“At First” — a poem with photos, plus some rambling about The Pea of late.

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at first
the stars’

the moon
flicked on
the lights
above the
dance hall

from the
cracks in
the cooled
lava and


to root
in pebbles
and ash.

quite a lot
more stuff


from the
to sing.

some say
it was really
the children
who arrived
first, followed
by the music

and that
may well be.

all i know
is i’m here
to enjoy
the song.

~~ END OF POEM, with photos from school choir competition a couple Fridays ago in San Antonio.

I had a blast helping chaperone a 4-bus trip of 200 choir boys and girls. Spent the rest of the day at Six Flags. Left school at 6:00 a.m. , returned at 8:00 p.m.


Kelly is pretty-much always the shortest one. But she’s growing great, I had to let her choir gown hem down all the way for that performance!

Here they were in the warm-up room before they went on stage…


They won first place.

And it’s kinda cool that the girl with the side braid in the top 2 photos was the 3-year-old in the yellow dress ten years ago. (Kelly in white lace, with robins’ egg blue ballet leotard beneath.)


Braid girl, Kelly and the choirgirls with the green satin sashes will begin high school this fall — 9th grade.

(The choirgirls with the black satin sashes have just finished 7th grade, going into 8th. Kelly would actually only be going into 8th too this fall, but the way her Montessori schoolin’ went in elementary, she had “Skipped” a year when she integrated into Public school in 5th. (That’s Grade Five to us Canadians, right Talon?) :) :) :)

Kelly’s last day of Middle School was this past Friday!!!! And a week before that I got to enjoy the last few songs at her high school’s Incoming Frosh dance when I arrived to pick her up.




Kelly does wow the general school populace with her gymnastics.


Caught mid-aerial. She’s getting really good at those, steady on her feet.

But back to things choir…

Here was one I took with a much lesser camera at her Christmas 2014 concert…


See how high up Kelly’s hem was then?!!! She’d grown so much, I didn’t realize until I saw her on stage that night.

And a photo taken at a high school graduation party yesterday…


The gym mate Kelly is sitting atop is going off to college at U of Wisconsin this fall, where she will continue gymnastics.

ONE more photo!


Kelly picking out her friend’s graduation card on the way to the party yesterday. That skirt was well below her knees when she wore it last fall. Growing, for sure!

Now my lovelies, I could include at least 50 more recent awesome photos here. And I could tell you how Kelly was the only student in all 3 of her school’s 8th grade classes to make 100% on a recent major algebra test, advanced algebra — 9th grade level!!! And remember — that’s a 7th Grade aged brain we’re talking about!!! :)

But….. I really must end this post now, to get back to laundry and packing. Then vacuum my car. And finish giving Jim his pedicure. Going away on vacay tomorrow!!

Take care y’all!


I Know I’ve Been Promising You “Other” Posts, But…

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Kelly_Needle_2014_FLicks Photography.

So… I am editing this on July 18th, 2015, because I’ve done even more writing on the below tune. Herewithin quotations is the latest, and probably finished lyric (w chords.) After the quote marks represents the original post. Cheerios!

““Love Is The Answer” 94 bpm by Jannie Funster

Intro… C , Em / Am , Em / Gsus / Gsus /

Am / F / Am / Em /
i suppose i could get mad but that would feel bad, so i will keep it chill
Am / F / Am / Gsus /
i will choose to be the peace i wish i could see, yes i will
Am / Em / Am / Em /
everything is good here in the neighborhood
Am , Em / Am , Em / Gsus / Gsus /
in the thoughts i think and do and and say to me and you, i see…

FM7 / FM7 / C , CM7 / C , CM7 /
Love is the answer, Love is the dancer light on its feet, twirling sweet
FM7 / C / G / G /
Love is the answer to why are we here

Am / F / Am / Em /
you could be somebody else but please be yourself, born so you could shine
Am / F / Am / Gsus /
do the things you like to do, and be nice to you, all the time,
Am / Em / Am / Em /
with a quiet mind, seeking you will find
Am , Em / Am , Em / Gsus / Gsus /
everything’s a blessing or a lesson and in questioning you’ll see…

FM7 / FM7 / C , CM7 / C , CM7 /
Love is the answer, Love is the dancer light on its feet, twirling sweet
FM7 / C / G / G /
Love is the answer to why we are here.
Love Is The Answer, Page 2

Am / Dm7 / Em / Am /
check it out. check it out, ask me what i think it’s all about
Am / Dm7 / Em / Am / Em /
( instrumental, something with lots of notes )


Am / F / Am / Em /
let’s keep drinking up the stars and thinking with our hearts, in this gift we’re given
Am / F / Am / Gsus /
all we really need to know as people come and go, life is for livin’
Am / Em / Am / Em /
flying free and high through the beautiful sky
Am , Em / Am , Em / Gsus / Gsus /
turning, turning, turning, I believe that we are learning as we go…

FM7 / FM7 / C , CM7 / C , CM7 /
Love is the answer, Love is the dancer light on its feet, twirling sweet
FM7 / C / G / G /
Love is the answer to why we are here.


FM7 / GM7 / FM7 / GM7 / FM7 / GM7 / AM7 /
love love love love love!”

