Thank You, Alopecia Areata

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If I hadn’t developed a few bald patches on my scalp in the past month


I wouldn’t be sharing the interior of the beautiful new Westlake Dermatology building with you.


Took these a few days ago after my alopecia areata diagnosis and initial treatment.


A nice lady shot my scalp up in several places with something to hopefully restimulate hair growth.

Apparently, my own immune system is messing with my follicles.

Very naughty of it.


This could be stress related. So I’ve identified a couple little things bothering me and let them go.

Plus, I’m going to get my thyroid, iron and blood count checked next week, have a look-see.


I bet the patches will fill in just fine and dandy. Eventually.

And won’t lead to alopecia totalis, or universalis.


“Regrowth could take a year or two,” said the needle lady.

I see her again in a month.

You ever hear of or experience this hair loss thing? (Feel free to e-mail me, if you prefer privacy.)



I look at it this way —  I don’t have anything life-threatening.

I’ve had almost 47 really great hair years.

Yep, I’ll be 47 tomorrow, April 4th. (Happy birthday me!)

And with a “comb-over” on top, and the back patches hidden under my long locks, you can’t even tell I’m missing hair!

Thank you, alopecia areata for keeping me humble, making me thankful for all the great things I do have, and for giving me these lovely photos to share.


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    On 4 April 2011 at 11:30 pm

    G-Man said, 

    Happy Birthday Janika!!
    You B Rockin…….

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    On 5 April 2011 at 1:42 am

    Adrenalynn said, 

    That is a gorgeous building! I love you for always finding the beauty in all things. And the upside to any challenge. And the laughter in any situation. You are so lovely! Best of luck with your hair, dearest Jannie!

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    On 5 April 2011 at 10:27 am

    Jo Miffo said, 

    I know an old lady, who swallowed a dog, what a hog to swallow a dog. She swallowed the dog to catch the cat, she swallowed the cat to catch the bird, she swallowed the bird to catch the spider, she swallowed the spider to catch the fly… I don’t know why, she swallowed the fly, perhaps she’ll die 😀


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    On 5 April 2011 at 11:46 am

    Jannie said, 

    Hi Dear Jeanne — you are Utterly Awesome too. I didn’t see a fish tank at Westlake Dermatology, so your place has them beat on that!! :) They did look at my hair under a microscope too, and saw little elves dancing on it. :) And hey, I feel especially ass-kicking today, picked up a big Golden Lab along a busy road, left a message at the number on his collar. Olwood is his name. Our 2 dogs are sorta okay with him, but Kitty is NOT digging is sudden presence. Thanks for cheering me up. I really really appreciate it. Yeah, the lady with the big long needle ordered those tests. Thanks, Jeanne. You’re a doll.

    Yes, thanks dear Lynn, I had so many FB messages. And a nice birthday. Stress alliviation is the current name of my game. And funny, when I get worried thougsht my scalp hurts — direct correlation I do believe.

    Dearst Jo, I will get Kelly to massage my scalp, she has a naturally healing touch. Thanks. I’ve already had asparagus in a taco today, but they forgot the spinach, darn. Think I’ll head for a nap after I post this. And I wrote a poem this morning and scheduled it to post in a little while. cock-a-doodle-freaking-doooo. :)

    Hi Linda — what did you do with the emu oil? Rub it in? My cousin used to rais emus, for the eggs. Very BIG eggs. Yes, diet is a big big thing, I do believe. Well, I am trying to have a good attitude, yes. Not big on fretting over this, which as you allude to probably exacerbates the hairloss. Soon I shall be napping. And dreaming sweet dreams, I hope.

    Hey Dot, it’s not so bad, I suppose. Maybe a wake-up call to take better care of me. Even forewent my afternoon decaf yesterday for cranberry juice. Going to Whole Foods later today, see what super-healthy stuff I can get into. Maybe anti-oxidents, and such!!

    Dear Laura, thank you on happy birtday, I’m even much older than you now! :) Yes, we are all beautiful just the way we are, I do well to remember that, and that a bit of hairloss is not the end of the world. Far from it. Thank you for your heart, and sharing, Laura, you are very special to me, and so many of us.

    Dearest Jo-Jo!! Ahhhh, thanks for all the lovely visits, whoohooo. Ooo, Pascell a a hair model, how sweet. For a live show or print? Funny, I still see her as a dark-blonde sort. I bet she’ll go blonde soon? :) Yes, I’m sure I’ll be like that with Kelly too when she starts driving, calling me from eadch stop. Most mothers do, I think! Jim bought me some destressor tea yesterday, with kava root. There was a young lady who dranks lots of tea, a sweet friend in England,. Now who could she be?? :) :)

    Belinda! Oh my goodness, I saw and photographed a rose bush in Zilker gardens yesterday, called “Belinda’s Dream!” So, I’ll have to write a poem and post it, of course! Yep, that alopecia shall I no doubt give a good resounding butt-whooping, for sure. Thanks for reminding me of that.

