I Know I’ve Been Promising You “Other” Posts, But…

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Kelly_Needle_2014_FLicks Photography.

I am SO EXCITED!!! that a recent lyric manifestation has evolved one of my songs to this…


i suppose i could get mad but that would feel bad so i will keep it chill
i will choose to be the peace i wish i could see, yes i will
i realize maybe i’m growing wise
’cause in the thoughts i think and do and say to me and say to you i see…

love is the answer
love is the dancer light on its feet
twirling so sweet
love is the answer to why we are here

you could be somebody else but why not be yourself, born so you could shine
do the things you like to do and be nice to you, all of the time
be who you are, a gift from the stars [think i'll probably replace this couplet]
and if you’re ever searching i’ll be hoping you are learning from your heart…


i believe in having fun and doing as i’d have done, spinning as i go
i believe a holy plan too good to understand is running the show
’round and ’round and ’round, seeking i have found
everything’s a blessing or a lesson and in questioning, i see…


~~ end of lyric.


["Final" edit, Feb. 27th, 2015]  :)

I was never 100% happy with the lyric, and it lay fallow for over a year, until last week when the verses started magically rewriting themselves. Glad I had not done the “Final Recording.” Plus, my singing voice is so much better now!

I hope to be back in the studio in a few months to continue recording my 2nd 12 songs, whooohoooooo.


My wonderful friends, as I post this we are in Dallas for another gymnastics meet, she competes tomorrow.

Don’t ya just LOVE her new competition leotard?!! Even more stunning than last year’s, which was a hard one to top.

And what an amazing gymnast she is! Been at it for quite a few years as you probably know.


Hoping you will laugh / have laughed much today. And wishing you a super Valentine’s Day!


P.S. More photos from this meet in comments!!

P.S.S.[edit Feb. 27, 2015] All lyrics subject to sudden and inexplicable tweaking by The Songwriter, me. :)

“Homeless Man” — The Lyric

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i see an old man with a long white beard slowly walking
shufflin,’ shufflin’ across the street, ragged shoes on his feet
where is he going all alone tonight?
i wonder as i wait in my car at the red light

homeless man, i see you there
with your albert einstein hair
are you going to a cardboard castle somewhere?

the trench coat he’s wearing is brown and wrinkled like columbo’s
maybe he’s really some kind of spy, like, with the fbi
maybe he’s an alien sent from outer space
does he think his own planet is a nicer place?

homeless man, where do you go
when autumn winds begin to blow?
where do you sleep when streets are covered with snow?

take this dollar
from my hand…
homeless man

(8-bar break)

i hear him singing handel’s alleluia as he makes it to the corner
sounds a lot like nat king cole, yeah he’s singing from his soul
then he turns around, opens his cardboard sign
i laugh ’cause it says “her lawyer was better than mine”

homeless man, thanks for the smile
and your happy hippie hobo style
maybe next time I’ll stop and sing for a while

and God bless you too
homeless man

alleluia, etc…


~~ a new tune of mine born about 10 blocks north of where that first photo (by Gregg  Klar) was taken.

(That’s the Texas State Capital in the distance, in case you didn’t know.)

I thank Kelly for pointing out that the song initially seemed to “drag on and on”, prompting me to slice the verses from 16 bars to 12. Thanks, Kelly! Sometimes less is more…

The second photo is by Steve’s Digicams.

And that’s pretty-much that for this!

Posted by Jannie for the occasion of this magic moment.



P.S. 1 more pic of our beautiful downtown, by Frink’s Photography.

Kelly actually had the great fortune of attending 1st through 4th grade at a small Montessori school at the edge of that big park!

I loves me some Austin, Texas!!

P.P.S. Unrelatedly… every month I plan to feature 7 Friends in my sidebar, those first 7 some of my very earliest blogging buddies, been friends now for 6 years.

xooxoxxoxoxoxo again.


if you’re wandering

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if you’re wandering
down the shore

still looking for
half of yourself

and for that
little cottage with
the yellow door,

come on in.

i’m standing at
the kitchen counter
folding photoberries

into pies
for you.

i’m stuffing the
crusts with armchairs
you can sink into

to drink your tea
here by the sea.

if you’re

with me.

~~ end of poem


We Return To The Yoga Pyramid

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we return to
The Yoga Pyramid
Easter Sunday

when Texan frogs
are about to light
jasmine candles


Australian frogs
are doing morning
sit-ups in bed.

some of us
have never
met, yet

we have all
known each
other since
God Googled

“how to build
beings who know
love is always
the way to go.”


55 words for “Mama Z’s” poetry blog.  (Please scroll to her Monday April 21st post.)

I really really like the photos at her “Zen of Motherhood” blog too!  Check them out!!

Now  back to Texas…


In the log cabin before we head down the path to the Om ceremony.


Some of us meet for the first time.

That’s Walter Suhr closest to the blue cup.


Tracy going into The Pyramid.


Husband exiting The Pyramid.


Chillin’ on the cabin’s back deck later.


And a seventh Big Photo because I adore sevens.


When I Grow Up — Flash Fiction 55

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when i
grow up
i’m gonna

be a
leaf on
a tree

smiling at
floating by.

i’ll play
with the

with the

sounds its
final tuba

i’ll dive
into winter’s
arms for a
long nap

to wake
a spring-fresh
bud, waving

from a


~~ Shay Fireblossom over at Word Garden is emceeing the Flash Fiction 55 this week, whoohoo!!

And since I wrote that poem today and took that photo today, I guess that ties them together fine.

Y’all take care now!