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Here’s a bench I fell in love with… (photo by me: early october, 2009)

And a post I fell in love with by The Mogul Mom about an hour ago…Tim Ferriss’s 3 Simple Blog Tips That Have Big Impact.

Mogul Mom quotes Tim, “Why should [your readers] subscribe to your blog posts, newsletter or free ebook? What do you offer them? Exclusive products? Advance notice of sales? Discounts? Free shipping? Fresh content they can’t find anywhere else?”

This so inspires me to revamp my Suscribe Page to reflect the WHY of subscribing here. And maybe you can help me with it!

Is “Ye Olde Jannie Funster Blog” subscription-worthy?  And if so, why??   Please share any ideas you have, however nutty they may seem.  Don’t be shy — just let them fly. We’re all friends here.

And whichever ideas I use from your comments, I will credit you for — and link you up FOREVER on my Subscribe page!


(I could use some help with my still-lame About Page too, but I guess that can wait for another day.)  :)


Recover Your Blog BEFORE It’s Hacked — With John Hoff’s WordPress Defender

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Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and your blog was gone. Totally gone. Forever.

How much would you pay to recover your site? $500.00?  $1000.00?  Thousands?   A LOT more thousands?

I’d probably pay at least several hundred bucks to get all my precious bra-flinging tales and your wonderful comments  back.  And all the contact information contained within my blog — lost? Devastation.

Hey, don’t believe a malicious hacker would ever try to get into your blog? Think again. A site attacker does his evil deeds…

  • Because he can.
  • Because it’s there.
  • Because it’s thrilling.
  • Because it’s a challenge.
  • Because he thinks it’s fun.
  • Because he can brag about it.
  • Because he’s training for bigger attacks.
  • Because he doesn’t like you or what you stand for.

But blog invasion can be prevented in the first place!

Today one of our own, and a really good guy — John Hoff — is launching his “WordPress Defender” Blog Security E-Book with its companion 1.5 hours of video on how to implement many of the security features.  There’s even a bonus — an affiliate program through E-Junkie to earn “WordPress Defender” owners a 40% commission. Cool, eh?!

John learned the hard way from his wife’s site vanishing that he never ever wanted himself or another person to go through the agony and the fury of a hacked site.  So he poured his heart and soul into writing this 150 page book and producing the videos.
How would you feel if you could be 100% confident that no spammer or hacker could attack your blog – EVER? John Hoff’s “WordPress Defender” blog security package will put your mind at ease.
“WordPress Defender” gives you 30 security strategies you can implement today to fight back, defend and protect your blog from malicious hackers out to destroy what you worked so hard to build.
Some of you may already know John through his WP blog, or from his WP Blog Host site.  Follow him on Twitter here.  John is a good guy.  john You can’t go wrong with his program.
What you’ll glean is GOLD. And easy to use. And at $39.00 it’s a gift.
Most of us put off blog security.  I know I did.  Don’t YOU put it off, PLEASE!!
Any questions you may have — I’m sure John will be happy to speak to directly in the comments.


Other respected bloggers who recommend  WordPress Defender Blog Security E-Book

Barbara Swafford of Blogging Without A Blog

Davina Haisell — Life Coach, Shades Of Crimson Blog

Hunter Nuttall — Personal Development For Polymaths

Betsy Wuebker — Passing Thru Blog

Harbinger Of Great Things To Come

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The above I took with my iPhone Monday on our Hike ‘N Bike trail.  Something’s putting out blossoms, not sure what, but its puffy white sweetlings sure are nice to behold.

(Notice the city across the way? That’s the Lamar Street bridge too. )

And sweet friends,  thanks so so much for “baring wit me” as I start to occasionally close comments.  This is really freeing me up to create wild new posts for you — ones you CAN comment on.  Like the one I’ll post tomorrow!  (And the one 2 days ago. Wait.  Was the one 2 days ago wild? I can’t remember back that far.)  :) Plus, I’ve got more time now to get around and read your wonderful blogs!

THANK YOU for sticking with me!  I love you all SO SO MUCH!!!!!


P.S.  To see more photos of the beautiful Austin Ladybird Lake Trail, I posted some of my pix on it several months ago — ‘way back in the ancient days when my blog photos were a mere 500px wide.   :)

10 Top Blogging Addiction Signs + Recommended Treatments

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Blogging Addiction Sign 1: If you are not first commenter on your favorite 20 blogs you are depressed all day.

Treatment: Design and implement a subcutaneously-implanted device connected by wireless to your feed reader to shock you the moment your friends post.  Make sure it has tons of voltage if you’re a deep sleeper!

Blogging Addiction Sign 2: When you lock your keys / baby and / or laptop in the car, your first thought is…  OMG this will keep me  from my blog!

Treatment: A “hide-a-key” on the outside of your car, preferably 3 of them at various points on the undercarriage.  This can also apply to locking yourself out of your house, for which I recommend the following placed by your front door —  no one would ever think to look for a key in this ultra-realistic-looking rock… House_Key_hider

Blogging Addiction Sign 3: First thing in the morning, do you log on and check your blog’s status even before going to the potty, only to end up peeing your pyjamas?

