If I Wrote A Poem Today

Photography, Poetry, The Parakeets | Posted by Jannie on 4 September 2012 @ 1:56 PM 34 Comments


it would be about two

pairs of golf shoes soon to

dance away on eBay,


a Chocolate Sun

spray tanner dreaming of

honeymoons in Hawaii,


and the joy of labels printed

at home today on my brand -new

pre-owned Canon!!!! And…


about a kitten who peed twice

in a dishwasher, then weeks later

boldly returned to the scene.


(luckily no peeing this time.)


I’d show you a mother like daughter,



I’d show you a mother like child,

how she makes me laugh and I make

her laugh with unexpected snacks.


(Yes, that’s a marshmallow on a toothpick!)


I’d show you a sister like brother

and remind you friend to friend, love

keeps on going forever and ever.


Yes, if I were to write

a poem today all that and

more would be in it, but


I’m not writing poems

today — I’m eBaying, as

you can plainly see…



and dreaming a dream

within a dream where we are

always children laughing.


~~ end of poem



One for the dVerse Poetry gang.


P.S. All photos from yesterday, except the one of the packages this morning.

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  • 1

    On 4 September 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Mary said, 

    Such a cute series of pictures and words! I enjoyed this a lot.

  • 2

    On 4 September 2012 at 2:30 pm

    kelly said, 

    you always, always make me smile. i love you for that.

  • 3

    On 4 September 2012 at 3:00 pm

    Audrey Howitt said, 

    Awww! You create worlds my dear! And invite us all in–and I for one, come in gladly!

  • 4

    On 4 September 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Linda said, 

    There’s a lot of love in your life. Great candid pictures. Happy eBaying!!

  • 5

    On 4 September 2012 at 4:02 pm

    ayala said, 

    You are always a delight :)

  • 6

    On 4 September 2012 at 5:01 pm

    brian miller said, 

    awww your little kittens are so cute….and you write life and bring it alive for us..the small joys…even cats peeing in the dishwasher…smiles.

  • 7

    On 4 September 2012 at 5:05 pm

    John Allen Richter said, 

    hahahahaha!!!! Oh I really needed this laugh today, thank you! BTW, if little kitten did that to me she would soon find out what dishwashers are for, suds ‘n all…. just sayin……. she would be one clean little kitty…..

  • 8

    On 4 September 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Polly said, 

    Fab fun from one that I’ve not seen before! Lovely to catch up with you ~ you’re fun ~ fab :)

  • 9

    On 4 September 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Pat Hatt said, 

    haha that was grand
    All the pics of your land
    Those birdies better watch out
    As the kitties will make them pout
    And pee in the dishwasher ewwww
    Glad the cat never let such a thing come due
    And bigfoot resides at your shore?
    Or did he just lend some hair then went out the door hahaha

  • 10

    On 4 September 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Anna Montgomery said, 

    I should really pay you for these smiles – maybe a song :)!

  • 11

    On 4 September 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Daisy said, 

    Jannie, I think you wrote a poem anyway, even though you weren’t! 😉 I enjoyed this post and the pictures. Sounds like you are keeping very busy. I love the pictures of your kittens. I especially like that calico one–such pretty markings on it. I hope you are having a good week!

  • 12

    On 4 September 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Heaven said, 

    I enjoyed most specially the cat pictures….Take care ~ Smiles ~

  • 13

    On 4 September 2012 at 7:55 pm

    Colleen@LooseLeafNotes said, 

    A poem within a poem and it makes me smile! I love the cat and bird game and the surprising turn of the mouse (mine) turning from one surprising page to the next.

  • 14

    On 4 September 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Sara V said, 

    That was so much fun! What a witty thing to do, weave words between the poems and tell us a story too. Loved it :-)

  • 15

    On 4 September 2012 at 9:36 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Yo Peeps, Jannie is out shoveling snow in her mukluks.

    She’ll see y’all back here tomorrow.


  • 16

    On 4 September 2012 at 11:16 pm

    kaykuala said, 

    Chuckles! All offered in a light-hearted mood. Wonderful pics and lots of wit, Jannie! Thanks for sharing!


  • 17

    On 5 September 2012 at 2:04 am

    sonny said, 

    probably one of the best i have read today….:))

  • 18

    On 5 September 2012 at 3:33 am


    Smiles , laughs, more smiles and ..well just one big New York smile sending it your way Jannie !! Thanks for the good mood I’m in now , cheers !! :-)

  • 19

    On 5 September 2012 at 5:02 am

    Lynn said, 

    What made that kitty want to pee in the dishwasher??? :) Love the pics and the love between your family and between those kitties. xo

  • 20

    On 5 September 2012 at 8:54 am

    Rosemary Nissen-Wade said, 

    Loved it all!

