What Canada Day Means To Me (an incredibly deep poem)

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Moose muffins.

A parade.

More beer.

More moose muffins.

Maple cones — you know

the little ones like this.

I love to chew them frozen.

(I mentioned I have fillings

in all my remaining teeth, right?)


Dessert beer.

Nice people flitting about

like bonfire sparks.

Morning coffee by the sea.

A sunset like this…


 (That’s a still off a video I took at

Mom & Dad’s cottage last year.)


Happy Canada Day, Canada!

Happy 143rd Birthday,

my home and native land!


I miss a lot of the people you

have tucked under your wing.




(end of incredibly deep poem.)


Hey, did you see a little blue somebody up in the picture with the 3 girls on the tree house deck??


Are you excited about Canada Day?

Ever had those little maple cones?

Ever had morning coffee by the sea?


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Edit: A moose muffin is delicacy my family invented, that’s starting to catch on for miles around my parents’ home.  They’re made with moose meat, honey, cheese, beer and turnips — baked in muffin tins.

Am I The Only One…? (2)

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1 … who learned that Keri bath oil tastes nothing like mouthwash? Not even remotely. Yuck. Took 2 days of brushing my tongue 10 times a day to get rid of that perfumey soapy residue.

2 … who has at least 3 pairs of scissors in the house and cannot find a fricking one of them!?!?

3 … who has at least 3 pairs of reading glasses in the house and cannot find a fricking one of them!?!? (Had I been wearing my glasses, I may not have mistaken the bath oil for mouthwash.)

4 … who has not painted my toenails in over 6 months?  (Most of you men are excluded here.) With Texas now in the mid-80s every day, it’s gittin’ on time to shine up the olde toesies. (Maybe even go wild and shave my legs.)

5 … who sometimes actually kneels on the floor at my desktop computer to type, so I won’t disturb the cat sleeping on the chair?

6 … who spent my hair root dye money on champagne?

7 … who spent my running shoe money on gas and groceries?

8 … who can’t pass by a rosemary bush without smooshing some of that wonderful smell onto my fingers to enjoy all day? (Sometimes when no one’s around I rub my whole body on a rosemary bush.)

9 … who can’t pass by a set of wind chimes without giving them a good ol’ tinkle? (a lengthy process in the wind chime section of  larger stores.)

speaking of tinkling…

10. Am I the only one who finds this having-to-pee-all-the-time business majorly inconvenient to my busy lifestyle? I mean, I’d be a much more productive blogger, kelp bikini knitter and songwriter without this constant running to the loo.

And a bonus…

11… Am I the only one who worries I might be getting lopsided because I often prop up my left leg on the armrest as I drive, like this…


And this…



I think my left leg is a teeny bit slimmer than my right because of all this flinging-up.  More stretched out.  Should I maybe spend the next 30 years in a right-hand-drive car, so I can fling my right leg up and get evened out?

Just wondering.  On all. :)

P.S.  The hand sanitizer in the top photo has nothing  to do with this post, other than to make that nice appealing trio. (except darnit — it was crooked on the library scanner.)  :)

Oh!  I did post a first batch of these crazy meanderings a few months ago.  And boy — how did I ever live with such small photos back in them thar dark ages?!  :)

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Updating Her Nursery Decor, Chapter 2

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The day Jim took that polaroid of me, I took the above of him.

Notice that Kelly did indeed have a window treatment in her room at one time!  But sadly, that blind and valance went missing the same day as my good can opener, my blue Sharpie and all my freshly-knit kelp tube socks. I still think it was the butler, but he’s too long-gone to Mexico to ever know for sure.

Anyway… back to the above fuzzy photo!

Chance, the poochie at Jim’s feet, was our firstborn — a puppy Jim surprised me with in 1992. And the poochie in Jim’s arms is Chance’s firstborn, Peach.  Beloved Chancie died from complications of an attack by either a coyote or large dog when Kelly was 2. But Peach is still with us!  She’s 12 now, and sweet as ever.  Still very active.  And still excellent at puking on carpet instead of tile.

Directly below, flash forward to January 1st, 2010… Not so tidy of a corner.


But… January 5th saw things looking better in the olde clearing-out-and-making-over-Kelly’s-room plan!


And yesterday saw the room as below (‘cept I’m not happy with the lighting in the first photo, boo hoo.)  Oh well….. I’ll survive.


But this one is nice, I think!


So there you have it!  The current state of Kelly’s closet corner, as we embark upon ousting the decor I so lovingly prepared during my pregnancy to usher in the new Club Penguin era.  Are you excited!?!?!?

Can I get a whoopity-whoo, or two ?!?!

Have you ever wall papered a room?  Or decorated one?

Have you ever had a can opener go missing, even if just a manual one?  Quite frankly — I like manual can openers, have used them exclusively for years.  They are best overall, don’t you think? Or do you?

Well, by golly — let’s do up a poll and find out just what Jannie Funster readers think!

And don’t forget to come back and see how your can opener life experience compares with your peers, as more and more votes pour in. :)

Kelp Bikinis & Squirrels With Waivers?!?

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If you want the scoop on that squirrel, you’ll have to scoot over to Jan Lundy’s excellent Awake Is Good blog.  I’m hanging out in the trees there today.

Over there I’ll also tell you what happened in our dining room about a half hour after I took this picture of Kelly when she was 6 months old.

Hope to see you soon over at Jan’s excellent oasis of calm, clarity and compassion!  Oh — and there is a giveaway over there, whoo-hoo.


Why I Usually Grocery Shop Alone

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If you liked this post, you’ll might get a kick out of my recent “Why We Usually Eat At Home,” featuring that same spunky kid.