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ONE:  3 more photos from last summer with Grandpa’s horse at the cottage.  Actually, the kids call him Poppy.   My dad, that is.  The horse’s name is Penny.

And below, the 2 cuzzins with Poppy’s horses in summer 2006.  Some might think it was November 8th, as per the lower left of photo, but 11-6-06 is 11th August 2006 in Commonwealth speak, as many of you know.  (Or 1906, 1806, etc.)   The houses ‘way ‘way off yonder under those perfect clouds line the shore road of the bay where Poppy and Nannie’s main house is.  See how all appears magically clearer when photo is clicked to enlarge?  I love that trick!

TWO:  In order to not only keep up with, but joyfully revel in the thrill of blogging, I will probably only be posting 2.33 times a week, on average.  Guess you’ve noticed I’ve been leaning in that direction anyway.  Thanks to those of you who participated in my recent poll as to how often you’d like to see me posting, that was helpful.

THREE:  I’m a little disappointed as I’ve been cut from the school fund-raiser show for May 1st.  Well, I’m not the only one, a dad who also writes songs was supposed to play a couple too.  Seems they’ve re-examined their schedule and with the headlining act now secured they’re having to streamline the program.  I guess there has to be a good life lesson in here somewhere but at this particular moment I’m not quite seeing it.  But I’m sure I will!  Eventually.   Right, Ms Liara Covert, Dream Builder ?   :)

Happy Birthday, Me!

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Made it all the way ’round the sun again, whew.

Now I’m going back to bed.


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I’ve got $69.97 in the bank and I feel positively RICH!!

What makes you feel rich?


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1.  Why does an hour of blogging seem like 5 minutes but an hour of barre chord practice seem like 5 hours?
2. Why, when there are 20 (I kid you not,) of my husband’s salad dressings in the fridge, does he usually polish off my only favorite — the Newman’s Balsamic Vinaigrette?
3.  Why does same (wonderful, loving,) husband still ask me where the scissors, stapler and pens are — when I’ve kept them in the same location for almost 19 years?
4.  Why hasn’t my hair, except for the bangs, gotten noticeably longer since I last had it cut at Great Clips six months ago?

5.  Why do I live in hope I’ll find some thong underwear that are actually comfortable?

6.  And why, oh why, are there so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side?

Bristles on a stick

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Today I’m so grateful for my wonderful Colgate Torque-4400 Plaque Removal System, as pictured above!   Just a simple item but I’m really really glad to have it, so many people in this world would give their eye teeth for one — which might kinda defeat the purpose, but anyway…

And you?  What simple possession(s) you are grateful for today?