Merry Christmas, Y’all!!!

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A few scenes from Funsterland for you, the most recent taken just before sunrise today.

We wish you the merriest, sweetest, funnest Christmas ever!!

Thanks for being my blogging friend!

I love YOU!!!!!!!


10 More Random Things I’ve Said Out Loud To Myself Recently

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1. Holy crap, there’s a lot of poop in here. [one of the litter boxes]
2. When did they put a speed bump there?
3. I think I’ll have some wine with this macaroni.
4. I don’t have a fancy water pitcher and that’s just a shame. [whine, whine, whine] :)
5. I wonder if we have any crackers in this house less than 3 years old? [age of crackers that is, not of house]
6. There could be worse lunches than pumpkin pie and coffee. [Yeah, like… crack and whiskey?]
7. Why sweep the floor when you can just photoshop stuff out?
8. WHO PEED ON THAT AGAIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [My suspicion is one of the 2012 cats][THAT was a chair]
9. Okay, where’d I put my glasses this time?
10. Frig the eBay — I’m blog-hopping today!

BONUS… tip to bribe 6 cats into portrait together…  Wait ’til dinner. Hold camera in one hand and food plate in the other! :)

(And DID I photoshop the dirt off the floor before posting that pic? Well, only I’ll ever know for sure.)  :)  :)


Oh, and remember those 4 kittens’ size just a few months ago??


Oh, and here’s what they do at night if we forget to hide the paper towels in a cupboard… Little Friggers.


xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo again.

Great News!! And 3-Part Harmony For You

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The great news… my FF55 is ready to post next Thursday, 5:55 TEXAS Time!!

Which is the same as Tulsa time, I do believe?  Which I’ve been living on.


I SO wanted to snag YAHTZEEEEEE at G-Man’s yesterday to win fame and glory, but…

that would’ve meant taking an Internet break in the recording studio.


Luckily, I came to my senses and said,

“Jannie, you’re here to sing. So sing!

The 55 will keep another 7 days.”


So I sang.


And the 55 is keeping just fine so far.

While Captain George was mixing, I did pop over to G-Man’s to comment from my iPhone, tho! Good Jannie!!




E-MAIL ME with the subject line “Jannie Loves Me” if you want the MP3 from last night’s session.


With George’s 3 guitar parts, Michael’s bass and…

Jannie singing to 150,000 peeps.

(That’s what I was picturing in my mind as I sang.)

I was opening for The Rolling Stones.


Wait, no!  THEY were opening for ME.  Yeah, that’s it!




And how cool — my photo of our girl-kitty Mieshka in the late afternoon sun inspired me to share my harmony evolution.






I WILL be answering each and every comment this post, yay!!

And dancing with my parakeets all weekend.

Upon Hearing Karen Carpenter Harmonies In My Head

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I think of Karen Carpenter sometimes

as I suppose we all do now and then as

we’re sailing under leaves of the day.


I think how she never sang an off note

yet battled with love and mirror troubles

while I — of sound body, love and mind


(well, much of my mind,)




am still learning to sing.

(But almost there now!)


I am grateful Karen sang.


And grateful for our newly rescued

parakeets I’m still getting to know and

they getting to know us Funster gang.


With Mieshka really wanting to

get to know them very very well.




“Parakeet Watcher,” I call that.

Kelly took it Christmas morning

with her new phone from Santa.


And now, I’ll sit with my good camera

from Mieshka’s sofa vantage point and

show you where our new buddies are…





get a lot closer… 


I love them so much already!!!

Gonna get them a bigger cage.

And to thicken this poetic plot… many of you know Jim built this room with his own two hands, from framing to trim.

Here he was in 1995…


poem ended ~~~ several diversions back.






Yay, for dVerse Poetry Tuesday Open Link Land!  Wheeeeeee-heeee.


(Top photo of  leaves is a background Kelly got from some app or another.) Pretty!

Take care!


The Corner Cabinet That Love Built

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Hey, Friends! 

On the way back from dropping Kelly at school this morning I bought that nail polish!

This summer I’m sure I’ll get a bottle of red for dramatic flair, but for now l’ll ease my toes softly into spring!


I also bought new mousse, hairspray and…


root goop — the latter which I’m sitting here with on my head as I type this.

So I better type fast! The timer goes off in another 7 minutes.

Luckily all the pix are already in here, just to add a few words.


I bought kitty foods too. He gets half a can of that a day, plus his dry Iams.

Hey, do you guys recognize where the green flowers and clear plastic vase came from??

So, that’s how the shelf now looks now, directly above.  

(Yep, no more beauty products or kitty foods on it.)


Kelly painted those 2 plastic fairies when she was 4.

And did the marbly-bead creations at age 6.  Maybe 7.


That’s how the shelf looked several months ago with my iPhone, directly above.

See — I took that “before” because I KNEW one day I’d finally get My Amazing Camera, which would entice me to tidy.

And photograph.

Which it has!


And next, another “before” —  the upper shelf…


Now see how it looks at this very minute…



Jim designed and built this dining room corner cabinet himself. 

He did the floor and ceiling too.

The dining room used to be an old bedroom we busted through to the kitchen, c. 1997-1998.

Yes — pix of the construction one day.

Darn, there goes the timer!

Ah, what will another couple minutes matter?

And the whole shebang today…


That cool scallop-shell thing on top Jim made with plaster of Paris, from a mold of an old shell we got at an antique store in Maine in 1991.

Friends, I am liking the quality of this new camera, even tho I still don’t really know how to work it!!


And I bet Jim and Kelly will like this new-found tidying streak in me!!

He’ll wonder why he waited so long to get me the camera!


Now… to that hair goop rinsing.

I wanna sing you guys one of my new songs on video soon, so I must look my best.


Posted with love, by me, Jannie

And BB sends love too.  He’s still busy selling his “treets” up at the top of the driveway– made 10 cents already today!!