10 More Random Things I’ve Said Out Loud To Myself Recently

Funsterment, House Style, Just Good Stuff | Posted by Jannie on 19 December 2012 @ 11:51 AM 34 Comments


1. Holy crap, there’s a lot of poop in here. [one of the litter boxes]
2. When did they put a speed bump there?
3. I think I’ll have some wine with this macaroni.
4. I don’t have a fancy water pitcher and that’s just a shame. [whine, whine, whine] :)
5. I wonder if we have any crackers in this house less than 3 years old? [age of crackers that is, not of house]
6. There could be worse lunches than pumpkin pie and coffee. [Yeah, like… crack and whiskey?]
7. Why sweep the floor when you can just photoshop stuff out?
8. WHO PEED ON THAT AGAIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [My suspicion is one of the 2012 cats][THAT was a chair]
9. Okay, where’d I put my glasses this time?
10. Frig the eBay — I’m blog-hopping today!

BONUS… tip to bribe 6 cats into portrait together…  Wait ’til dinner. Hold camera in one hand and food plate in the other! :)

(And DID I photoshop the dirt off the floor before posting that pic? Well, only I’ll ever know for sure.)  :)  :)


Oh, and remember those 4 kittens’ size just a few months ago??


Oh, and here’s what they do at night if we forget to hide the paper towels in a cupboard… Little Friggers.


xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo again.

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  • 1

    On 19 December 2012 at 1:16 pm

    brian miller said, 

    haha…nice photoshop on the floor…smiles…our oldest cat is sick right now….throwing up all over the place….blech….thank goodness they poop outside….you’ll never believe this but at one point last night it was throwing up in the toilet…

  • 2

    On 19 December 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Alice Audrey said, 

    Hey, pumpkin pie is good for you. It has lots of vitamin… um… vitamin somethingorother. :)

    This is why you were supposed to give all the kittens from the litter away.

  • 3

    On 19 December 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Brian, I am so sorry to hear that about your oldest cat. but wow — throwing up in the toilet? does he or she jump up there and take care of that by itself, or do you hold poor kitty to do that? Hope he or she gets better soon. Okay I confess… I cleaned the floor on my computer. :)

    Alice Audrey — well, yes that was exactly running through my mind when I contemplated my pumpkin pie lunch. Eggs in there & milk for calcium and protein! Beta carotene (or however you spell that) indeed. Vitamins! Good for your eyesight.And coffee? well, coffee is great fuel for just about anything. :) Oh, and those kittens, we tried to give them away — we really did. There was an amazing glut of kittens in Austin this year. So… here we are.


  • 4

    On 19 December 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Lynn said, 

    That’s a lot of kitties, Jannie Muffin. I guess you are keeping those kittens, huh? They sure are cute.

    And I like the sound of that pumpkin pie lunch. :)


  • 5

    On 19 December 2012 at 6:55 pm

    Daisy said, 

    Never a dull moment at your house! I love the pictures of the kitties! :) xoxo

  • 6

    On 19 December 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Chris Edgar said, 

    I suppose that, given the number of cats in the house, territory-marking is a definite necessity, at least from their perspective. Is there a food plate under the cats there that they are temporarily using as a lounge chair? Or do they just get spontaneously snuggly when the food comes out?

  • 7

    On 20 December 2012 at 5:19 am

    SnaggleTooth said, 

    Did you ever think you’d look back at the one cat litter box chore fondly? I’m down to one now- whew! Had it up to 11 at kitten time once… This is why they get adopted out. I hope that’s enough pet food for the week under the table there. Kit Kat does look happy about the new crowd!
    Maybe someone will get you a crystal pitcher for Xmas? One time I opened years old crackers from Walmart n they tasted like glue! Ugh! I just typoed “Wakmart”!!
    Usually I sweep the floor, n then the garbage can falls, spilling everything out. I’m notorious for dropping stuff- work hands.
    Once I had a shredded papertowel roll all over, n I had to hide the toilet paper from the “unravelers”
    Good pic! Good luck too

  • 8

    On 20 December 2012 at 6:47 am

    G B Miller said, 

    Only 6 cats, eh?

  • 9

    On 20 December 2012 at 10:28 am

    Jannie said, 

    Lynnie-Bo-Binnie. These kittens are like kids. Yep, they’re staying. I did try to “dump ’em at the 4th of July picnic, remember? No takers. No takers on the Clue & Mooshoo I’d advertised on Craigslist. Blame it on a night of tears Kelly and I persuaded Jim they all should stay. And they have. But… they’re all fixed now so No More Kittens. :) Oh, and I had a slice of pumpkin pie after my chicken sandwich for brekkie!

