10 Great Mysteries of The Universe, 3

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chicken-soup-with-spoongorgeous yummies photo by: Romancing The Stove Blog

1.  Is chicken soup good for the soul of the chicken it came from?

2.  Will there ever be a sleeping bag zipper that doesn’t break the first night?

3.  Why does my child only ever want milk when we’ve just run out?

4.  Why does my (wonderful, handsome, dear) husband step on the carpet to gauge if his shoes are too muddy to be stepping on it?

5.  Why do we keep buying Slinkies when we all know Slinkies end up in a tangle within the first 5 minutes?

6.  Why is it only ever in “the middle of the night” we wake up suddenly, instead of, say … 1/3 or 7/8 or 15/16 of the way through the night?

7.  Why are public restrooms only ever being cleaned when you really, really, really REALLY have to go?

8.  Why DO we call a restroom a “rest” room?

9.  Will Spongebob ever get his boating license?

1o. If I listen to my “Deep Sleep” music while driving, will I nod off?


Just wondering.

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Jannie of the Funstering Hills

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P.S.  No, Kelly has NOT broken her arm again — that pic was from this past May.  :)


 tangled_up oh hek, jazmeene, my brande new slinkee gots all tangild up.

One Incredible Cloud

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It was twilight last week.

I was a block from home and relaxation.

I was tired.

I almost paid no attention when all 3 kids in the back seat suddenly shouted “Whoa!” 

But something in their voices made me tune in.

And I looked, to shout “Whoa!” at the cloud too.


I’ve never seen anything like it. Have you?

I don’t think it’s a plane’s vapor trail. I think it’s a cloud.

What could it mean?

Is it a sign?

A sign like the duck in the cockpit of the boat that wonderful blogger JoyChristin lives on?

And if so, what could the sign mean?

Cues Twilight Zone theme and reaches for more coffee…


Am I The Only One…? (2)

Kelp Knitting, Mysteries | Posted by Jannie on 27 April 2010 @ 11:08 PM 50 Comments


1 … who learned that Keri bath oil tastes nothing like mouthwash? Not even remotely. Yuck. Took 2 days of brushing my tongue 10 times a day to get rid of that perfumey soapy residue.

2 … who has at least 3 pairs of scissors in the house and cannot find a fricking one of them!?!?

3 … who has at least 3 pairs of reading glasses in the house and cannot find a fricking one of them!?!? (Had I been wearing my glasses, I may not have mistaken the bath oil for mouthwash.)

4 … who has not painted my toenails in over 6 months?  (Most of you men are excluded here.) With Texas now in the mid-80s every day, it’s gittin’ on time to shine up the olde toesies. (Maybe even go wild and shave my legs.)

5 … who sometimes actually kneels on the floor at my desktop computer to type, so I won’t disturb the cat sleeping on the chair?

6 … who spent my hair root dye money on champagne?

7 … who spent my running shoe money on gas and groceries?

8 … who can’t pass by a rosemary bush without smooshing some of that wonderful smell onto my fingers to enjoy all day? (Sometimes when no one’s around I rub my whole body on a rosemary bush.)

9 … who can’t pass by a set of wind chimes without giving them a good ol’ tinkle? (a lengthy process in the wind chime section of  larger stores.)

speaking of tinkling…

10. Am I the only one who finds this having-to-pee-all-the-time business majorly inconvenient to my busy lifestyle? I mean, I’d be a much more productive blogger, kelp bikini knitter and songwriter without this constant running to the loo.

And a bonus…

11… Am I the only one who worries I might be getting lopsided because I often prop up my left leg on the armrest as I drive, like this…


And this…



I think my left leg is a teeny bit slimmer than my right because of all this flinging-up.  More stretched out.  Should I maybe spend the next 30 years in a right-hand-drive car, so I can fling my right leg up and get evened out?

Just wondering.  On all. :)

P.S.  The hand sanitizer in the top photo has nothing  to do with this post, other than to make that nice appealing trio. (except darnit — it was crooked on the library scanner.)  :)

Oh!  I did post a first batch of these crazy meanderings a few months ago.  And boy — how did I ever live with such small photos back in them thar dark ages?!  :)

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Jannie Junebug.


The Park Bench Plot Thickens

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I took this picture a few hours ago. Can you believe this picture shows the same bench, last early October?

Pretty radical, eh??

I plan to go back to my trail bench today around 5:00, relax on it with a decaf and a donut, and take a pic from it, to show you the other side of the tale.   The sun has to be just perfect, of course!!   Lighting is all, don’t you think?  How much attention do you pay to lighting in photos?

Tomorrow I’ll post the one I’ll be taking later today!  God willing, of course. :)

You gonna like it. A lot! (I think.)  (I hope!)  ?   :)  (and why the heck has my second smiley face gone awry?)



Obviously I Can’t Sing And Hold A Video Camera Steady At The Same Time, But I’ll Work On That!

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Just a little song snippet from last summer at Mom & Dad’s cottage up there in Canada land. Still don’t know the horse’s name, but by any name he’d still be as wild and sweet. Let’s call him Bon Jovi! Wouldn’t mind being there at the cottage today, except it would be a tad chillier, like possibly -40. Actually, Mom says it’s been warm — just below freezing lately! She’s about ready to break out her bikini. And toss a smelt on the barbie.

How ’bout you! What would you be doing if summer magically appeared?