In 55 Words of Fiction… The Perfect Sister For Me Would Be…

Family, Flash Fiction 55, Rooftop Yodeling | Posted by Jannie on 5 August 2011 @ 5:55 PM 49 Comments


one with an awesome Friday Flash 55 shirt…


a dear auntie to Kelly…


an excellent Rooftop Yodeler…


every inch the sailor…


and every inch of love and fun I could imagine.

Wait — no fiction! I DO have a sister who is all that and beautifully much more!

Love you, Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday on the 8th!!



Well, golly gee, that was 55 words. Is there a G-Man of Friday Flash Fiction in the house???


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    On 13 August 2011 at 1:43 am

    KB said, 

    Love the tshirt. I want.

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    On 13 August 2011 at 11:40 am

    Jannie said, 

    Ahhhh, what a great week in Galveston — wish you all could’ve been with us. Lots to see and do there.

    I hope to put up a pictorial post today.

    Sorry I did not answer all comments here as I’d planned to.

    SECRET AGENT WOMAN — I guess I should’ve made that — “In 2012 I’ll post an updated photo showing all the red roof lines,” as I’ll be home next year.

    LESA!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME to see you here. just brilliantly — wonderfully awesomely awesome my “old” friend too — but not THAT old!! :) :) yes, Alyssa is So like Rosie — extra cute. Yes, the news of Maryellen’s death hit me hard and I’ll miss her so much. I can imagine how sad the funeral was. About the Chaleurettes… I have photos of Rosann in her little outfit, that would make a great post one day. I’ll see you next summer Lesa, planning to be up home for a month. Thanks SO MUCH for popping in here. I will e-mail you.

    ROSIE!! Ahhhh, so sad your 55 shirt is gone. You looked pretty darn awesome in it!!! how IS your yodeling going? You getting better and better all the time at it, I’m sure!!??? :)

    EVERYBODY ELSE — thanks for letting me slide on answering for this post. I’ll catch up with you next one showing some vacation highlights.



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    On 14 August 2011 at 9:25 am

    Rosie said, 

    And…i just have to say Thank you to all your beautiful blogging buddies for wishing me happy birthday, they seem like lovely folks, and ardent literarians.

    Special note to Hope: I really feel bad for your sister, one of my closest and dearest friends, shes only 30,is taking alot of psychiatric medications and she has changed so much. i dont even know her anymore,shes a zombie now. unable to forgive herself or anyone else,self pitying and blaming. sometimes i think the meds have put her in such a haze shes lost sight of the TRUTH…and that brings me to what Liara Covert said earlier…acceptance and forgiveness of self and others…and the promise is; things have a way of working out and the hardest times are the ones we learn from the most and can be used for the greatest good, even tho it may not seem like that right now, i know this to be true…it takes time, Hope, dont rush it. The love is still there in your heart and its a powerful thing that cant be contained for long,use that power. You are defenitly not dead!dont even entertain her selfserving lie!just love her anyway,love never dies perhaps someday you will be on speaking terms and you could figure out what the problem is at the root(it might seem very complicated, but when it comes right down to it only one thing matters) and you may need have a good cry together about the pain and pride that divides peoples hearts and especially what matters most in life- love, its a basic human need…and find solutions…sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and extend invitation for peace maybe more than once, be patient and dont give up Hope.but you probably know all this must be a smart girl if you read jannie`s blog ive always looked up to her.she has a wonderful way of finding humor, joy ,and positivity in almost anything.
    I only mean to encourage you with my words.i hope i didnt offend or minimize your struggle.every situation is unique. im certainly no psychiatrist but ive seen a few, some were on track and some not so. and i`m not as much of an active church goer as i should be however i read the“book“,and i believe we are all loved.and have a special purpose in life. im going to get back to that soon, it will help build up my esteem a bit.
    i`ll be praying, for you and also Lydia. And for my beloved friend.

    i SO wish i could help people…i try to if i possibly can.its rewarding for me.

    People who are sucessful in their minds with their plastic inflated self image by societys social, monetary and judgemental moral standards probably see me through thier narrow blinders would deem me as one who is not in any position to give advice to anyone after all the “incorrect” decisions ive made. its a small community, ifeel sorry for these people who live in fear and have such boring lives or are so insecure that putting me down to elevate thier imagined status…but in a way i`m glad that im helping them in some way.and i almost laugh because im at peace and i really like myself, and i dont care who doesnt. My new policy is; they dont need to respect me…I do!! someone once said i was a shame to my family, and nothing could be more untrue, i work hard to take care of myself and 2 kids and i know what counts, id do anything for the ones i love , not everyone can,i am blessed. my family thinks im a real trooper.
    i wear second hand clothing and i look radiant because i feel good for being so industrious. with the money i save i got a brand new laptop.
    but theres a few people around here think that im crazier than a bag of hammers. GreaT, lol. but i cant and wont take medication, most doctors say i dont need it, i might get walked all over even more… and i feel i might miss out on challenges and the learning material of life!and i have recently quit taking crap laying down…im being assertive and questioning others opinions, since i found my own.