    Hey Dear Dear Daisy, yay I get a Double Daisy Dip today, with your comments to both my last posts. But then again, you never miss a post, as do so many others here and I love you all to bitty-bits!! Yes, a couple great cat pix. Mieshka didn’t look too happy in the nursing one. I guess she’d had enough of them. Actually, she hasn’t wanted really much at all to do with them since weaning. She’d been a great mama but wanted some peace and quite again. she’s the one outside most of the time. now that it’s colder she’s inside more again, tho. and of course year-round she comes in to eat. yes, we have a pet door.

    Chris!! Remember that crazy post I did about me being a tig (or was it mig?) :) welder living in a tent in Mongolia with 16 cats and a laptop? Well, be careful what you wish for, I guess. :) The Universe is listening. Oy vey. Adopt a kitten, neglect to get her spayed earlier enough and bob’s your 5-cat uncle. Plus The Original Cat, and there ya go. :) Happily the territory markin gceased and desisted with the neutering of the final male. No plate under the cat, but interestingly that table was actually a child’s desk I took the top off, hope I still have the top somewhere. Probably! I keep all that sentimental stuff from Kelly’s younger days. I’m sure it’ll turn up one day like the manila envelope of me and my siblings baby / kid pix, the one of Jim on the back of Dad’s horse sleigh in the snow and the one of him coming up the Nova Scotia driveway with the frozen sea in the background. Anyway….. what did you really ask? :) Yes, they DO get quite cosy when the food comes out. I keep their food up away from the dogs, now dog since Peachy passing on last week. Actually, SHE could get up there and munch when we weren’t looking, but Sweety cannot manoeuvre his little doxie front legs up that far. :)

    But okay, cute little peeps! I’m gonna practice my 3 songs, then get back to the ebay side of life, then finish the letter to my namesake aunt Sue (Jannie Sue) and get the pix and her card off.

    Oh shoot, and the parcel for North Carolina.

    What date is it? :)

    Oh, PLENTY of time!~!

    For EVERYthing.


  • 10

    On 20 December 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Limda said, 

    I can so relate to #1. With 3 cats and one being diabetic, we see lots of activity in the two boxes. And #3, yeah! There is a wine for every occasion, even macaroni. #9 is particularly troublesome for me. I hope you are feeling better and have a very Merry Christmas!

  • 11

    On 20 December 2012 at 10:43 pm

    Jennifer Susannah Devore said, 

    Perchance ’tis the Alka-Seltzer Nighttime Cold & Flu … but numbers 1, 7 & 8 made me laugh until I had a sever coughing fit. Number 4 is identifiable, too, as I just said that to myself last week whilst Xmas shopping online at Macy’s and saw theuir whole Fiestaware line was “en solde” and wished I could be selfish and buy myself a red Fiestaware water pitcher.

    Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu. Good stuff with half a bottle of Smoking Loon Merlot!

    Joyeux Noel, Belle Jannie!

    P.S. “Girls on Banana Seat Bicycles” made it onto a v special CD I made for my sissy-in-law. Love that tune!!!

    Did I type everything correctly? I’m feeling pretty wiggity … funny word … wiggity. 😀


  • 12

    On 20 December 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Jennifer Susannah Devore said, 

    Oops. See, Alka-Seltzer Cold & Flu + Smoking Loon Merlot = typos.

    sever = severe


  • 13

    On 20 December 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Jennifer Susannah Devore said, 

    Damn it. Another one. Stupid Cold * Flu & Merlot.

    theuir = their

    Zut alors!

  • 14

    On 20 December 2012 at 11:04 pm

    gdk3 said, 

    Easier than ponies,cows,chickens, and cats fur Jannie I sez!

  • 15

    On 21 December 2012 at 5:07 am

    Jo Mifflin said, 

    Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old mans hat 😀

    Love you & miss you more than hot chocolate fudge cake xoxoxox

  • 16

    On 21 December 2012 at 11:58 pm

    LL Cool Joe said, 

    Your cats are adorable! What a great photo! Oh I’m the kIng of photoshopping crap out of my photos! Much easier than actually cleaning up in real life! 😀

  • 17

    On 22 December 2012 at 9:03 am

    Hilary said, 

    Hi Jannie .. how you cope with six of them beloved critters I’ll never know – bet Blue Bunny helps (a bit?!) … thank goodness for photoshop – sounds an awesome helper …

    Kelly looks kinda happy – perhaps the focus on kitten is not so good for her?! Love the photos though and your fun take on life ..

    I’ll be emailing sometime soon … cheers for now – and have a very Happy Christmas and definitely an easier 2013 .. many thoughts – cheers Hilary

  • 18

    On 22 December 2012 at 9:59 am

    Jannie said, 

    Snaggle… TG for the clumping litter. You buy that kind? We actually only have 2 boxes for the 6 cats, but they do go outside too, under the palm trees. TMI, sorry. They go through a big bag of food about every 12 days. and they get the wet stuff mixed in as a treat a couple times a week, so they’re only about $15.00 weekly in food, not too bad. I think maybe even just a $10 glass water pitcher will suffice. All I have is an ugly plastic one. I don’t even use it — it’s so ugly. BB uses it for his diving practice.