I am SO EXCITED!!! that a recent lyric manifestation has evolved one of my songs to this…


i suppose i could get mad but that would feel bad so i will keep it chill
i will choose to be the peace i wish i could see, yes, i will
sailing by the chart painted in my heart
in the thoughts i think and do and say to me and say to you i see…

love is the answer
love is the dancer light on its feet
twirling sweet
love is the answer to why we are here

you could be somebody else but please be yourself, born so you can shine
do the things you like to do and take care of you, all the time
flying free and high through the beautiful sky
as you keep on turning do you see that you are learning as you go…


i believe in kingdom come and doing as i’d have done, spinning as i go
i believe a holy plan too good to understand is running the show
’round and ’round and ’round, seeking i have found
everything’s a blessing or a lesson and in questioning, i see…


~~ end of lyric.
["Final" edit :) April 4th, 2015! My 51st birthday, whooohooooo.]


I was never 100% happy with the lyric, and it lay fallow for over a year, until last week when the verses started magically rewriting themselves. Glad I had not done the “Final Recording.” Plus, my singing voice is so much better now!

I hope to be back in the studio in a few months to continue recording my 2nd 12 songs, whooohoooooo.


My wonderful friends, as I post this we are in Dallas for another gymnastics meet, she competes tomorrow.

Don’t ya just LOVE her new competition leotard?!! Even more stunning than last year’s, which was a hard one to top.

And what an amazing gymnast she is! Been at it for quite a few years as you probably know.


Hoping you will laugh / have laughed much today. And wishing you a super Valentine’s Day!


P.S. More photos from this meet in comments!!

She Won!!!!!!!!!!!

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Announcing the Level 7 All-Around Champion at our first meet of the season.

Total score 36.4 (out of 40) with FIRST on uneven bars, and tied for FIRST on balance beam.


THREE gold medals around her cute little neck.



On my phone with her dad after her big win.


edit: apologies for the further-out photos being a bit fuzzy, but wait until Kelly gets the new camera she’s been saving up for!! We gonna be zooming in BIG TIME with precision. I hope anyway — for a $500 camera! :) :)

And….. here were the Dec. Jan. Friends Of The Month…

All Else Aside, How ‘Bout Twenty-Three Photos From The Past Thirty Days Taken With Kelly’s Old iPhone 4S, As I Need To Order A “Micro-Switch” Off Ebay For My Kodak EasyShare Z981 Which Is On The Blink Again But Really Is A Great Little Camera When It Actually Works.

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This past Saturday and Sunday our awesome gymnastics club hosted a meet for 575 athletes.

It rocked!

And I got to do iPad score entry for all 5 sessions!!!


For our “Wizard of Oz” theme I designed and painted that 7′ x 7′ 5″ mural. Started it Monday and finished Friday, painting sometimes long into the night, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing :) but I think it ended up fine!


Part of me wants to now cover the hills completely in poppies.

But most of me just wants a long long nap. :)


A late night Toe Selfie — my right big toe tapped the button.

(Yes, my left hand was covered in green paint. Parts of me still are. And may be for a long time.) :)


Sponged on and swirled the sky first.


Many awesome parents, coaches and gymnasts lend their time and talents to pull off this annual event.

(Sorry about the yellow brick road tape residue. My partial bad. Never again tape on the floor, I super-promise.)


Other artistes helped decorate too…


In Other Gym News… a couple weeks ago Kelly made major progress on the uneven bars!


Took that through the left gym door window at the end of practice. She was beaming.

Yay, Kelly! So proud of you for trusting yourself and your coach to fly away, perchance to land on your feet each time!!


In More Other News… I’ve begun home-schooling her in French.

I told you I am a certified French teacher, right?! I actually taught kids Kelly’s age 25 years ago in Nova Scotia!


Bought a good used curriculum for pennies on the dollar, off eBay and Amazon.com.

We will probably home-school Kelly entirely starting next year, so she can focus even more on gymnastics while allowing her a continued schoolin’ / sleep / Instagram / family / friend time balance.


This year “we” do homework 30 minutes daily before gym.

Luckily we have a PE waiver, which allows her to leave school at 2:40 instead of 4:00.


On the Home-Improvement and Organizing front of my life…

I turned a Goodwill pile into this…


And with simple denim panels and a rod (yard sale finds totaling $10…)


I transformed my eBay storage nook into this…


Notice the cat on the shelf 2 photos above?

Here he is again…


“Ceviche” likes to sleep on the Medium Flat Rate boxes.



In Other Big News, someone in our house recently turned 13!



It was a sleep-over party on a rainy Saturday night where they painted each others’ nails and laughed a lot.



Bought that custom banner off eBay for $20 for her 6th birthday.


On her actual birth day Thursday morning I snapped the following a nano-second before she turned to notice the banner on her way to the school bus stop…


I guess most everybody on the bus saw it and cheered for her, and the driver announced her birthday over the PA.

Pretty awesome.


P.S. You ALL rock!
P.P.S. I have not visited any blogs in 5 or 6 weeks, sorry. Hopefully soon I will!
P.P.P.S. You rock even more than the last time I told you so.
P.P.P.P.S. I am going to sleep now.

Wow, Look What She Can Do Now!

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Isn’t she AMAZING!!?!!

Earned 9.250 for that at our just-ended Junior Olympics competition season, Level 7.

And what a season it was! One of great growth, development, learning, perseverance, travel, friendship and fun.

So proud of that shiny little gal who always gives it her best!



And isn’t their new team leotard Absolutely Freakingly Fabulously GORGEOUS!!

xxooxxoo to all you blog wanderers.

~~ Jannie