Treatment: No liquids for you between the hours of 1:00 p.m. to the following noon (Yes, that’s a 23 hour stretch, but well worth it!)

Blogging Addiction Sign 4: Does the mere thought of  a raindrop on a cloudless day strike terror in your heart, as a storm could temporarily disrupt your Internet connection?

Treatment: Move to Yuma, Arizona — sunniest place on Earth.

Blogging Addiction Sign 5: Is the main reason you keep yourself super-healthy so when your youngest is finally off to college you’ll be able to blog for 16  hours a day, rather than your current paltry 5 to 8 hours?

Treatment: Keep eating right, exercising, taking vitamins, learning, loving and laughing.  People blog well into their 90s and beyond!

Blogging Addiction Sign 6: Have you created a fictional but handsome (pretty?) “bloging manigir” manigir_avatar who now roams the Blogspot realm leaving kommints with his (her?) own “teknologee grabatar??”

Treatment: Recent comprehensive studies show the optimal number of fictional bloging manigirs is at least 3, so go ahead — create  some more!

Blogging Addiction Sign 7 : If one of your beloveds is ambling in the general direction of the household computer (even if they are only going to fetch a donut or a beer) do you suddenly sprint  from wherever you are to flop yourself in front of the screen before they can?

Treatment: Separate computers for each household member at all times.

Blogging Addiction Sign 8: Has a loved one accused you of loving your online peeps more than you love them?

Treatment: Every time you see your actual flesh and blood human companions, smile at them.  Jump up and give them big hugs.  Write them love notes constantly.  Bake them an occasional cake.

Blogging Addiction Sign 9: Do you sit down at the computer for “a quick 10 minutes” to arise 3 hours later in a glazed-eye stupor?

Treatment: That’s fine and dandy, as long as  those 3 hours are spent at MY blog!   😉  Just kidding!  just kidding!  So many WONDERFUL blogs, never enough TIME.

Blogging Addiction Sign 10: Do you sometimes feel guilty about recommending fellow bloggers to each other because there’s a good chance they’ll end up as addicted to blogging as you?

Treatment: Don’t worry.  Be happy.  There will always be more than enough blogging love (and time!) to go around.   And then some!  (Hopefully?)  (But, of course!)   :)


Don’t be shy to hit the olde “Stumble It” button if you think other bloggers could benefit from this highly scientifically researched and helpful post.

Oh, and feel free to share your own blogging addiction signs and we’ll see if we can come up with a solution.   :)

Mystery Blogger “Over The Top” Meme`

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photo credit: getty images

I am so rude to not remember who memed me with this…  so Mystery Blogger, please forgive me and identify yourself so a little “ding” will go off in my head.  Then e-mail me and I”ll send you a bag of your favorite potato chips or cookies, a new pair of socks (yes, matching ones!) and some Additional Fabulous Prize.


Where is your cell phone? in a golden holster under my right bosom.

Your hair?  a bit like Larry’s only blonde and longer.


Your mother?  laughing.

Your father?  fair-minded.

Your favorite food?  steak!

Your dream last night?  scary — spam took over my comments.

Your favorite drink?  Himalayan holy water with lemon (I so lie — margarita, frozen, no salt with a sangria floater.)

Your dream/goal?  to win Kerrville  New Folk.

What room are you in?  rubber one.

Your hobby?  dish washing avoidance.

Your Fear?  that when I’m naked and scrubbing down the shower my buttocks will touch up against the cold sudsy tile.

Where do you want to be in 6 years?   on a lazyboy chair —  with abs of granite, buns of steel and triceps of titanium.

Where were you last night?  camping in Bulgaria.   :)

Something that you aren’t?  tall.

Muffins?  no thanks, just ate 2 hotdogs, 2.5 pickles and a carrot.

Wish list item?  inline skates with sterling sliver spurs.

Where did you grow up?  haven’t yet.

Last thing you did?  read the “last thing you did” question.

What are you wearing? blue chiffon gown, motorcycle helmet and hiking shoes.

Your TV?  a Toshiba hubby bartered a Toyota MR2 for 10 years ago.

Your pets?  absolutely great, when not puking on the rug.

Friends?  yes, luckily.

Your life?  careening on a path of intense funsterment with frequent pit stops to the beer aisle.

Your mood?  nonchalant with shades of wistful longing for 1897 when Oscar Wilde was released from prison.

Missing someone?  yes, Albert Einstein.

Vehicle?  hail dented.

Something you’re not wearing?  extra bras.

Your favorite store? Whole Foods (when I can afford it.)

Your favorite color?  neon denim blue.

When was the last time you laughed? 10 minutes ago.

Last time you cried? in car earlier at Zeppelin’s “Goin’ To California” on the radio.

Your best friend?  my new iPhone.  (whoo-hoo!!)

One place that I go to over and over? donut shop.

One person who emails me regularly?  Santa.

Favorite place to eat?  in the broom closet by the light of a lone votive candle.

So, blogging buddies, if you shouldst desire, feel free to…

1.  insert your own answers below in the comments, or

2. post the meme on your blog (and return here with a link to  it,) or

3. just go on your merry way and remain blissfully meme-free…

And have a super sunshiney day!!