Five Capodimontes — A Mothers’ Day Poem

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Five Capodimontes all in a row
soon to adventure by U.S.P.O.

Italian demitasses mailed far away
to five special ladies for this Mothers’ Day

One to my sister, four others to old friends
Two of whom are depicted here on the ends…


That’s Kelly’s Godmother in pajamas on the right
Kelly’s Godfather Mitchell does dazzle in white

Yes, Jim was then and still is so handsome
Quite the carpenter and man — can he dance some!

The littlest dude back then was just three
The shortest gal there — yep, that was me

A toast to the sunrise in North Caroline
Little Dude’s now eighteen and I forty-nine

Five Capodimontes, but a sixth’s on my shelf
Heck yeah, I kept one of those beauties myself!

Will six cups be reunited? I really can’t say.
But I’ll drink and think of those friends every day.

~~ end of poem.


And should you ever like to partake in the pre-breakfast drinking ceremony called “Solar Oops,”

face the sun, put your right foot out, raise your glass in right hand and say…

“Solar oops, ein klaren dag.
annen hinnen mit bingen slag.
oop mitt merken, hanne pa berken.
alle sommen — skool!!”

(Or a reasonable facimile thereof.)

It’s Danish, I think?

It basically means “Life’s good. Let’s drink!”


And this just in… for Jannie this year
An iPad-made card from someone so dear!!


All of you, you Mothers or not… blessings and much laughter today and always.

Love, Jannie


Let’s Not Work Today (Or Any Day)

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let’s laze in bed
scrapbooking our
coffee into faerie rings
we’ll dance around
all day and half-past
the marshmallow moon.


let’s sack race down
a curtain of sun to the
land of never-ending
cake baked by butterflies
with sunrise stained-glass
church window wings.


let’s RSVP to the starfish
by text that, yes — we shall
soon waltz at the wedding
of ocean and sky.


and when we’re older,
let’s grand jete up the
aisles of old photographs
smiling at us from baskets
and boxes and cedar chests
on the shelves of our hearts.


~~ end of poem for dVerse Poetry’s Open Link Tuesday.


Photos taken Saturday at my pal Suzie’s.

She designed and made those starfish from cardboard herself!

Still can’t believe I’m this lucky she’s my friend.


For 30 Years…

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For 30 years I searched
every face in every airport
and train station for yours.

For 30 years I waited
in cafes and grand piazzas,
on balconies and beaches.

I dipped my eyes into
every city I thought your
laughter could be hiding.

Left my smile’s shadows
in baskets on doorsteps
in Paris and Dublin.

Sometimes I’d see you
on the other side of the
glass, clearing Customs

or your airplane
would be heading
to Alaska as mine
was heading back
to The Southwest.

Sometimes you’d be
an ivory silk scarf left
on a park bench.

Or the first tinge
of yellow on the maple
at my attic window.

Others you’d be the
first snow or a strain of
Angie” on the wind.

But you were always
the lilacs and ladders
leading to spring.

Always the lilies
I only had to open
the eyes in my
heart to see.


Posted for dVerse Poetry Open Link Tuesday.

For a dear dear long-lost teenhood friend I’ve recently been blessed to hear from again via The Net after 30 years!

He saw one of my singing videos on someone’s blog and — voila!!


Lilacs and limes painting from a free background site.

Sail A Note Like A Ship Out On The Sea (Alternate Title — 21 Postcards From The Pretty-Much Non-Edge)

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Sometimes a postcard will sail into your harbor
and sometimes you’ll only watch one float along
someone else’s horizon and into their mail box.

But you can always be the postcard yourself,
splashing your thoughts and words out to places like
Montreal, Michigan, Minsk, Montana & Maine*

via The Internet like this.
Or via the inter net of love we’re
all so deliciously entangled in.


And the poems just keep on coming for dVerse Poetry Open Link Tuesday!



Yes, I sailed those 21 out the other day.

Have any made port yet, I wonder?

One day I’ll announce a give-away here for 2 packs of those uplifting cards to 2 lucky winners!


* Yes, Sara — read that puppy out loud, Girl!!




To Those Still Seeking Valentines

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Love yourself good.


And keep your heart dusted off

for the true heart somewhere

shining up its shoes for you.


~~ end of poem.






So there we have 5 iPhone pix from this past Sunday.

Dear Dear Sweet-Inside-And-Out Kalyani invited us

to create Valentine’s moments to remember forever.


Kalyani MAKES the chocolate that goes into the molds.

She melts cacoa butter lovingly and mixes in more magic to

create confections that rival the moon’s summer singing.


She also tie-dyed that apron herself!


And one I took with my “good camera” last night around sunset…


Please note — the kids and I are NOT professional candy wrappers. (Yet.)


But Kalyani is.

Obviously she did not wrap those 4.


Happy Valentine’s, Beautiful Peeps. I love you all!

~~ Jannie


Oh — Kalyani’s favorite pic is the one of just the two girls, I’ve titled “Getting Along.”

Our daughters have been flung into this whirlwind friendship of Kal’s and mine.

At times they’ve fought like kid sisters.


But K. and I have never had a harsh word to each other in these 4.5 years since we all met at Kung Fu.

And  probably never will.

Loving communication is the key.


Kalyani’s The Magic Fuzzy Pants Lady too!


AND she writes beautiful songs.

AND sings like an angel.

AND helps me map out my harmonies.

AND is super cute and beautiful, as you can plainly see with your eyes and heart.

AND is a great mom.



Oh, and this is her actual butt…


Those pants she makes are available in many colors and sizes.

For kids, women and men.

She also has fuzzy hats, tube tops, shorts and much more!!!


Oh, and here we were this past Halloween with 2 other sweet friends, after The Dance…




NOW this post is done.