    G — yep,, only SIX, just a starter kit. :)

    LINDA — or should I say LIMDA as you wrote in error. No wonder you went into moderation, good to see you. Ah ha, so you misplace your reading glasses too! And does Oprah, I saw once she has like 100 pairs, keeps ’em in every drawyer and such. That was a few years ago, tho. Maybe she has contacts now. Yes, feeling better, thanks. I hope your 3 kitties are all well today. And YOU too, of course!!

    Dear JSD, I don’t know which I love more – YOU or your wonderful typos. I guess you!! i’ll have to start tytping with 1 hand now, kitkat’s got my right arm wrapped around him. so sorry for your cold. why’d you get sick, silly. i hope you get your red festive fiestaware pircher. santa probably.. there — extricated my arm from The Original Caat, ahhhh, anyhoo. your typoes and you are adorable, as usual. I was saying Santa probably has his eye on you because you’re one of his all-time faves. Meantime… here’s a pic to keep you dreaming. jennifers_Dream_pitcher If Santa doesn’t pull through, you could check eBay!! Speaking of which, I’m at 278 100% Positive stars now, whooohooo. And are you still feeling wiggity? Or was that the wine / flu drink combo speaking?? :)

    GDK, I am imagining 6 ponies, cows or chickens in this house — oy. TG cats are relatively easy to care for. Those others wouldn’t manage so well with litter boxes I imagine, holy double krap!!

    Dear Jo — if the old man is the government, I’ve already given him all my nickels and have none left for the organ grinder. Now… GO, GO get you some chocolate fudge cake!!! You don’t wan’t to have to miss that for too long. After I post this I’m off to make my coffee and bacon. Then have my pie for dessert. And guess what?? Today marks day one of 17 WHOLE DAYS AND NIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS VACATION, yay!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more getting up early to get the kid to school. whoohooo

    LLCOOL JOE, I’d love to see some of your before and after photoshops!! See your talent in action. Come one — give us a peek of your work.

    Dearest My Hilary, if it weren’t for BB we probably couldn’t manage even one cat. He does all their food shopping, litter box cleaning, fur grooming, and even drives them to the vet. well, he has no car license to drive but he manages somehow on his bicycle. :) Yes, 2013 coming up roses, indeed. Happy times. Happy people. Happy pets.


  • 19

    On 22 December 2012 at 3:11 pm

    Pat Hatt said, 

    Great shot of all the cats together, I can’t get more than two most times at that other zoo, where there are 12 haha.

    And lots of poo, that is a nasty view!

  • 20

    On 22 December 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Audrey Howitt said, 

    Or–how about–Holy crap pn a cracker (3 years old) that’s a lot o poop!

    You crack me up sweet pea! Have a wonderful holiday Jannie!!

  • 21

    On 22 December 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Laura Hegfield said, 

    that’s a lot of cats Jannie… o my!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words… so good to hear from you!

  • 22

    On 22 December 2012 at 4:23 pm

    cloudia said, 

    just love these shots of your little pals!
    Best holiday wishes to you aLL

    With Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ >

  • 23

    On 22 December 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Heaven (@asweetlust) said, 

    That is a lot of cats and poo..ha..ha.. .

    Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas ~

  • 24

    On 22 December 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Jennifer Susannah Devore said, 

    That’s the exact pitcher! Mais oui! When I feel appropriate buying myself goodies, apres-Noel, it’s atop the list! Congrats on your eBay awesomesauce; I shall visit and purchase something, anything soon!!!

    Yes, still wiggety; but, I’m headed to a wild Christmas bash … so maybe a liter or two of Merlot and some thumping Beastie Boys will cure the cold. If nothing else, I must stay vertical atop my vertiginous heels this night. Alka-Seltzer Daytime Cold & Flu to the rescue!

    To the Moon!!!!

  • 25

    On 23 December 2012 at 7:23 pm

    kaykuala said, 

    This’s such a cute post, Jannie! When young we used to have lots of cats. We had a sandy patch outside the house and they did their own thing there. It was ok. When we got married Shadah decided no cats in the house. But when my daughter came back following her Commencement at Sacramento she brought back Clyde, a Scottish Fold. Only one cat but we went through the works. I had to get it through the quarantine, saw to its pallets food, made sure the maid emptied the poo from the sand box every morning, and placed it at the nearby Pet Hotel when we had to leave the house for a few days. Just Clyde alone and it created a whole new culture and made life a little different. Clyde passed on after 6 years. It happened a day after an operation at the vet following some intestinal problems. Everyone cried when we solemnly had it buried at the backyard. In fact we were all under a cloud for about a week after that. Now we have only fishes to keep us company and life is less complicated.