  • 21

    On 5 September 2012 at 9:29 am

    Jannie said, 


    Poetry ROCKS!!!

    MARY!!! My one and only Mary — you are so so so sweet to come on back here time and again and scatter these breadcrumbs of joy along my blogging path. THANKS!!

    KELLY!! Well, you’ll be loving me for a long long long time, because I can’t help making people smile. And I’ll love you too forever, of course — just because we’re friends and I keep my friends forever.

    Awwwww, AUDREY HOWITT, you little treasure you, you are ALWAYS welcome here!! What kind of tea do you like? I’ll whip us up a batch. And whatever cookies you favor!!

    LINDA, ahhhhhh. You continue to be a star in my life. That was the first time I saw Mother-Mieshka up on that beam. And 10 minutes later I looked out again and there was Primo (who is actually a female.) And don’t you just LOVE the one of Primo and Karma with his arm around her?? They were both asleep, him hugging her, and of course as soon as the camera approached they both woke up. But I love that photo, it came out nice and clear. Yes, much love.

    ALAYA, right back at you, Girl!!!! You. Are. ALWAYS. A. Delight. And then some. To infinity!!!!!! Do I REALLY know you??? Still amazed I actually do.

    BRIAN! Lynn asked about the peeing in the dishwasher, so I’ll be explaining that more in depth in my comment below to her. Yes, kind of a photo life-poem here today. :)

    JOHN!! As above to Brian, scroll down for further explanation of the dishwasher peeing in my reply to Lynn. The calico cat did explore the dishwasher too, but screamed and hi-tailed (or maybe low-tailed) it outta there when I didn’t realize she was in the back and I accidentally rammed her with the rack. And she never ventured back in — go figure. :)

    Hey POLLY!! So awesome you chose to take a chance on my humble blog. And this is not really even one of my “Best” poems. Last week’s was one of my very awesome-best, you might like to read. But anyway, it’s ALL good, really! And I’m delighted to meet you. I might not be out reading blogs until tonight or tomorrow, due to my grand plans of at least 10 more eBay auctions up by tomorrow evening. But you will see me at your place, whoooohoooooo!!

    PAT HATT!! Yes, gotta keep a closer eye on them birdies now that I see they have climbers after them. I have actually figured out which corner of this dining room I am going to hang them in for some daytime hours so they can sing to my singing again. Yes, pee, yuck. Explained below, to Lynn. Oh, yes my huggable sasquatch. :) He’d just been sawing boards in the heat, so I didn’t insist he don his usual lunch-time tuxedo.

    ANNA MONTGOMERY!!!! I’ll take one of you beautiful songs ANY day!!!!! email me some!!! Would be great. So glad we can share the smiles in our life.And always great to see you.

    Dearest DAISY — busy, oh yeah. But keeping time to dream too!! It just so happened I had a bunch of ebay auctions end in a row, which is fun to do. So now I have my holding, packing and shipping area in another corner of this house. AND now this dining room labeling area. Have 3 to pack and label today. And have scheduled The Postie to pick them up at our front door — whoooohoooooo. Having a working printer at home finally is sure improving my life!!!! And saving on time and gas.

    But Peeps, speaking of those 3 to package and label, I’m going to get to them now!!

    And I’ll be back here soon.

    I’m sure you’re all DYING to hear those particulars of the cat pee in our dishwasher as I’ll relate the tale to Lynn. :) :) :)


  • 22

    On 5 September 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Anna :o] said, 

    Lovely post (and I am dying to hear about the cat pee…)

    Anna :o]

  • 23

    On 5 September 2012 at 2:40 pm

    LL Cool Joe said, 

    Wow what a strange place for a cat to pee! Glad it wasn’t in the golf shoes! 😀

    And boy your husband looks so pleased to have his photo taken. NOT! 😀

  • 24

    On 5 September 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Liara Covert said, 

    Candid shots reveal the real essence of a person, place or creature. Everything is shining of love. Thanks for the creative inspiration

  • 25

    On 6 September 2012 at 12:06 am

    Jannie said, 

    So, anyway…

    It’s probably almost a hair and half past my bedtime, but at least I don’t have to be up Airport Early or anything tomorrow. :)

    DAISY!! I know, how ’bout writing a poem. Or did the poem write me?) I actually just now wrote a verse about the Chocolate Spray Tan Machine! Keeping busy, yeah but in dream state a lot now too. Yeah — the more I look at that first sister-brother cat pic, the more I love it. Yes, having a good week, thanks. Hoping you are too, but I know you are, because you’re YOU!!

