A Peachy Passing Through

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after 15 years
with us, Peachy

closed her eyes
and slipped on back
to heaven’s arms.

she was such
a sweet good
little dog and

we are grateful
she was able to
grace us on her
journey through
these stars.


I’m not sure
when I’ll feel like
answering comments,
but I do thank you
for your thoughts.

Love, Jannie

Poem For The Sister I’m So Lucky To Have

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one day they’ll examine
the leaves of our letters,

the vangoghed margin notes
and butterflied brush strokes

that tell the canvas-lovers
we were only human too.

they’ll sit there in libraries
and beside post office boxes
and on front porch swings

lost in the light
of our laughter,

their eyes melting to mist,
their faces growing
steadily younger.



~~ end of poem (which yes, is about 55 words, for those of you playing.)

Those are a couple of cards and a bookmark my sister made and sent me this year from jail where she’s been serving 6 months for a lesson she can learn from.

(Lord knows, we’ve all had lessons to learn.)

She’ll be out in a couple weeks.

Rosie’s a sweet sweet awesome person.  I love her so much!!

And she’s the real visual artist of the family, as you can see.

Even her handwriting’s a painting.


Blessedly, Mom and Dad and Rosie’s 2 kids have had these wonderful months to hang out together!


And everything’s okay.


Letter To My Sister Last Week

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(Soda can guy is actually a kit.)


That the glasses were pre-owned by Super Special Secret Agent Gage T. adds much to their allure, I think!

Lots of boy energy from that yard sale — fun.


I know I’ve shown y’all that pic of me and Sister Rosie before. Couldn’t find the one I was looking for.

Oh well, one to look forward to!

I still have and sometimes wear the shirt I was wearing up there 18 years ago!!!

(Liara, that was taken on the lower deck of Mader’s Wharf —  Mug & Anchor pub in Mahone.


I DID blonde up my roots yesterday morning at 6:30,


I realize KitKat and I have exactly the same hair color,

I bought a new mascara!!!

my blue guitar ended up going for $170.00 AND…..


I still have my little acoustic one to play — how lucky am I!!!!!!!!


Oh, and my toenails will be painted tomorrow morning by light that’ll stream in on angel wings.

(Blue guitar photo and iPhone effects by Kelly, summer 2011.)


Besides, It’s Always Mothers’ Day In Our Hearts.

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A lady once spent
six hours a day bloggin’

‘Til she got a day job
and lost half her noggin.

Somehow her Mothers’ Day
post fell behind.

Now it’s quite late.
She hopes you don’t mind?

So, who could all those
gals be way up there,

ladies with summertime
shine in their hair.

Mom’s on the far left,
the “baby” of the five.

So lucky these
ladies are all still alive!!

And healthy!

Photo was taken
almost ten years ago

outside Saint James’
one day without snow.

Speaking of James’es who
are saintly and such,

That’s mine in the middle,
him I love much.

No, he’s not perfect,
but Honey, who is?

Except for Christ Jesus
in the forgiveness biz.

But back to the story
of the sisters above,

Each of them mothers.
Each of them love.

They are in Canada
while we’re here in Texas.

Next year we might drive up
in an good pre-owned Lexus.

Or fly in the sky in
a seven thirty seven

back home to the land of
Tim Hortonly heaven.

As to Kelly’s Christening
that earlier sweet now,

as to the land where
I learned to milk cows,

the wee one in the photo
with her toes peeking out,

— let’s give that singing
little cutie a shout.

She co-starred in her
school musical last week,

the stow-away in “Pirates”
She was AMAZING. And sweet.


She made me a mother
for which I’m so grateful.

Thus concludes this poem
… only fifteen days lateful.


And because Jannie loves threes…


there’s one I just took of a notecard sketched by Carol Olson in 1976.

I’m guessing it depicts the town 100 years ago.

The big whole family Kelly’s Christening Day photo was taken in front of the church on the left.


One Night At The Carnival Not Too Long Ago

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the good man
carried the unicorn
while the wife and
child cavorted on
the rides and such.

Well… the child was
doing the cavorting,
while the wife was
experiencing sheer
terror on that boat
pendulum torture
thing she’d forgotten
how much she HATES.
carnaval 002


The wife was
mostly okay on
the Tilt-a-whirl
and ferris wheel
but quite done-in
by the Scorcher* the
second time ’round.




You’ve just read a “Saturday Flash Fiction 64.”




G-Man’s on a bit of a hiatus, god bless his sweet bloggin’ soul.



*The Scorcher I’ve also seen called The Sizzler and The Scrambler.

Toodle-ooo, you beautiful peeps!