Advice For Writing Thursday Poems

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if you go writing a poem on a thursday
be sure to wrap it in seaweed with the healing
powers of mustard and mossy mountain music.

a cabbage roll style wrap is fine.
Or, stickytape your poem inside a shoe box
and roost it in the warming oven of the

wood stove in a swamp woman’s hut.
let the poem sprout for seven sunsets
while the wise woman guides you

through the potions in her big book.
she won’t tell you what to do, as I am,
but she’ll teach you valuable lessons

as pertains to thursday imaginings.
for a friday poem you’ll need a gauze of
old gold bones for your framework,

and an iron fence to swing it on for
three high tides while it simmers for
all your neighbors to enjoy. but…

we’ll cover fridays next half-moon tuesday.
and wednesdays one mystical motherboard monday.
thank you for your poetic consideration.



Posted for dVerse Poetry’s Open Link Tuesday Festivities.

P.S. Mom and Dad have a stove EXACTLY like that in their kitchen, but theirs is by Elmira Stove Works.

They bought it about 1980 or so, as I recall. A good year.

And this is a good year too!

Thanks for your comments. I’ll be out to your blogs soon, whooohoooo!!!!


When I Do Not Come To Your Blog — a poem

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it’s not because

I’ve fallen out of

love with you


or dumped you for

some younger, older or

buffer blogging buddy.


It’s because I’m sculpting tunes,

practicing guitar and spying on peeps

from trees in my kelp knitted bikini.


One day I even washed the dishes,

another did a whole load of laundry,

and last Friday I baked an apple!


Other times I do not come to your blog

I’m in the ocean of my mind, helping starfish

fill out applications for their dream jobs.


Many starfish long to be pilots,

pro baseball coaches and assistants

to make-up artists on movies.


The pink one I met today

wants only to be a mermaid

who sells peas at the circus.


(boiled with butter, on a tray with 2 bottles of beer!)

I swim wild here in my ocean.

I bob like some guy named Bob

in pockets of rainbow ripples.


But back to what started this poem…


When I do not come to your blog

it’s also probably because Blue Bunny

and I are singing on street corners

where the saints imbibe.



iPhone pix recently of Kelly at her friends’ outdoor saltwater pool with a plexiglass viewing area.

Posted with love by Jannie, who is behind with blog-reading again, but hopes to get out soon.




Up My Tree

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I am hiding under my blanket as I write this so the marshmallow goblins don’t get me.

Anyway, if you are 1 of the 5 peeps who won a poetry book, whooo-hoo.

And if you are not 1 of the 5 peeps, whooo-hoo.

If you did your dishes lately, whooo-hoo.

If you like shrimp scampi, whooo-hoo.

If you’re a vegetarian, whooo-hoo.

If your socks match, whooo-hoo.

If you like life, whooo-hoo.

If you dance, whooo-hoo.

If you sing, whoo-hoo.





How To Go Viral On Twitter In 15 Easy Steps

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1.  Post something awesome to your blog
2.  Tweet your post
3.  Link with FaceBook
4.  Have some friends
5.  Be a friend
6.  Bust some Internet butt
7.  Go for a walk
8.  Get more friends
9.  Love your friends
10. Drink wine in a tree
11. Sing a little song
12. Do a little dance
13. Make a little love
14. Get down tonight
15. Repeat until viral

This has been a Friday Flash Fiction in 55 words for The G-Man.


P.S. the itty-bitty “t” icon below is for Twitter. Tweet if you must.  :)

What Canada Day Means To Me (an incredibly deep poem)

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Moose muffins.

A parade.

More beer.

More moose muffins.

Maple cones – you know

the little ones like this.

I love to chew them frozen.

(I mentioned I have fillings

in all my remaining teeth, right?)


Dessert beer.

Nice people flitting about

like bonfire sparks.

Morning coffee by the sea.

A sunset like this…


 (That’s a still off a video I took at

Mom & Dad’s cottage last year.)


Happy Canada Day, Canada!

Happy 143rd Birthday,

my home and native land!


I miss a lot of the people you

have tucked under your wing.




(end of incredibly deep poem.)


Hey, did you see a little blue somebody up in the picture with the 3 girls on the tree house deck??


Are you excited about Canada Day?

Ever had those little maple cones?

Ever had morning coffee by the sea?


Posted with Canadian Love & Funsterment by
The Jannie

Edit: A moose muffin is delicacy my family invented, that’s starting to catch on for miles around my parents’ home.  They’re made with moose meat, honey, cheese, beer and turnips — baked in muffin tins.