“Everybody’s Buttocks Are Beautiful” song lyric

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I have changed / improved the below lyric since this post was originally written. ~~ Jannie


Verse 1
my buttocks are looking oh so flabby today
i overheard her say
at the coffee shop yesterday
she was lamenting to her friend
that she’d gained weight in her rear end
she feared her gluteous maximus
was losing it attractiveness
so i leaned over to her table
and said excuse me lady, don’t you know…

everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
no matter the shape or size
everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
in God’s eyes

Verse 2
she replied from her pie, skinny ma’am please get real
you don’t know how i feel
you probably got buns of steel
i said, oh no — quite to the contraire
i’ve not been exercising my derriere
my fanny is a little flat
but i don’t worry ’bout that
i know what really matters
is the beauty here in my heart, and…

everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
no matter the shape or size
everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
in God’s eyes

then her friend said, i agree
your butt is a beautiful sight to see
a glorious gift from God above
made of grace ‘n made of love

if it’s big, medium, little
hard as rock or gotta lotta jiggle
your heinie’s fine as fine can be
so shake your booty down with me…

then we all got up
and danced, and sang

everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
no matter the shape or size
everybody’s buttocks are beautiful
in God’s eyes

Repeat Chorus

~~ (rear) end of lyric.

An offering for my next Open Mike.

O.M.s are a hoot!! Usually you play 3 tunes, but sometimes a couple more if not a lot of performers show up.

Posted with love, by Jannie


P.S. When I started that index card months ago, 4 of those 6 songs’ lyrics were still not finished, so — yay me for my progress!  :)

In My eBay China Shop

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after he silently
perused my finest
wares for something
worthy of his wife for
their anniversary

— the 1960s
Bavarian “harvest
party” ensemble,


the 1950s
Sascha Brastoff
art pottery coffee




and the antique
robin’s egg blue
tall rare demitasse
lined with gold,


all he could
say was…

“Nice jugs!”


And that was 55 words, right?? :)



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last autumn
in front of God
and the whole
Sunday morning

when he was
not quite six,

my nephew responded
to questions about
rules for our lives
during Childrens’ Story,

in his clear expressive voice…

“In our house
there is no hitting,
kicking or biting,

and I know
the “F-word”
but I never say it.


(Fiction? Nope.)


~~ Take it to The G-Man if your 55 wants to come alive.


P.S. That’s the church I grew up in.

Had 12 years Perfect Attendance at Sunday School there — hard to believe, eh?  :)

Mom & Dad were married 54 years last month!



My sister (awesome person!) made that card.  The girl at the top is my niece. She just entered high school.

In Canada.

Canada rocks!!!

You rock too.

Happy Friday.


10 New Photos You Might Enjoy

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In Our Garden…



Inside Funsterhaus…..




And in things we bought at yardsales to sell on eBay…





Notes on 3 of the above…

Kelly used an i-Pad ap for her professor look. Then I photoshopped in the books.

The final photo was taken last week.  Very tricky photography to stand, trying to balance on my left foot and hold my right up steadily next to the hanging basket.

And the top photo I took yesterday as I posed somewhat comfortably on a stool.

Well, that’s it!! How are y’all doing? What’s your favorite of these 10? Mine’s the seedlings one.

Good night.

~~ Jannie


10 More Random Things I’ve Said Out Loud To Myself Recently

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1. Holy crap, there’s a lot of poop in here. [one of the litter boxes]
2. When did they put a speed bump there?
3. I think I’ll have some wine with this macaroni.
4. I don’t have a fancy water pitcher and that’s just a shame. [whine, whine, whine] :)
5. I wonder if we have any crackers in this house less than 3 years old? [age of crackers that is, not of house]
6. There could be worse lunches than pumpkin pie and coffee. [Yeah, like… crack and whiskey?]
7. Why sweep the floor when you can just photoshop stuff out?
8. WHO PEED ON THAT AGAIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [My suspicion is one of the 2012 cats][THAT was a chair]
9. Okay, where’d I put my glasses this time?
10. Frig the eBay — I’m blog-hopping today!

BONUS… tip to bribe 6 cats into portrait together…  Wait ’til dinner. Hold camera in one hand and food plate in the other! :)

(And DID I photoshop the dirt off the floor before posting that pic? Well, only I’ll ever know for sure.)  :)  :)


Oh, and remember those 4 kittens’ size just a few months ago??


Oh, and here’s what they do at night if we forget to hide the paper towels in a cupboard… Little Friggers.


xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo again.