  • 26

    On 23 December 2012 at 7:27 pm

    kaykuala said, 

    Wishing you and family Happy hols and Merry Christmas, Jannie!


  • 27

    On 24 December 2012 at 12:27 am

    Jannie said, 

    PAT, where is “that other zoo where there are 12?” The 6 all there in close proximity actually had less chance of happening than winning the lottery. With them 6 anyway.

    Dearest Audrey, you probably don’t know that something I say a lot (and perhaps have even coined, I’m not sure,) is holy s@$t-on-a-stick, so, krap on a kracker I can well imagine too. YOU crack ME up — I love it!!

    Yes Dear Laura, a real cat garden we growed earlier this year. :) Oy, indeed!!! They mostly do not drive me crazy, they are not that expensive to keep (hopefully they’ll all stay out of trouble and not need any emergency trips to the vet, those can be quite costly — as can kids with broken arms — :) You’re welcome. Enchantee that you gift me with your aura here.

    Thank you Dear Cloudia!!!! Same back at ya. You going scuba diving or surfing for Christmas?

    But, My Lovelies, I must break there for tonight, for tomorrow is Christmas Eve — still some shopping and Running Around to do. And I have to wash my hair in the morning!! So gotta catch my Zzzzzzz’s.


  • 28

    On 26 December 2012 at 9:22 am

    Alice Audrey said, 

    Did I ever tell you about the gerbils? Better get the kittens fixed.

  • 29

    On 26 December 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Jannie said, 

    HEAVEN, and the poop never ends. :) But then again, fertilizer is a good thing. :)

    JENNIFER! A wild Christmas bash sounds GOOD!! And will there be a wild New Years Bash too? And were the vertiginous heels Bright Red Velvet? Hey, did you see the Michael Kors I have up now — the black ones? Ooooo, la, la. :) And Back from The Moon!!

    HANK! Wow, your daughter graduated from Sacramento? Cool! Did you get to go there? I passed through once, long time ago. Sacramento always brings to mind that old tv show “Eight Is Enough.” They lived there. But enough of that… Clyde is a nice name for a cat. Yes, fish — very less complicated. :) Blessing to you too. Does your country get some Christmas lights up here and there?

    ALICE AUDREY — I’ll be right on the edge of this sofa seat until I hear about The Gerbils! Pray, do tell!! :)


  • 30

    On 26 December 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Oh, Alice Audrey — yes ALL SIX kittens are now fixed!! If only I’d done that to the mom a little earlier. :) First heat pregnancy, oy. Oh well, it is what it is.


  • 31

    On 26 December 2012 at 12:59 pm

    Mary said, 

    Ha ha, love the pictures of your cats! I have half as many dogs! Pets are definitely a joy! Your daughter definitely looks ‘connected.’ Amazing how techno-savy kids are nowadays.

  • 32

    On 28 December 2012 at 7:43 pm

    Jannie said, 

    Hi Mary, yes kids and techno-savvy indeed. Next year she’ll get an iPad issued from her school, each kid in this district does. Makes me wonder what’s The Next Big Thing — and can i just get in on the ground floor with the I.P.O.!! :)


  • 33

    On 31 December 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Alice Audrey said, 

    We got two gerbils. The pet store said they were both female. They were juveniles. Apparently they were also delinquents. A couple of months after we got them, the first litter arrived. Under the erroneous belief that gerbils couldn’t get pregnant again within a few days of giving birth, we took our time trying to figure out which was the mother and which the father. Yeah, you’d think we’d see them nursing sooner, but they burrowed under the bedding and… anyway, we pulled the dad out of the cage and put him in another cage, but the damage was already done. We went about looking for homes for the first litter, and managed to give away all but one or two. Then the second and third litters hit one soon after the other, and we still hadn’t learned how to tell males from females. (It’s a difference of about 2 milometers in the size of the thingy at the back. That’s all.) We ended up taking them back to the pet store where we happily dumped them off for free knowing the store would sell them as feeder gerbils. Apparently this happens a lot. Anyway, in the process of staring into the cages, trying to figure out which were male and which female, we often ended up with the entire family standing around staring. We nick-named it “Gerbil TV”.

  • 34

    On 22 January 2013 at 12:26 am

    Liara Covert said, 

    Of all the delightful tidbits you mention here, focus on the word “karma” for a moment. Aside from a very creative name 4 a very cute cat, the word has interesting undertones and energies. Imagine the concept only exists in the mind as a limiting belief about life and what is unfolding, what can unfold. Imagine the friskiness and frolicking in this furry feline from the moment the belief in karma is let go.

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