Introducing….. The FREE Daily Photo Plan

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Edit on Saturday June 21st, 2014….. I no longer do the Free Daily Photo. :)


Hey, guys — you know how you all are so AWESOME and such?

And how with my family’s recent financial “downsizing,” I’m actually WORKING for $$$ instead of drinking wine up in my tree all day? :)

And my available blog posting and hopping time is slimmer than of yore?

Well… how ’bout a FREE Daily Photo as a gift to you! It’s the least I can do, since I take pix daily anyway!


I’ll still be posting here, but ‘tween times you can access some daily Funsterment via that “subtle” yellow button up over My Big Eye at top of this site.

Hopefully that page will eventually be a blog-within-a-blog where you can leave comments. We’ll see how it goes!

And if I ever miss a day, please don’t worry — I might just be up in that tree!!!


And how ’bout these photos I took yesterday with my iPhone!

(That table shot will make more sense when you click the FREE Daily Photo Link.)

(Kelly’s the hand-stand girl wearing pink in the poolside photo.)

And see the fire hydrant below? Was is near the flower patch above?? Nope! :)


With LOVE, from Jannie-Bo-Bannie of the eBaying hills.


Blue Bunny Header Ideas, 99+ And Counting

Blogging | Posted by Jannie on 18 September 2010 @ 3:14 PM 42 Comments

1. Cowboy(check)


2. UT Football. Sorry G-Man, but I AM living in Longhorn Land.  At least we’ll always have this …  :)


3. Tennis (check)


4. Hockey
5. Baseball

5.5 All other sports
6. Policeman
7. Judge
8. Doctor
9. Dentist
10. Vampire
11. Ghost
12. Fireman
13. The Tin Man
14. Parachuting
15. W Building Blocks
16. At Computer
17. Farmer
18. Einstein
19. Punk Rocker (check)


20. Bling-y (Joey will like that one!)
21. Butler
22. Karrit Gardener (check)

23. Carpenter
24. Waterskiier
25. Leprechaun
26. Cupid
27. Astronaut
28. Train Engineer
29. Bee Keeper
30. Happy Peasant Musician
31. Pirate? (A nice pirate, a swash-buckling caring sort)
32. Batman
33. Superman
34. Spiderman
35. The guys in Kiss
36. House Painter
37. Picnic (check)


38. Architect
39. The Great Pumpkin :)
40. Mariachi
41. Hawaiin (check)

42. Surfer

42.1 Windsurfer

42.2 Snow Mobiling
43. Angel
44. Sun (check) (well, sunflower — close enough.)

45. Violinist
46. Trumpeter
47. Trombonist
48. Drummer
49. Kelly’s 9th Birthday (check)


50. Christmas (Yes, I’ll probably have dozens over the years!)

50.1 Other Celebratory Holidays, various faiths.

50.2 Martial Arts
51. Easter Bunny (see 50.1)
52. Photographer
53. Birch bark canoe / Native American Headdress (I mentioned my mind wanders, eh?)

53.1 Speaking of “eh”… my home and native land, where I’ll be spending at least a month next summer!!(check)


53.2 and this great land I live in… (check)


53.3 Cinco de Mayo!

53.4 — All other nations’ festivities, including that crazy college thing they do in Japan —  dodging 2,000 lb logs rolling down a hill. You’ve seen that on tv, right??

54. Viking
55. Nun
56. Priest
57. Monk
58. The Pope
59. Alpine Yodeler

59.1 Kelp knitter
60. Bullfighter?  Nah, not too crazy on that, or on boxing. 

(But I don’t mind seeing a bunch of dumb-asses try to out-run huge logs down muddy slopes.)

60.1 Wrestling!

60.2 Turtle race referee

60.3 referee in general

60.4 Umpire!

60.5  Bicyclist

60.6 All other modes of transport, BB at the helm.
61. Robin Hood
62. Daniel Boone
63. Lemonade stand
64. Cake Baker (check)



65. Chef
66. Barbecuing
67. Mechanic
68. Nurse
69. Airline Pilot
70. Lumberjack (check)

71. Magician
72.  Soccer (wait, I mentioned all other sports, right??)

73. Organic hops harvester
74.  Camping
75. Baking Cookies
76. Autumn leaves (check, as of today)
77. Snow frolic

77.1 Ice skating

77.2 Shepherd boy

78. Artist (check)


79. Eating and drinking various stuffs (check!  Here’s my fave so far)


80. playing keyboard (check) (That’s actually MY Casio, the one Kelly uses. I took the photo and Shopped the background out!)


(skinny jazmeene the skwirrell I found on the Net. She lost some tail fluff in the great Filbert Fiasco.)

