Happy Birthday, Rosie

Family, Nova Scotia | Posted by Jannie on 8 August 2010 @ 6:32 PM 45 Comments


Sister, more than half your life ago

We stood together by the Bay.

Who snapped this pic of us?

I really cannot say.

(Because I don’t remember.)


(Not that it really matters, anyway.)


I love you more than ever.

Hope you’re celebrating fine,

On this your 33 birthday

With beer or lovely cheap wine?


Like the song I wrote for you goes…


“I’ve got a picture of you in my heart

I carry it everywhere

I see you there with that smile on your face

And the sun in your summertime hair…”


I’ve written a new verse today…


I’ve got a picture of you in my heart

A photo that never will fade

Hope you had fun in the Maritime sun.

And sipped you some Mike’s Lemonade.


Happy 33, Gorgeous!

Miss you a lot today.

Your ever-loving Sisterly Person…

Jannie Muffin




we wish yoo a merrie berthday, we wish you a merrie berthday, we wish yoo a merry birthday,

wit lots of gud beer.


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    On 10 August 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Dearest Secret Agent Woman — LOVE your name! Very clandestine spy-ish. She is about 3000 miles away from me. Not so fun! And sorry you were caught in moderation up there — seems you went to spam.

    Dearest Vered — thank you!

    Dearest SuziCate — dittoes!

    Dearest Julie — thanks. As to the book, they have 2 copes both out, but I’ve put in a request.

    Dearest Hilary — yes, if I had the beach every day at Ma & Pa’s I might forget about computer for a while too. :) Yes, very happy days!! Darn HOT here now.

    Dearest Jingle — mine lives abut 3000 miles away, but I bet your dear sister is much much further away.

    Dearest Amanda — thanks, that’s s sweet of you! And nice to meet you.

    Dearest Daisy — thank you my dear. We WERE kinda cute back then, eh? What a great summer it was too!!

    Dearest Luisa — you just would NOT believe the extent we went to to celebrate, so I will just leave my words at that. Wild!! :)

    Dearest Jeannie-Muffin. Thanks, Sugah! Sugah Lady. :) And thanks again. And for ALL your sweetness and support. To the ENDS of the Earth, eh?? :)

    Dearest Rose, I went as Gift From God as a kid, and once in a while still do. :)

    Dearest Liara — so true! And love grows deeper. If you know that exact spt we stood that day, it’s on the bottom deck of the building that houses the Mug & Anchor pub. (If you know that place?) LOVE their shepherd’s pie!

    Dearest Davina — Thanks, yes little angel me. :) So glad you like the button! Cute photo of you! Did you work in a Tim Horton’s in Frederiction. She worked there a while!! :)

    Dearest Snaggle, it was a photo I scanned and did the best I could with my program and lighting, because our faces were fairly in the dark. That’s right in the town. Whoo-hoo!! :)

    Dearest Debbie, thanks, thanks and thanks!! Always lovely to see you!!

    Dearest Paige — sent the cake today FedEx. Hope the run-away roosters don’t resurface and steal it.

    Dearest Patricia — apple pie?? Oh, I so LOVE a deep dish tart crumble. With vanilla Haagen Dazs. Yes, I think the guest post idea over at Davina’s is a fun idea. Have not written mine yet — might let BB do it.


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    On 11 August 2010 at 5:53 am

    sheila said, 

    Oh, this is a very pretty pic. You guys look so young! I mean…wait…not that you look old now or anything. lol. Crap…just forget it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! lol

  • 3

    On 13 August 2010 at 11:39 am

    Jannie said, 

    Dearest Sheila — ahhh, but I was so much older then — I’m younger than that now. :) (Bob Dylan, “My Back Pages” I think?)


    And Sheila — you ROCK!!!!!


  • 4

    On 13 August 2010 at 11:43 am

    Jannie said, 

    And Rosie-Sister-Of-My-heart. Great to talk to you on phone today.

    Watch out for flying cottage mice!!! :)


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    On 18 August 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Doesn’t EVERYBODY Practice Guitar In Their Bikini? | Jannie Funster said, 

    […] sure you’ve noticed the sweet Sisterly Person outside the window in the 1997 corner picture? She was visiting from Canada that […]

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