10 Amazing Things I’ve Done Lately

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1. Painted a set of window shutters.  And did a fairly nice job!

2. Sorted and Completely Organized 3 of my 27 boxes of papers and stuff.

3. Moved all my Blue Bunny headers to a new folder named (surprisingly) “BB-Headers.”

4. Moved all my background designs to a new folder named (imaginatively) “Backgrounds.”

5. Moved all BB’s props to a new folder called (surprisingly and imaginatively) “BB-Props.”

5. Thought about cleaning the fish tank.

6. Thought about mopping the floors.

7. Thought about organizing the clothes closets.

8. Did the dishes 4 whole times in the past week!!

9. Booked some studio time for next month to start laying down tracks for my new tunes.

10. Printed out the above and other photos of Austin, his sister Alyssa and a certain young girl named Kelly, and mailed them to Aunt Sue who lives in Toronto. (Guess who Jannie Sue is named for?) Auntie doesn’t do Internet, so it was a good feeling to help catch her up on her great-nieces and great-nephew.

Ahh, finally getting some things done, in addition to my new cord-and-cable-camouflaged corner, of course!

How about you?  What amazing things have amazing YOU done lately??




Wonderfully Wonderful Winter

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Yes, Dad has been known to actually drive his snowmobile on SNOW — not just on summer grass!

Winter!! How wonderfully wonderful it can be.

Kalyani’s par-amour likes the coldest season because he doesn’t sweat as much as in summer, cutting down on laundry hassles.

What I like — no, what I absolutely LOVE about winter is being able to wear wonderfully wonderful long dark pants and long sleeved sweaters. That cozy covered-up feeling makes me feel like The Ultimate Real True Jannie, the Jannie destined for the happiest of hippity-hopping  everywhere I go.

How ’bout you?  What do you like about winter??  (If anything.)   :)

(The above photo of Dad, niece and nephew, December 2009 was pilfered borrowed from my beautifully wonderful sister’s blog. )


Viral Mirth

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I saw this over at Katie West’s “The Levity Project” and just had to share it with you.  (Caution — contains 1 cuss word.)


Jannie’s Fine!!

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photo credit: allposters

Guys, sorry I’ve been AWOL. Dear sweet Lynn just e-mailed to check up on me.

I’m fine!!

Took me a while to recover from the camping trip lack of sleep, went to a song critique session last night, been re-writing bits here and there, (still trying to get the 3rd verse lyrics of Rosie’s song to flow immaculately,) working on guitar, making and delivering posters and flyers for the show, getting with Affordable Sound about the CDs, trying not to freak out in any way, as the turn-around for what I want is actually 7 business days, not 2 or 3 .   Etc, etc.

Sorry I haven’t even answered your comments from the last post. I aim to soon.  And revel in your latest blog posts.  And I aim to get another song video up in the next couple-few days, the “I Need A Man” (with a chainsaw,) one.


And what’s new with you?



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ONE:  3 more photos from last summer with Grandpa’s horse at the cottage.  Actually, the kids call him Poppy.   My dad, that is.  The horse’s name is Penny.

And below, the 2 cuzzins with Poppy’s horses in summer 2006.  Some might think it was November 8th, as per the lower left of photo, but 11-6-06 is 11th August 2006 in Commonwealth speak, as many of you know.  (Or 1906, 1806, etc.)   The houses ‘way ‘way off yonder under those perfect clouds line the shore road of the bay where Poppy and Nannie’s main house is.  See how all appears magically clearer when photo is clicked to enlarge?  I love that trick!

TWO:  In order to not only keep up with, but joyfully revel in the thrill of blogging, I will probably only be posting 2.33 times a week, on average.  Guess you’ve noticed I’ve been leaning in that direction anyway.  Thanks to those of you who participated in my recent poll as to how often you’d like to see me posting, that was helpful.

THREE:  I’m a little disappointed as I’ve been cut from the school fund-raiser show for May 1st.  Well, I’m not the only one, a dad who also writes songs was supposed to play a couple too.  Seems they’ve re-examined their schedule and with the headlining act now secured they’re having to streamline the program.  I guess there has to be a good life lesson in here somewhere but at this particular moment I’m not quite seeing it.  But I’m sure I will!  Eventually.   Right, Ms Liara Covert, Dream Builder ?   :)