12 Random Things I’ve Said Out Loud To Myself Lately

Bra Flinging, Funsterment, Photography | Posted by Jannie on 25 August 2012 @ 6:35 PM 28 Comments


1. Oh my god, I’m exercising.

2. Yay, I got eight bucks – not five!!!

3. There’s something weird about these pickles.

4. Oh, I wish I had a pair of stretchy shorts.

5. Why is my computer being so naughty?

6. Hey, who stole my flip-flop? (One of 4 little cats for sure. Luckily I did recover said foot rigging.)


7. Gosh, how can my armpit hair grow that much in one day?

8. I’m not gonna let it rain on my eBay parade!

9.  Lord, please give me the strength to figure out the Baby Bjorn. (One Jim bought at a yard sale for me to sell.)

10. Where’d my good bra get to this time?

11. Okay, I’ve eaten entirely way too many cookies.

12. I need to cut my finger nails. (Said about 2 hours ago as I attempted the open E-Chord on my lovely guitar.)

13: editing this in Sunday afternoon… WOW, them’s some yellow flowers!!!


Pretty daisies Jim bought me yesterday.

And yes, I suppose my next post could include some “after” shots of a manicure. Good idea, thanks!!



But wait — a bonus photo: taken about 5 mins after I brought the daisies in from the back-deck photo shoot.

The only thing I staged below was moving the 5 books on top from the spot marked “Here” to their stunning position you see…


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