at 10:22 pm

    Davina said, 

    This IS wacky… and a lot easier than a lawnmower in the snow. I can see how you come by this wackiness so easily… yep.
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Mother Nature Waits for Nobody =-.

  • 32

    On 7 January 2010 at 12:08 am

    Chris Edgar said, 

    Jannie, I’m glad to hear you’re toning down the seriousness of your posts just for today — I’ve always thought this blog could use a “lighter side” piece once in a while and this wackiness definitely fits the bill! But seriously, that’s awesome — I wouldn’t have been creative enough to think of operating a snowmobile with no snow and it looks like a good time was had by all.

  • 33

    On 7 January 2010 at 2:25 am

    robbi said, 

    Fritters, I wants me one of them things, nope not an oldish man, the thing he are on. Looks cool , as does your Pa, he seems to be somewhat of a dude too. I am sad to say that the robbi is not a member of RAOKA, not that I am prudish or stuck up my own a..e, ’tis just it are so hot here at the moment moving faster than a snail is quite beyond me.You , as a founding member of RAOKA, would be the first to concur that do do such an act one requires swift movement, in particular of the leg and foot attached. Also dear fridinoil as the robbi normally has his foot in his north and south, to remove same in a swift motion might cause him to lose balance, not a good look. I remain Yrs, robbi

  • 34

    On 7 January 2010 at 3:22 am

    George Serradinho said, 

    My day is ok I guess, I had a wacky dream last night. Don’t know what it means, but it was wacky as hell. Made me think today about certain things and all.

    You are lucky about your Dad, many people that age can’t do much or can’t remember much. You are all lucky, treasure those moments.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..December 2009 Flashback Report =-.

  • 35

    On 7 January 2010 at 4:28 am

    SnaggleTooth said, 

    I must’ve done something wacky lately, but what?
    I’ll have to sleep on it
    Try not to freeze too badly down south there-
    .-= SnaggleTooth´s last blog ..Coast =-.

  • 36

    On 7 January 2010 at 7:10 am

    Jannie said, 

    Just so you all know, I’d like nothing better than not to have to get all bundled up, make sure The Child is all bundled up and drive 35 minutes to her school, then turn around and drive home.

    But staying in bed would not be mature. Or responsible.

    Yet there is good coffee. And all these lovely comments to respond to upon my return this morning.


  • 37

    On 7 January 2010 at 7:58 am

    Glenn Buttkus said, 

    Gosh, how terrific for you that your Dad is healthy, wily, and sometimes embracing RAOKA. Often the height of my whackiness each day is to check in here at Funsterville, and find out what my Jannie, Kelly, and Mr. Blueness are up to, or down to. Sadly, I never knew my father at all. He was/is the big mystery in my youth; just a succession of stepfathers, all of whom have passed away from smoking and meanness. So count your Canadian blessings, lady, and love that father of yours with all your heart and soul. I like the idea that some of the unique humor that you dispense is genetic.
    .-= Glenn Buttkus´s last blog ..Newsweek Magazine Covers =-.

  • 38

    On 7 January 2010 at 9:57 am

    Jewel/Pink Ink said, 

    Your dad is a cutie!! Lucky Kelly.

    Went sledding recently with my sis who visited from Ireland. Brought out the wackiness in everyone!!
    .-= Jewel/Pink Ink´s last blog ..Nothing Like It =-.

  • 39

    On 7 January 2010 at 12:52 pm

    jingle said, 


    I read your response above, yes, your Dad reminds me of mine, who works hard and always busy…

    It is a privilege to have a Dad like that.
    Be Proud,
    Say it Aloud,

    :) :)
    .-= jingle´s last blog ..It Is Your Turn! =-.

  • 40

    On 7 January 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Hey — look at all the comments to answer, whoo-hoo.

    Today I’ve been busy cleaning and organizing house, taking pictures and thinking about lovely people.

    My plan for the rest of this afternoon is to put a few more pix in future blog posts, wash my hair, don some reasonable-looking clothes, and head to the library. So I’ll see you all there later!

    Whoo-hoo! Loves me the library Internet age.

  • 41

    On 7 January 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Nadia - Happy Lotus said, 

    Hi Jannie,

    That is such a great picture! Aren’t dads just wonderful? :)

    As for my wacky day….all is awesome…full of sunshine and smiles…and laughter too! :)
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog ..Deja Vu All Over Again: Personal Journey 2.0, My Poetry Book & A Very Important Question For You =-.

  • 42

    On 7 January 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Jannie — that’s me! — is at the library now, hair all washed to hold me another 3 days(maybe 4 if I wear my lucky blue hat.)

    Sami Lemmings who started all this kick-arsedness!! I forgot you lived in Banff, grrreat snow!! I’ve never actually been to the West of Canada in winter, but I can imagine! I love the kind of snow that gets all crusty and sparkly like diamonds in the sun. And moonlight! “If life gives you a lemmings, make a lemming meringue pie!” Just read that now on your About page — it’s gonna be soooo great getting to know you better, Sami.

