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To my five modern poetry books wherever love shall find you — a poem


They might think I’m dropping you

in a basket on the orphanage steps

or casting you off like some old

pants with a big rip in the arse.


So, I’m telling them how ruffling your pages is

like ruffling my child’s hair on a morning walk.


How the sweetness of my time with you

I’ll always remember like the afternoons

Grammy let me shake the warm donuts

in a brown paper lunch bag full of sugar.


Poetry books, they might

think I do not love you.


But it is because I love you I am about

to sail you and mail you to new homes

where new hearts and new shelves will

dance with you in ways I can’t imagine.


Yes, friends, this is a give-away post.


Leave a comment for a chance of me

drawing your comment number from

my pink John Deere wine-drinking hat.


(If you don’t want a poetry book, but

just want to say hello, let me know

and I won’t count your comment.)


(Giveaway offer open World Wide.)


No skill-testing question involved.

No need to tell me how much you love me.

(Tho I never mind hearing you do.)


No need to tell me what you ate for breakfast.

(Tho I am curious as to what you scarfed down.)

I had some Annie’s mac-n-cheese. And coffee.


Next week  I’ll climb up my tree — even higher

than last  time, to pick you five lucky winners.


So, that’s it!

With love, from Jannie



The next few days I will be in the

wood-shed working on songs, and

I may not even be posting a 55.

I know, a shocker. Sorry, G-man.

But… I’m sure I’ll be emerging

once in a while to refresh myself

in the tasty wine of your blogs,

put up new sidebar buttons and

add to BB’s Thanksgiving Feast.



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  • 1

    On 12 November 2010 at 2:50 pm

    JoyChristin said, 

    Hi Jannie,
    Break out the chocolate? I *love* it…
    What did I have for breakfast..poached eggs on sweet potatoes..interesting combo I know but one of my fav’s..
    And then I got out my drum and played along to BB King’s “Hummingbird” because the wind is whipping into a frenzy so I thought it best to celebrate her fury rather than shrink from it..:)
    .-= JoyChristin´s last blog ..The Gift… =-.

  • 2

    On 12 November 2010 at 3:04 pm

    jo miffo said, 

    WhyHey beautiful…

    I miss you more than vodka xoxox

    Love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate cake xoxox

  • 3

    On 12 November 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Adrenalynn said, 

    I want a book of your awesome poetry, can I have that? No, I really just want to say hi. And that I love your words.

  • 4

    On 12 November 2010 at 6:38 pm

    sheila said, 

    Jannie dear, I thought you were in studio this week! lol. Thanks for all your super duper comments my friend! See you soon!

  • 5

    On 12 November 2010 at 8:11 pm

    secret agent woman said, 

    A wine drinking hat and a wine drinking tree – you have developed a whole wine-drinking lifestyle!
    .-= secret agent woman´s last blog ..The fun so far =-.

  • 6

    On 13 November 2010 at 1:28 am

    Alice Audrey said, 


  • 7

    On 13 November 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Whooo – out of the woodshed, and into the fire. :)

    I have been recording my guitar on the iPhone recorder and it’s sounding better than ever it has — very passable. So excited about how it’ll go with ease and grace in the studio.

    Hi Joy Christin — sounds like a very tasty and nutritious brekkie! You ever have sweet potato fries? I did once and they’re not bad at all. What kind of a drum have you? And I LOVE how you became one with the wind — beautiful, like you!!

    Hi Jo Miffo!! What a sweet sweet treat to see you here. I wonder where I put that letter I started to you?? For sure you’ll hear from me by Christmas!!! LOVE YOU!!!! YOur head okay after the vodka? :)

    Hey, Adrenalynn — MY poetry in a book!? Maybe one day, eh? Yes indeed.

    Hey, Sheila, I am not quite in the studio yet, I am getting my guitar real good. But have been peeking out of the woodshed for blog-reading breaks. You go the video cam out yet for that Traverse reality show??

    Hi Secret Agent Woman, and the funny thing is I haven’t really been drinking wine at all lately. Been sipping some Irish Cream nightly, or almost nightly.

    Hi Alice Audrey. :) :)

    xoxoxo to all.

  • 8

    On 13 November 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Glenn Buttkus said, 

    A lot of Jannie’s poetry gets reposted over on
    my site, cuz her poetics are always so heart
    felt and unique; but yes, if you put a gaggle
    of poems in a volume, I will stand in line for it.
    This poem is a good one, one of your best,
    and it gets many of us to look at poets
    that have been around a while, but do not
    have a lot of recognition. Roger McGough,
    Frank Pool, Rick Masten, and Adrian Matejka
    are on my poetry queue for sure.
    .-= Glenn Buttkus´s last blog ..Wherever Love Shall Find You =-.