    HEAVEN — Cat Lady! Funny, I was looking through my current camera memory card to see what I could delete to free up space and I see that like half my pix are of the 4 kittens, holy crap they’re 4 months old now. I’ll schedule their spay and neutering, or as I fumbled in speech to my friend the other day — “spadering” for later this month. Yes, we live with 6 cats, omg. One day I’ll write a poem about my decision to cancel the Craigslist ad I had Mooshoo and Clue-Clue for give-away in.

    COLLEEN!! And here’s a surprise — a verse I just wrote earlier, inspired by a more in depth spray tan machine photo session… “Let’s go deeper into the Chocolate Sun,the Marshmallow comet trail laughter and the whipped cream love that dreamed us all here.” So now, a poem within a poem, within a poem? :) :)

    Well Dear SARA V!!! I kept finding the cats in those interesting places yesterday, and all like, before noon. Just an amazing photo day I had to share. :)

    Wait JANNIE was not really out shoveling snow in mukluks. Been many moons since that happened. I like shoveling snow, tho. But back to The Now…

    Hey HANK — another light-hearted person of the funsterment realm. Glad you enjoyed the share. Don’t ya just LOVE blogging!!??

    But now, it is after midnight and Mr. Clapton and I are about to let it all hang down, with no false talk nor prophesies,and such. The hour, it is getting late.

    So, I bid thee all fair adieu from under the 59th Street Bridge lamplight.


  • 26

    On 6 September 2012 at 12:49 am

    Chris lawrence said, 

    I followed i ebayed with you and peed with the cat , a simple revelation of a day yet fascinating , hope all sells well

  • 27

    On 6 September 2012 at 12:56 am

    SnaggleTooth said, 

    You’re even writing poems when you’re not writing poems!

    Taking alot of fun pics to explain too- the kits are growing up so fast- hope you’re making tons of dollars n the Ebay is a blast!

  • 28

    On 6 September 2012 at 10:04 am

    Givenchy Outlet said, 

    I have been meaning to post about something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Thanks.

  • 29

    On 7 September 2012 at 10:13 am

    Jannie said, 

    And out of the eBay and end-of-summer-heat-wave fog I come to say hi!

    SONNY — well, how nice of you to say, thanks. I look forward to checking out your poetry soon.

    KING, KING, KING, KING, KING!! You are alive, well and leaving mirth and merriment all over the blogosphere. And Your new gravatar is PERFECT, wow — that ROCKS!!! AWESOME of course, to see you again.

    LYNN!!!!! Sorry to leave you and others hanging about the cat pee. :) Well, when the kittens first started getting out and about the house, I made their “learning” litter box a shallow tin rectangular baking pan, silver. One they could easily climb into. And Clue one day hopped up on the open dishwasher door — also silver, like the pan — and PEED there, yuck. The second time he peed in the back of the dishwasher a couple days later — had to wash it out TWICE, two whole soapy cycles. (didn’t want to chance once was enough.) Then…. I learned to keep the door shut, and to watch for him when the door was open. But couldn’t resist the pic the other day. :) SO there you have the kitten pee story. Exciting, eh? :)

    THANKS so much Rosemary. Always great to see you.

    But gosh, I’m sorry, I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired this morning, going for a nap now.

    I’ll be back.


  • 30

    On 11 September 2012 at 11:35 am

    Jannie said, 

    Hey, guys, this will be my loving blanket reply to all. Thank you for your welcome comments.

    Everything is shining of love indeed.



  • 31

    On 26 September 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Alice Audrey said, 

    Button? You are such a tease. :)

  • 32

    On 26 September 2012 at 2:17 pm

    Alice Audrey said, 

    Dang, I could swear I said something about the joys of kitties and how much I love that statuette. Must have exited out too fast for the comment to save. *eyeroll at self*

  • 33

    On 1 October 2012 at 11:51 am

    Penny Frommer said, 

    Much vintage gorgeousness, Shirl. Wonderful colours and a great feminine style and design. hugs brenda xox

  • 34

    On 7 October 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Alice Audrey… xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo

    Penny Frommer — a gorgeous spam comment, thanks! :)

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