    Patricia!! Are you saying your raw diet program is making you forgetful?? I hope you are okay, I do worry ’bout you. And I’m being serious here. Hmmn, threats. I am also thinking of not even getting on board with the spring school fund-raiser, as far as planning goes. There are always things to volunteer for “day-of” so that’ll be me this spring. And you know what?!?!? That’s perfectly okay for me to ease out — I will give my gifts in other ways to other people. After all, it is exactly that — VOULNTEERING, so we can call it a day. There will always be others to fill our volunteering shoes. Right? Don’t overload yourself, you are too precious. Positive will work for me! Fun? Well, you are in your own sweet way. Will check my GMail on those penguin pics, didn’t see them on my Time Warner e-mail. Thanks in advance of seeing them. Hugs!!

    Hey That Funny Cheryl Girl!! Welcome to Funsterment Global Inc. We hope you like it here and will have a gay olde time. Or straight time, if that’s your thing! :) Gee, I’m cheeky for just meeting you. Yes, lovin’ this ROAKA!! Hope you’ll be joining in too? Next month, — or I should say — this month’s word is “gratitude” to be revealed on February 3rd. Awesome!!

    Tammy!! I have severe severe self-check-out animosity. I’ve certainly screamed at them in my day — but you know what?!?!? The last two times I actually chanced those suckers I was completely 100% successful — at all stages of my purchasing. Both times I was in utter awe. Think it was about 3 weeks ago and 1 week ago. Hang in there! It just might get better.

    DAVINA!! Okay, have you tried a lawnmower in the snow?/ I gotta know. Is that some special Vancouver tradition? But you guys really don’t get too much snow, right? How many inches would you say you get a year? Austin averages about .5 inches a year, I’d say. Davina, I’ve been wondering — where did you grow up?

    Chris!! Ya know, I’ve been struggling with this blog’s concept lately and wondering if there is just too much depressing stuff here on a regular basis. I mean — do people really need this? What if people go away from here crying at my miserable life, and they are sad and never laugh again? So,yes, this is my experimental merriment post. I’ll check my Google Analytics after to see if I can fathom doing this sort of thing again.

    Robbi!! 38 degrees over there yet? We Random Acts Of Kick Arsers will indeed forgive you for not joining this movement “officially.” Watchers are required too! FYI, Sami, the creator of ROAKA currently lives in QLD, Australia. Now… do you mean kicking arse requires that balance, or snow-mobiling on bare grass requires it?? Both, I guess!

    Gee, I wish I had some pizza now.

    But back to blogging…

    George!! Dreams are the freaking wackiest, yes! Sometimes I remember only bits of mine, but I know they are pretty weird. Liek dreaming Mama Zen the other night was an Ingrid Bergman look-alike spy. And what was the one last night? Oh, I forget. I am very very lucky with my dad, yes. I do believe his not smoking, keeping active and living a balanced life have brought him well this far.

    Snaggle!! Glad to hear of you sleeping. Sleep as much as you can– please! yeah, below freezing here today, and the next 4 nights all lows in the 20s!!! THE 20s!!! But Mondays’ high is an expected 54 with a low of only 21. Brrrrs.

    Jannie!! You did good, whoo hoo.

    Glenn!! Glad you can find some Funstering solace here in this wack-adoo land. It’s always a lift to read your comments. Great mysteries, eh? One day all shall be revealed. The last shall come first, the first come last, and all that. Thanks, I will love Dad with all my heart and all my soul — thank you for that reminder. And you love the ones you got too. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. And karrits!

    Jewel!! I absolutely love sledding!! More fun when i’s above minus 10, or so, but it can be fun, fun, fun. Those who have never tried it, simply must!! Great exercise too, climbing back up those hills. Bet you had fun with sis! You must miss each other a lot.

    Jingle!! –wow yes!! It is indeed a great privilege to have dads like ours — not a right. But for the grace of love, go we!

    Jannie!! You rocked today on the cleaning, indeed!

    Nadia!! Sunshine, smiles and laughter, that’s how I picture you. Will you ever put a video of YOU up on your blog?? We would all LOVE to see you in your sunny shining action!!

    Time to check my bank balance now and see if I can afford to eat a bean taco or a nice Hut’s full meal!

  • 43

    On 7 January 2010 at 5:28 pm

    cordieb said, 

    Your dad seems ever so wacky! :) Ever notice that those people who are the wackyiest around us are usually those people who love us unconditionally, and we them! It feels so good to just be wacky, and not feel fear of ridicule! When I’m my wackyiest, I know I’m at home, even if it’s 2000 miles away from my residence! I feel that way when I come here too!

    PS. My name is actually Cordie! I was named after my Aunt Cordie, who was named after my grandfather’s alleged mistress by my grandmother. She wanted to make sure he’d always remember his indiscretion. Wacky, huh???

    Peace, Light and Love, C.
    .-= cordieb´s last blog ..First Poem for 2010 – Lingering Lovingly ~CordieB =-.