  • 9

    On 14 November 2010 at 6:32 am

    Tess The Bold Life said, 

    Hi Jannie,
    I’ve not seen a pink hat of the tractor version. Can you post a photo of it plz?
    .-= Tess The Bold Life´s last blog ..Courage Is A Beautiful Thing =-.

  • 10

    On 14 November 2010 at 3:14 pm

    KB said, 

    I was thinking of doing the same thing with some of my books too.

    Great minds think alike :)

  • 11

    On 14 November 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Nessa said, 

    “I saw sum’at nasty in the wood shed.”

    Hello, I want to be in the drawing as I love books.

    I love you. You are so much fun.

    I had a cheese omelette, sausage links and rye toast for breakfast which my husband cooked which makes it ten times better.

    Did I pass the non-skills test?
    .-= Nessa´s last blog ..Autumn Assoluta =-.

  • 12

    On 14 November 2010 at 7:34 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Whoo-hoo! Jannie is out of the songwriting woodshed, and is not planning on going back in there for any extended session in the foreseeable future.

    Glenn! Cool. I bet you have a TON of poetry books.

    Tess! As soon as I find my second pink John Deere hat I’ll have Jim take a photo of Kelly and me in them, and post it!!

    KB! It’s fun giving stuff away to those who appreciate them! Who better to give poetry books to than all you wild and roving Net poets!?

    Dearest Nessa, I am not familiar with that quote. Is it from Sling Blade? Ah, thanks, I love you too!! your brekkie sounds mighty mighty tasty, a real Sunday feast from a cooking hubby! Oh, you not only passed the non-skills test, but you get an triple A+++ :)


  • 13

    On 15 November 2010 at 1:34 am

    Thomma Lyn said, 

    Hi, Jannie! ACK, have I really been gone for so long? I am so sorry! I’ve let the days fly by too quickly and tumbleweeds are blowing across my blogs, and… well… I MISS YOU!

    Glad you’re recording! YIPPEE! Can’t wait to hear your new music. And since I happened over on a poetry book drawing day, go ahead and enter me. I love me some poetry!

    Love and light and laughter, as always, dear Jannie. xoxoxo

  • 14

    On 16 November 2010 at 10:49 am

    Jewel Allen said, 

    Am I too late to the poe-rty?? What a wonderful giveaway. Pls. enter me!

    And thanks for adding me to your sidebar. You are so creative. My blog button is almost as cute as BB’s Thanksgiving buttons. :-)

    You know what would be so fun?? BB paper dolls with little holiday accessories. That would be just so darling!! (I love paper dolls. Yes. Still.)

  • 15

    On 17 November 2010 at 11:46 am

    Jannie said, 

    Hey, Dearest Thomma Lyn — you are IN for the drawing!! Great to see you. I’m in the studio this coming Friday night, and preparing, so will draw after then. Hope you are well, my dear sweetie. xoxoxo

    Hey, Dearest Jewel, Nope, not too late for the poetry book give-away!! Ahh, you gave me the lovely images to make your button with — piece of cake. BB paper dolls — I LOVE that idea!!! Maybe one day he’ll have an action figure and a lunch box too!! :0 xoxoxo

  • 16

    On 29 November 2010 at 2:12 pm

    The Kelly Way Of Putting On Suspenders | Jannie Funster said, 

    […] had so much fun up in my tree earlier today, picking 5 of you to receive the poetry books, but a technical issue prevents me from uploading that video now, sorry.  (Need to free up a bit […]

  • 17

    On 17 January 2011 at 2:28 am

    robbi said, 

    Summers are never meant to last forever
    chalked in the history of youth
    a causality of meaning
    weaved between each Autumn leaf,
    then enters winters darkened breath
    carried into springs confusion,
    love drained between the cracks of salvation
    to somewhere in the middle of emotion
    and the beginning of regret,
    adventures take a sudden ending
    mostly in despair,
    we walked together in the last of heat
    talking nothingness, but with good intent
    I wrote her name, signed with care
    but seemingly to the air

  • 18

    On 17 January 2011 at 9:12 am

    Jannie said, 

    Dear Dear Robbi… Spring’s confusion, I really like that!

    TG your comment here did not end up unread, only the air knowing it had been there.


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