    i cant imagine what i`d do without my sister,just knowing she loves me! shes so healthy and vibrant i am so thankful to have her and will for many years (shes tough)…i know if something ever went seriouly wrong with our love for eachother or if she had no strength to carry on,or refused to forgive me for whatever reason (doubt it) or was sick or desperately needed help. i would leap down from my rooftop get the money by any means. and devise a plan to service my vehicle to the hilt or borrow my best friends 4 wheel drive truck (i dont think shes even able to drive now)..and I know i WOULD find a way to cross the border in some rural unmanned woodcutting road border crossing IM NOT A Terrorist!! and im quite familiar with those areas and the lay of the land,and i have a good friend or two who`d help me. That, or id get on a fishing seiner boat from up here and travel to maine and buy a cheap car, i would pool up all my resources and skills AND lo and behold, i would drive all the way to texas.I did it once on a greyhound (6 days)Happily!!. And i would help my sister and niece and brother in law and get down to truth of the matter and make it right with them all, and thats NOT something id do for just anyone. I would not be afraid. i am indeed a different duck.

    Oh yes,im just on welfare with two kids who i am seriously entrusted with, Im unemployed, not that im lazy. I run a tight ship and im an effective homemaker. Its alot of responsibility trying to shape these 2 people into wise and patient,creative inventive thoughtful,considerate, sensitive, constructive, appreciative, self respecting ,respectful of boundaries, self motivated, intrepid, confident and helpful,problem solvers always careful,and above all selfLOVED and capable of loving and coping with stress effectively…I have a feeling they may not turn out exactly that way, nobodys perfect…but miracles DO happen and at least theyll know right from wrong.

    My yodeling is coming along very well thanks. It’s Always best when done early in the morning (according to old Maria) and i have most recently branched out into SHWP -“simultaneous handspoon and washboard percussion”, and I must say, it is really a sight to see me with those glimmering thimbles on my toes.

    I think im going to bring my dog up to my apartment in town, her eyes are running…poor pup has been in the barn all summer. Ill send you some recent pics of the homestead….
    GeeWhiz…this was a long comment, i really enjoyed it, i think im going to start up a blog again
    I love you Sister!!!!!

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    On 14 August 2011 at 10:02 am

    Hilary said, 

    Hi Rosie … your love for Jannie rings out loud and true – and I feel she just knows that already .. and sounds like you’re in a loving family .. and things will come right .. be happy … that’s the main thing .. and love love your family and kids especially … with much love and thoughts – Hilary

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    On 14 August 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Dearest Yodeling, Cute, Rooftop Excellent Rosie,

    thank you so much for your world to Hope and Lydia, I had written a nice comment that got zapped, then I got lazy,then I went to Galveston.

    Thanks for stepping in with your wisdom.

    I agree love is always there between family members and should never be given up on. Sometimes people are waiting for others to “draw them out.” You never even know.

    I for one am very proud of my ROSIE who no longer has her numerical shirts, but is ever my special shining star, and a star to so many of us.

    A fishing seiner, eh? Great plan! And I hope you’d keep all those fish on ice until they got to Austin so we could have a big olde feast when you got here. Or if you came by buffalo train we could chew some jerky.

    Ahhh, a dog. Austin must be so happy!

    Yes, pix would be great, send when you can.


    Thanks Dear Hilary, as Liara taught me — we are all okay every moment of the night and day, we only need to tap in and see it.


    NOW I blog hop.


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    On 17 August 2011 at 5:25 am

    Liara Covert said, 

    Rosie, every experience invites you to love yourself more. What other people appear to say is irrelevant. In fact, when it comes right down to it, any fear or doubt you think you feel is only a figment of the imagination. Choose to focus on love, be a living example of that and you no longer notice judgments. Sounds like you listen to what feels right and also share your sister Jannie’s humour. Nobody can take away your dignity / self-respect. Nobody decides how you think and feel but you. Nobody can make you feel less than you are unless you choose to forget. Know you are always loved without ever doing anything. Its clear you always do the best you can. What a great outlook on life you share! Love N.B. I was actually born there.

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    On 17 August 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Dearest Liara, it is good to read your words indeed. As ever you inspire, teach and uplift. Thank you.


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    On 17 August 2011 at 11:03 pm

    SnaggleTooth said, 

    Sorry I got to the BDay Party so Late! I haven’t had loading time in awhile!

    Happy Belated Day Rosie!

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    On 18 August 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Hey, Snag — glad you got here!! Thanks.


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