  • 44

    On 7 January 2010 at 9:01 pm

    joaquin said, 

    that is awesome!

    i seem to have lost my wacky this week – but it usually turns up, unannounced, where it is least appropriate. so i have that to look forward to.
    .-= joaquin´s last blog ..Red Herring, Orange County =-.

  • 45

    On 7 January 2010 at 10:18 pm

    jingle said, 


    hope that you enjoy a jubilant evening.
    It is bitter cold in my place today, no snow, but dry.

    I loved your entry about pink is cute. :)
    .-= jingle´s last blog ..Pink Is Cute! =-.

  • 46

    On 8 January 2010 at 12:01 am

    cinderkeys said, 

    I endeavor to touch people’s hearts by rhyming stuff. Wacky and way fun.

    Speaking of lyrics, y’know that little “Give it away” hook that you posted in my blog’s comments? May I quote that in an upcoming blog post (with attribution and link back to your site, natch)? I really like it, and it gave me a cool idea for a post about songwriting.
    .-= cinderkeys´s last blog ..In progress =-.

  • 47

    On 8 January 2010 at 4:59 am

    SnaggleTooth said, 

    Hmmm, that’s funny, I don’t feel like a carrot, BB!

    Ok, years ago I remember mowing Marsh grass at the beach- encroaching into the swimming area- more specifically, at my previous home on the south side of town. Like 25 years ago…
    .-= SnaggleTooth´s last blog ..Coast =-.

  • 48

    On 8 January 2010 at 7:37 am

    Zeenat{Positive Provocations} said, 

    Jannie Jannie Wacky Jannie…I love the wacky post…and your dad is like a wacky dream eh….How much fun??
    And how can i mind you copying the raoka crusader links….when i dont have a mind ;)
    Lots of love and wackiness,

  • 49

    On 8 January 2010 at 10:08 am

    Jannie said, 

    holy freaking cow, it’s cold for Central Texas. As I said to Snaggletooth in a comment on her blog earlier, “I have 2 flannel sheets, 2 fuzzy blankets and a thick quilt on — and that’s just to sit and eat dinner by!”


    Hey Cordie!! And I wonder if people who are wacky are happier than the non-wacky ones? I’m not sure. Certainly those who take a light-hearted approach are better off. OMG you made me LAUGH with how you got your name. Your grandmother sounds like a real hoot. Wacky,yes! Peace, love and light to you too, Cordie! So grat to see you here again.

    Hey, Joaquin!! You always make me laugh, I think wacky is deeply imprinted on your soul. I’d love to know some of those situations where your wacky turned up unannounced and allegedly inappropriately — I bet you added needed light and levity to whatever situation you were in.

    hey, Jingle!! It was fun doing the pink is cute. Nd here — let me do another on the fly…
    Pink on a hair bow is cute.
    Pink on a hair bow on little girl on swing is cuter. Pink on a hair bow on a little girl on a swing on a sunshiney spring day is cutest!!

    Hey Cinderkeys!! Sure us it, no prob. I’m not sure if it will be the exact finished lyric, but go for it!! Was also thinking…

    Give it away,
    It’ll come back to ya
    Deeper and sweeter every day
    Give it away
    It’ll come back shining.
    Give it away!

    Hey, I think I like that even better than the first draft. Endless possibilities for that one really!

    Hey, Snaggle!! Did you do that mowing as part of a summer job on a government grant? Do you feel like a turnip?? :) A mango? Or more like sweet cute Snaggle?

    Hey, Zeenat!! You make me laugh!! Your mind gone. Are you thinking about Gratitude for next month?? I think I could come up with at least 5000 things for that list and you are on it!! And somewhere near the top of the list — like, right between pie and potato chips!! ;)


  • 50

    On 9 January 2010 at 12:39 am

    cinderkeys said, 

    Thanks, Jannie! I’ll use the first draft for historical accuracy (explaining that it might be changed later), and because I know how it scans. The post will be about lyrics and scanning. :)
    .-= cinderkeys´s last blog ..Baton Hero =-.

  • 51

    On 9 January 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Cinderkeys!! Cool!

    (And that may have been the shortest comment I’ve ever left — until I added this sentence.)


  • 52

    On 9 January 2010 at 1:23 pm

    K said, 

    I love what grandpa will do for their grandkids.

    Looks like fun to me.
    .-= K´s last blog ..Newborn Mysteries =-.

  • 53

    On 9 January 2010 at 3:26 pm

    Adrenalynn said, 

    Fantastic photo! And of course it doesn’t surprise me at all that the rest of your family is as wacky as you :) What a great memory to have.
    .-= Adrenalynn´s last blog ..About a bra =-.

  • 54

    On 10 January 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Jannie said, 

    K… I know I’m a bit biased but Dad is a super- special one!!! :) And I’m sure your little ones get just as wonderful grandpa treatment.

    Adrenalynn!! Yep, we laughed and laughed, a long line of rather”different” sorts, are we. :)

  • 55

    On 17 January 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Yaya said, 

    Gasp! Orange!
    .-= Yaya´s last blog ..Orange You Glad It’s Saturday?! =-.

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