You Might Buy An Antique Majolica Plate Because…

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olden lumberjacks
admired it in a shop
window the spring

they eyed bosoms
and other wonders
in a city they later
concluded was just
a farm without hay.

or maybe you’ll buy it
because some hippie
chick once served you
canapes from it, then
danced you through a
summer of kisses your
heart will never forget.


Okay G-Man, I honed a 117-word ramble to those 55 for you and our fellow Flash Fiction Crusaders!!


Blessings to you all.

And enjoy whatever you’re doing, I know I am — selling on eBay, family time, driving to and from gymnastics… ballet and track, watering my flowers and preparing my songs for live shows a few months hence.


And hey — my hair totally looks like a haystack in my new farm header, don’t cha think?!! Love it!


(Majolica plates in photo I sold on eBay last year. But I get to keep the picture!!) :)

12 Random Things I’ve Said Out Loud To Myself Lately

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1. Oh my god, I’m exercising.

2. Yay, I got eight bucks – not five!!!

3. There’s something weird about these pickles.

4. Oh, I wish I had a pair of stretchy shorts.

5. Why is my computer being so naughty?

6. Hey, who stole my flip-flop? (One of 4 little cats for sure. Luckily I did recover said foot rigging.)


7. Gosh, how can my armpit hair grow that much in one day?

8. I’m not gonna let it rain on my eBay parade!

9.  Lord, please give me the strength to figure out the Baby Bjorn. (One Jim bought at a yard sale for me to sell.)

10. Where’d my good bra get to this time?

11. Okay, I’ve eaten entirely way too many cookies.

12. I need to cut my finger nails. (Said about 2 hours ago as I attempted the open E-Chord on my lovely guitar.)

13: editing this in Sunday afternoon… WOW, them’s some yellow flowers!!!


Pretty daisies Jim bought me yesterday.

And yes, I suppose my next post could include some “after” shots of a manicure. Good idea, thanks!!



But wait — a bonus photo: taken about 5 mins after I brought the daisies in from the back-deck photo shoot.

The only thing I staged below was moving the 5 books on top from the spot marked “Here” to their stunning position you see…


And Friends — don’t forget! Funsterment Central is keeping up with the Free Daily Photo. Don’t be shy to partake.

We still don’t have comments on those, but one day we shall — God and the WordPress Sprites willing.


xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo again


just a short ebay-inspired poem

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So, we tap on weird little things called computers

to buy stuff we’ve never seen from people we’ll most

likely not meet until at least year 1, 459, 397, 682.


Kinda like in the days of butter artisans when Hilda,

Dot and Mary Katherine with their silver silk bustles

a-swishing, didst order from les grands catalogs.


Gold hair clips often. And mirrors made from melted sand

and the dust of wind-whipped chariots of uncorseted desire.

And seeds, oh yes — seeds whose children keep on singing.


My Open Link Tuesday share for this week of dVerse.



Oh, and funny what you’ll find when you Google “Victorian Seed Packets…”Funny_what_Youll_find

The Day She Figured Out Her Camera’s Timer

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The neighbors still rave about

how she shook her maracas.


How she flung peas into the trees.

Then her blue bra over the roof.


She still had not quite mastered

her Kodak’s indoor light settings…


but, by golly — Thanksgiving 2011,

the day she learned which camera

button to press, and how to run like

heck into position — sweet potatoes

everywhere did a happy fandango.


~~  end of amazingly deep poem for dVerse Open Link Tuesday.



Photos 1 & 2 taken with timer set for 10 seconds.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrated.

And if you ever roast a turkey, I hope you have a helper this cute…


Posted with love by Jannie

And yes, ZenSational Sheila — that IS YOUR basket on our kitchen windowsill!! I keep my tea bags in it.


How To Touch Up Your Roots At Home, In 14 Easy Steps

Bra Flinging, Flash Fiction 55 | Posted by Jannie on 5 May 2011 @ 6:55 PM 55 Comments


1. remove bra
(yours or any consenting adult’s)
(dye can stain)
2. wrap old towel around shoulders
3. take “before” photo…


4. make tea
5. color hair
6. drink wine in bath
7. forget to take “after” photo
8. let 2 weeks pass.
9. take this today…


10. add Easter dinner photo hubby took 2 days after colorment
11. remove old toenail polish…


12 eat salad
13. write this
14. post


Those were 55 words for The G-Man!



P.S. Yes, I KNOW I need to file and shape my toenails.  And I WILL! All in due time, my buds, all in due time.