81. Teacher

81.1 Moses (See 81!!) :)

81.2 Bedtime (never seen until this post, check)


82. All other musical instruments!!

83. Fishing (check, check and check.) Here’s one from back when BB was still a disembodied guy in the air.


84.  Princess Leia

84. Miner

85.  Tailor

86. Tinker :)

87. Sailor! (check!)


87.1 Candlestick maker

87.2 Nostradamus

87.3 Charlie Chaplin

87.4 Other famous peeps, dead and / or alive, ones who made good contrubutions to society.

87.5 Such as, Edison.

88. With Kite (check)


 89. Swimming / Snorkeling  (check)


89. All other kinds of baked goodies!

90. Ornithologist. (check)


91. Cutting grass

92. Downhill Skiing

93. Egyptian

94. Hippie

95. Disco Dancer

96.  Acrobat

97.  Caveman

98. Brick-layer

99. Insurance Salesman

99.1 TV weather man

(Please forgive any duplicates, I am blogging with speed today .)

Any other BB ideas you can think of?  If you leave an idea I like and use in the coming decades, I’ll create a fan-fared link to you for it, whoo-hoo!!!




P.S. Don’t forget on Sept 23rd I’m launching a give-away post here for 5 modern poetry books, 5 of these… AND… 7 peeps will win hand-written letters from me on pretty stationery mailed with some of these actual stamps… Give-away open WORLD-WIDE!!!


(Winners to be decided by a random comment number plan still incubating in me.)

P.P.S. My Daily Photo page above will hopefully soon be live and kicking too — please stay tuned. My blog and friend base is growing, and I’m happy about that!

Thanks so much!

Love Jannie


Chris Brogan Loves Me — a poem

Blogging, Poetry | Posted by Jannie on 11 July 2010 @ 11:08 PM 46 Comments


Chris Brogan loves me!

He reads me every day.

He lives for my photos,

loves that one above.

When I got the e-mail

he was following me back

on Twitter, I was all…

“Yessss, he knows my

brilliance now!” (That  

feeling lasted a full 3

days until I clicked on

his profile to see he’s

following 130,000+.)


Anybody big following YOU on Twitter and hanging on your every bloggity word?  :)

(That’s a photo I took here on Lake Austin last fall. I posted it once before, but much smaller. )

See you soon!


Even More Bigger

Beauty, Blogging, Nova Scotia | Posted by Jannie on 25 June 2010 @ 4:29 PM 46 Comments

[Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, 2008. Niece Alyssa, daughter Kelly.]

Color me even crazier than usual — but today I tweaked this blog to upgrade my photos from 700 pixels wide to this all-new 740 wide!!

[My Canadian hometown, 2008. Kelly, Alyssa, nephew Austin.]

Okay, so My Amazing Camera is still a thing of the future, but what do you think of these 740 px wides??

I would be SO grateful if you could please let me know your most intimate thoughts pertaining to my new Ludicrously Wide photos.

[Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, 2008. Sister Rosie, Alyssa, Kelly.]

In the poll below, please check ALL that apply.

Thank you all so very very much a lot!!!!

And feel free to leave any additional input in a comment below.



A Right Texas-Friendly Blog, Some Say

Blogging, Friends | Posted by Jannie on 3 April 2010 @ 2:32 PM 38 Comments

Right_Friendly_So_They_Say(photo: summer, 2007)

All y’all are so darned tootin’ sweet!!

A few weeks back when I asked why y’all might recommend newcomers to subscribe to my blog, y’all came through with more beautifully touching words than I could’ve ever imagined in a whole lifetime of chasing hogs, ropin’ wild turkeys and jumpin’ nekkid into the cement-pond at night. 


I’ve incorporated y’all’s ideas I feel best reflect this blog into my new 18 Reasons To Love This Blog page, linked up for all perpetuity. And such.

Now, I know toutin’ my own blog could seem I have Texas-sized ego. But friends… like Mama done told me in the carrot patch when I was seven — “Jannie Junebug, you give the world your very best, and you’ll always be on your own sunshiney path to glory.” And Mama knows some stuff! Lots of stuff!!  Like how to blanch string beans, spot rhubarb at 200 paces, and field-dress a moose in a blizzard make her own cheddar.

So, thank all y’all, again. I love all y’all so much!


Thanks also for bearin’ with my blog construction dust as I further whip my design into shape.  I’ve gone as far as I can on my own, makin’ and puttin’ in my new nav buttons. Next I have to git with my WordPress Consultant Guru to pull my search button down yonder, and get rid of the top nav bar altogether.  Wish me luck, sweet Peeps — a design vision came to me in the night, and I daren’t rest until I lay that sucker to bed.

HAPPY EASTER, y’all — it seems we reached our goal of 500 blogs participating in the Hershey’s baskets!! Woo-hoo!!!

And lastly — a question… have you ever been to Texas?  If so, what did you like about it?  And if you’ve not yet been… what in tarnation is keepin’ ya, and what would you like to see and do in Texas?

xoxoxoxoxo, and such.