Wonderfully Wonderful Winter

Family, Kitchen Sink | Posted by Jannie on 1 February 2010 @ 8:37 AM 42 Comments


Yes, Dad has been known to actually drive his snowmobile on SNOW — not just on summer grass!

Winter!! How wonderfully wonderful it can be.

Kalyani’s par-amour likes the coldest season because he doesn’t sweat as much as in summer, cutting down on laundry hassles.

What I like — no, what I absolutely LOVE about winter is being able to wear wonderfully wonderful long dark pants and long sleeved sweaters. That cozy covered-up feeling makes me feel like The Ultimate Real True Jannie, the Jannie destined for the happiest of hippity-hopping  everywhere I go.

How ’bout you?  What do you like about winter??  (If anything.)   :)

(The above photo of Dad, niece and nephew, December 2009 was pilfered borrowed from my beautifully wonderful sister’s blog. )


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    On 5 February 2010 at 11:37 am

    sheila said, 

    Sweet pic!
    And my woodpile looked like that at the beginning of winter. Now tis but a memory!

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    On 16 February 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Thanks, Sheila!! (11 days after your comment!) Do you burn wood and oil? Or just wood?


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