Funny typos 22

Funny Typos | Posted by Jannie on 23 January 2012 @ 10:51 AM 33 Comments


1. Where are the girls on banana seat bicycles who used to fry down the street?

2. Pumpkin and cheery are my favorites. [talkin’ pie!]

3. Pets like dogs and cars are so precious.

4. Sorry you haven’t been peeling well lately.


5. Must’ve been a Freudian clip.

6.  Drearest Funsterment Friend,

7. So much magic in the music of the wine blowing through the leaves.

8. We’re talking full frostal nudity.

9. I’m not so crazy about this latest car with the blond spots making lane changes a challenge.

10. It was probably a squirrel or a shipmunk.


Okay, Sweeties — there you go.   Earlier typo posts begin here

And apologies for me not getting around to your blogs lately as I’d drearly I mean DEARLY love to.

Life’s been busy, as I’m sure you can all relate to. Busy, but happy.

See you relatively soon! (Probably)  :)

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Funny Typos, 21

Funny Typos | Posted by Jannie on 16 May 2011 @ 1:27 PM 46 Comments


1. My dear sweet friend Jo in England and I have been panpals since 1994.


2. Wow, those birthday cupcapes look amazing!!

3. She only recently started liking screambled eggs.


4. I can tolerate sweeping and vacuuming but cleaning widows is not my forte.

5. If Funsterment Global ever goes public you know I’ll give my sockholders one sweet IPO deal.


6. But my biggest concern is what will I wear to the Granny Awards!??!


7. When does a friend become a fan or nice versa?

8. It really helps to understand that private industry, not government creates jibs.


9. Those were 55 words for our Friday Flash Fiction hose with the most — the G-Man.

10. Yes, it gives me a real lift to torch up my roots every 6-7 weeks, or so.



Yes, Jo in England and I have been penpals since 1994!

The Penfriends International angels sent her my way.

She’s this gorgeous one…


You may have seen her commenting here of late.

Will she ever get a blog?

Who knows?


Who knows what the marvelous Jo will do next?

She is on FaceBook, tho.

English pubs are good.

Beer is good.

But Jo is even better! And better than vodka shots too, which she likes.

She is a freaking aweome, wonderful FUN person, and I love her to bits!!

I sure will be happy to see her in the flesh again one day!

Sadly, her mom is no longer on this physical plane, but she’s here in her beautiful spirit for sure.

I’ll be showing you lots more of Jo and my other excellent penpals, as time unfolds.

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Funny Typos — 20

Funny Typos | Posted by Jannie on 8 March 2011 @ 2:34 PM 37 Comments


1. Yep — that’s me, writing songs and dinging for donuts and beer.

2. Self judgement is best kicked to the curd. (and awhey! — HA, HA!)

3. It’s about a mile to the castle as the cow flies.

4. I’m gonna try to go another 2 whole days without washing my heir.


5. I got some beautiful foil Christmas warp for 70% off!

6. While out waking my hounds around the hood yesterday… (poor narcoleptic little suckers)

7. I LOVE the Friday Flask 55s!


8. Gonna do my dishes, bust first to a nice bath. (should this also be in my bra-flinging category?)

9. Their remodel was featured in “This Old Hose” magazine!

10. How did I ever exist before all you sweet blogging budgies came into my life??


Funny Typos, 19 — Triple Sin Edition

Funny Typos | Posted by Jannie on 3 January 2011 @ 6:01 AM 46 Comments


1. Your sidebar button will move down 1 spat a day for 20 days. (Duke it out, Peeps)

(Y’all know Shay Fireblossom, G-Man & Mama Zen, right? 3 of my favorite bloggers.)

2. Yes, I’m the type who always cries in church and at weedings.

3. Today I swept and mapped all my floors!!

4. It seems his hired buns do all the legwork.


5. I’ve got a whole box of mismathed socks to send you.

6. I’m free for lynch any day this week.

7. I’m just lost without my sumglasses. (Hard to do my mismath without them)

8. Yay! I finally found the perfect bowl of cramberries for BB’s header.



9. My favorite colors to wear? Fuschia and navy blur.

1o. Still can’t believe you’ve drooped into my life.

11. Blue Bunny is now off to do the dishes, then mop and sweet the floors.


12. Yay, Jim’s got the new closets all funished out!

13. Who knows where the road will lead us?  Only a food would say.

where_the_road_leads_us The Annoying Orange

14. Jannie Funster — writing songs & sinning for donuts & beer.

15. Will we get to hear your gorgeous sinning voice on video soon?

16. What could be better than love, peace and joy in sinplicity?


17. Have you settled down for a nice winter’s nap with your wine in a kerchief and you in a cap?

18. I need to free up some starage on my computer.

19. I don’t really NEED a chic new mid-thigh length swearer, but I want one.

20. To say that blogging has enriced my life doesn’t even begin to describe it.


xoxoxo and such.

P.S.  Here’s the original boxing poster from the first pic, in case you’re so interested…


(What’s written in the bottom right corner is just spooky, don’t ya think?)

xoxo agin.



Somewhere Down The Lacy River — Funny Typos 18

Funny Typos, Just Good Stuff | Posted by Jannie on 24 August 2010 @ 4:14 PM 46 Comments


1. My favorite part of the waterpark is always the lacy river.

2. Is fertilizer made from pants or is it somehow synthesized from oil?

3. Getting rid of that beat-up old venetian window blond was a good way to go.

4. Thank you SO much for singing our Endometriosis Petition!

[Speaking of singing, look for me doing that here on video, Sept. 6th. One of my new songs!]

[There will also be a give-away post here on Sept 22nd on my blog’s 2nd anniversary — for 5 poetry books, 3 of my “I Need A Man” Cds, and 3 hand-written letters from me on gorgeous stationery with amazingly beautiful stamps!]

5. With art, I say go ahead and put all your eggs in one gasket!

6.  I’m impressed how you always jump through hops to post such captivating pix for us!

[And this picture shows hops.  I had NO IDEA what hops plants looked like or that they grew so tall — which is kinda strange, me being a beer lover and all.  Did YOU know what hops looked like?]

7.  The July 4th firewords went on for well over an hour.

8.  I can now post photos up to 790 px wide because I’ve slimed my sidebar down to 150px!

9.  Learning to play a new song on guitar AND sing at the same time almost always gets my brian twisted up.

(Of course, he’s EVERYbody’s brian. I mean Brian, an awesome blogging poet and friend to so many!)

10.  Well, gotta go now to make a new sidebar button to kink up another fine blog!



P.S.  At Funsterment Global Inc.’s annual meeting last week, the Board voted unanimously to start posting these typos when 10 are reached, instead of making the world wait for a full 20. 

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