Funny, The Things You Remember

Family, Nova Scotia | Posted by Jannie on 30 September 2011 @ 8:00 PM 54 Comments


I just remembered I once had a red velvet blazer

I usually wore with a skyblue calico long ruffled skirt

and an off-white semi-fancy key-hole tee shirt.


Lord only knows what I had on my feet.


Actually, very smart leather sandals until it snowed.


I was 14, and the recent 4-H public-speaking champ

in my age division, snagging Provincials in Fredericton

for my spiel on how CB radios had transformed the world.


Next I leapt up to Maritime level where

I spent a whirlwind whole 4 days in Halifax,

a metropolis of then probably 100,000!!


(I lived 15 miles outside a town of 15,000.)


In Halifax I got to stay in a 3-story hotel!!!

with 50 other public-speaking teen hopefuls.


There I discovered the magic of a disco ball,

the bliss of  hard meringue and learned from

the bread-baking demonstration twins how to

properly eat soup, as taught to them by nuns.


Proud to say I’ve been holding and dipping my

spoon correctly for over 33 years now, thanks to

the bread twins so cute in matching kerchiefs!


The twins won in their demo division,

beating out my hometown Johnny Branch

with his blood-squirting first-aid dummy.


I remember each time a camera

flashed during the twins’ performance

they’d smile, as if possibly their grins

would appear retroactively on film.


Funny, the things you remember.


Anyway, back to my red velvet blazer.

It came from some hand-me-down grab-bag,

and I wore it at the competition in Halifax.


I remember other things from that trip too.

Like, Sheila from P.E.I. puking on the spider

and “Bat Out Of Hell” being THE album.


I could probably tell you more, like how on

the drive home I pretended I wasn’t really

hungry when we stopped for lunch, ordering

only a small fry and water because I was too

proud or too ashamed (or both) to admit I

only had $1.75 spending money left, but no.

I’ll divulge no more of this today, my friend.


I will say my “Breaker-breaker good buddy,

we got a skatin’ rink east of the hole in the wall…”

speech did not win the Maritime competition.

I came in 3rd of 3, losing to a boy who spoke

about the Sable Island ponies, and the grand

winner, who effused from her heart about how

she loved books. Wonder where she is and what

she remembers about Halifax, August 1978.


~~~ end of wanderment..


My niece this past summer in My Hometown…


And her brother, back the lane from Mom & Dad’s red barn and red-roofed house…


As I’ve mentioned, my Irish forepeeps were deeded that land around 1830.

And Nephew on the beach this summer at Mom and Dad’s cottage, about 7 miles from their farm house…


They are both SO cute, and precious. I was not able to get home this summer, but I WILL next.

(Snagged those 3 pix off my sis’ FB page.)


P.S. There are 3 Canadian Maritime provinces…

1. New Brunswick —  capital city Fredericton

2. Nova Scotia — capital city Halifax

3. Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) — capital city Charlottetown

End of post!!




My Alexa Rank — a poem in 55 words

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Why should I care my Alexa Rank’s

been slipping upwards for months?

What does a silly number matter,

when my trees are more singing than ever

my child more laughing

my husband more snuggly

you all much dearer

and the oceans more and more

dancing with the promise

of every sweet day yet to come?


Hey, that was a Friday Flash Fiction 55 for our G-Man.

The lowest Alexa Rank I’ve ever attained was about 150,000! 

Yes, FUNSTERLAND was the 150,000th most popular website IN THE WORLD about 3 months ago!!!!!


Then I started putting more time and energy into songwriting than blogging.

Now, I rank… but I don’t really give a flying fiddler’s flute about the number!

Posted with love and ocean-ment,


Happy Birthday, Rosie

Family, Nova Scotia | Posted by Jannie on 8 August 2010 @ 6:32 PM 45 Comments


Sister, more than half your life ago

We stood together by the Bay.

Who snapped this pic of us?

I really cannot say.

(Because I don’t remember.)


(Not that it really matters, anyway.)


I love you more than ever.

Hope you’re celebrating fine,

On this your 33 birthday

With beer or lovely cheap wine?


Like the song I wrote for you goes…


“I’ve got a picture of you in my heart

I carry it everywhere

I see you there with that smile on your face

And the sun in your summertime hair…”


I’ve written a new verse today…


I’ve got a picture of you in my heart

A photo that never will fade

Hope you had fun in the Maritime sun.

And sipped you some Mike’s Lemonade.


Happy 33, Gorgeous!

Miss you a lot today.

Your ever-loving Sisterly Person…

Jannie Muffin




we wish yoo a merrie berthday, we wish you a merrie berthday, we wish yoo a merry birthday,

wit lots of gud beer.


Can It Really Be?

Nova Scotia | Posted by Jannie on 30 July 2010 @ 9:42 AM 58 Comments


Can it really be
20 years ago tonight
we first walked along
the shore road together?

Can it really be
16 years ago I ran up the hill
to take this picture of the house
that changed us forever?

Can it really be
almost 9 years ago
our little angel came crying
and laughing into this world?

Can it really be
20 years ago tonight
you became my guy and
lucky me became your girl?

Well, look at the calendar — it WAS 20 years ago tonight!  Happy first-date anniversary, Baby! 

Whoo-hoo — TWENTY years!!!

And dear readers… someday I’ll show you more pix of the little house in Mahone Bay we remodeled, added onto and sold. (1994 photo above shows it after additions, but before finishing touches.) [edit: we were living in Texas and doing up the house in Canada mostly from afar, with one carpenter working on it.]



Even More Bigger

Beauty, Blogging, Nova Scotia | Posted by Jannie on 25 June 2010 @ 4:29 PM 46 Comments

[Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, 2008. Niece Alyssa, daughter Kelly.]

Color me even crazier than usual — but today I tweaked this blog to upgrade my photos from 700 pixels wide to this all-new 740 wide!!

[My Canadian hometown, 2008. Kelly, Alyssa, nephew Austin.]

Okay, so My Amazing Camera is still a thing of the future, but what do you think of these 740 px wides??

I would be SO grateful if you could please let me know your most intimate thoughts pertaining to my new Ludicrously Wide photos.

[Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, 2008. Sister Rosie, Alyssa, Kelly.]

In the poll below, please check ALL that apply.

Thank you all so very very much a lot!!!!

And feel free to leave any additional input in a comment below.