Hey, remember that day…

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in the quiet cafe
when our poems
flew up over the
ceiling fans into
the wine bottles
an angel poured
our smiles from?

Remember how
our poems’ bones
then floated on
the steam of our
lattes to the hill
where mice were
racing motorcycles
down snow sleds
to entertain two
parakeets who
couldn’t stop


That would be YOUR 55 fictional words, G-Man!

xoxoxo to all.


(Parakeet winter afternoon hanging spot to keep me company.)

It’s Not Even Tuesday

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It’s not even Tuesday
and I’m posting a poem
to show you improvements
to part of our home.


I’ve been storing / selling
some stuff for a friend,
thinking these boxes
will never-ever end.



But an angel came over
and helped lug ‘em out.


Then with my broom
i danced all about.


I covered the old garden
with a perfect-sized rug,
put the blinds up myself,
then gave me a hug.


With a fine shipping table
and lots of bubble wrap,
shelves, then inventory
that was pretty-much that!


The view from there
is this one you see…


where here at my
laptop i usually be.


No more of this now
to haunt me by day…


just a tidy little nook
for my growing eBay.

~~ end of poem


Posted with love to all my blogging buds,

~~ Jannie

P.S. All construction here (including stained glass install) built by Jim’s own 2 hands, 14? 15? years ago, an addition to our house.

He helped my store-nook dream come true by plywooding over that big square in the floor which once housed an indoor garden that had waned over the years.

Speaking of eBay — back to it, Baby!!! I had a slow Dec. but January is picking up.


xoxo again.

And here’s a photo edit-in on Friday Jan. 17th, at 3:21 p.m. Texas Time.

Shipping Desk Kitty was sleeping there until I rudely awoke him for this photo…


(We recycle old swimming pool noodles as cushioning material to help pack delicate items. Sometimes people just give them away at the yard sales where we get most of our eBay things to sell.)

Funny Sleeping Cats, A Balance Beam Ace & A Husband At My New Desk

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4_cats_and_a balance_beam



What’s UP with the cats adopting Kelly’s new (used) balance beam as their nap area!!??

Speaking of The Gymnast, last month she landed her back walkover / back handspring combo on the high beam!!

Here she was at age 3…


She enjoyed gymnastics from age 3 to 5, tried other stuff, then returned 4 years ago at age 7 (at Austin’s best gym, make that Texas’ and possibly the Nation’s best gym) — with the last 18 months on competitive team.

She still LOVES it!!

And last week, one I took with her “Fast Camera” iPhone ap and she captioned.


Her balance beam straddles one of our house additions Jim built with his own 2 hands years before she was born.

Yep, he did all the woodwork too, as i sat drinking wine and singing him songs. :)

Here’s another view of said room, taken yesterday morning…


My new eBay china shop / office corner I set up this weekend!!!

Yay, with a grown-up size chair and desk, whooohooooo. :)

Here’s a “before”…


Ahhhhh, much better now!! ….


My new desk is actually just a table, with Kelly’s old toy shelves arranged on top…


I assembled those shelves all by my l’il ‘ol self when she was a toddler!


Another shot I took this morning with my new office peeking around the corner…


A little messy in eBay Command Central transition mode, but I like it — and stay tuned!

Off now to take pix for 10 auctions and get those up.

And how is YOUR life??



Merry Christmas, Y’all!!!

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A few scenes from Funsterland for you, the most recent taken just before sunrise today.

We wish you the merriest, sweetest, funnest Christmas ever!!

Thanks for being my blogging friend!

I love YOU!!!!!!!


10 More Random Things I’ve Said Out Loud To Myself Recently

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1. Holy crap, there’s a lot of poop in here. [one of the litter boxes]
2. When did they put a speed bump there?
3. I think I’ll have some wine with this macaroni.
4. I don’t have a fancy water pitcher and that’s just a shame. [whine, whine, whine] :)
5. I wonder if we have any crackers in this house less than 3 years old? [age of crackers that is, not of house]
6. There could be worse lunches than pumpkin pie and coffee. [Yeah, like... crack and whiskey?]
7. Why sweep the floor when you can just photoshop stuff out?
8. WHO PEED ON THAT AGAIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [My suspicion is one of the 2012 cats][THAT was a chair]
9. Okay, where’d I put my glasses this time?
10. Frig the eBay — I’m blog-hopping today!

BONUS… tip to bribe 6 cats into portrait together…  Wait ’til dinner. Hold camera in one hand and food plate in the other! :)

(And DID I photoshop the dirt off the floor before posting that pic? Well, only I’ll ever know for sure.)  :)   :)


Oh, and remember those 4 kittens’ size just a few months ago??


Oh, and here’s what they do at night if we forget to hide the paper towels in a cupboard… Little Friggers.


xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo again.