    Thanks Dear Vered, I realize my attitude is all, with room for improvement yet, of course.

    Hi, K! Ain’t it a lovely, spectacular, serene magazine-quality kind of building?? Practically photographed itself, it’s so photogenic. And you know what?? I’m betting these patches WILL fill in and I’ll be an even better, healthier Jannie than ever before!!

    Hi Dearest Paige, nope not catchy, or catching. Hey, remember my post of me in red a few posts ago?? I was doing the comb-over then! hadn’t had my official diagnosis yet, tho. Knowledge is power. Low forties. :) :) You rock, you sweet thang!!! Thanks on all.

    Hey, Dr J! Yes, I WILL, and come out even a better Jannie for all this eye-opening experience. And with you all holding my hand, how can I not??

    Dearest Susan, this is now the official “Writing Songs & Singing For Anti-Oxidants & Wheatgrass.” Which actually may be the same thing. heading to Whole Foods later. As much as I joke about beer swilling I don’t really drink that much. But sweets I can definitely substitute fresh fruits for! Omega 3& 6, Omega 3 & 6. Got it! Thanks you so so so so much. And Susan, you know what? I like what’s in your head, and heart — a LOT!!

    Hi Aimee, more beer and donuts. :) Well, I’m seriously heading in the more veggies and fruits mode, but won’t cut out the b&d completely. :) I’m okay, will be okay. I’m noticing that when stressful thoughts or little worries cross my mind my scalp hurts. My scalp is very very smart, it knows how not to worry, so I’m gonna follow suit!

    Hey, Patricia, I have seen some lovely wigs upon Googling some sites, real hair too. Geez, thank goodness I never ride motorcycles. Poor guy. Fresh raw foods will be more of a staple for me than they have been lately — even going to try a yoga class tomorrow morning. And I think hat-shopping is on my list too. maybe I’ll make one out of oak leaves and rose petals!! Thanks, Patricia.

    G! Disposable razors are so awesome these days, they’ve come such a long long way since the old first ones. Do you wear sunscreen on your head? Or hats in summer?

    Dearest Talon, well let me tell you all about the bra flinging moments of late!! Um, eh, well, maybe not. :) But they’ve all been most freeing and rejeuvenating. Who invented underwear, anyway?? Don’t they know it’s not natural to be all trussed up like that?? :) Thanks, Talon. You’re the best!

    Hey, Dear Chris!! And I think I saw hidden portals to secret passageways below ground, ones I imagine are rife with treasure and untold beauties. :) Forbidden City Of Dermatology. :) :) You always crack me UP!!

    Hey, Lisa in Chicago!!! You went to the one on Bee Caves, they put in their own traffic light for? Yes, they built a whole NEW building dedicated to them just a couple miles down the road, not far from The One World Theater. I get my regular skincare stuff from walGreens, but for the hairloss and such, Westlake Dermatology are The Peeps, I think.

    Hey, G-Man Janika, yes, I’m from the Olde Country. Greece, is it? Or the Check Republic? I forget. :)

    Thanks Adrenalynn, with your kind words, I think 3 new hairs just sprouted on one of the patches. Thanks!!

    Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo, hello! Maybe it was “The Broom Rider” lady who swallowed the fly, just because it’s her main diet?? :)


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    On 5 April 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Alice Audrey said, 

    What a nice place! Sorry about the hair, though.

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    On 6 April 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Hey, Sweet Alice Audrey, thanks. Feeling good about my hair now. eatin’ real real real real good in the health neighborhood.


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    On 6 April 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Alice Audrey said, 

    But not tuna, swordfish, or any of those other high-mercury foods, right?

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    On 7 April 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Margaret Bednar said, 

    You are AMAZING! I bet everyone notices your smile and your sparkling eyes first anyway!

  • 9

    On 8 April 2011 at 10:50 am

    Jannie said, 

    Hey Alice Audrey — no none of those at all. For instance, the other night at Central market I bought organic (microwave) popcorn, organic greens, organic bananas, free-range eggs and 7-grain organic bread. Oh and some “Naked” green superfood drink — so yummy! I have been letting potato chips and pastry slip onto my diet too often. I’m so glad of this wake-up call!! (Been pooping like a sonofagun, but that’s gotta be a good thing, right?) Sorry, WAY TMI, but I feel we are good friends now… :)

    Ahhh, Margaret, my lovely valentine, you make me smile wiht my heart. Yes, and they notice my extreme sprightliness when I suddenly click my heels and leap up into the air while spinning a 360, to land perfectly in the spot frwom whenst I’d launched myself. :)


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