Five Capodimontes — A Mothers’ Day Poem

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Five Capodimontes all in a row
soon to adventure by U.S.P.O.

Italian demitasses mailed far away
to five special ladies for this Mothers’ Day

One to my sister, four others to old friends
Two of whom are depicted here on the ends…


That’s Kelly’s Godmother in pajamas on the right
Kelly’s Godfather Mitchell does dazzle in white

Yes, Jim was then and still is so handsome
Quite the carpenter and man — can he dance some!

The littlest dude back then was just three
The shortest gal there — yep, that was me

A toast to the sunrise in North Caroline
Little Dude’s now eighteen and I forty-nine

Five Capodimontes, but a sixth’s on my shelf
Heck yeah, I kept one of those beauties myself!

Will six cups be reunited? I really can’t say.
But I’ll drink and think of those friends every day.

~~ end of poem.


And should you ever like to partake in the pre-breakfast drinking ceremony called “Solar Oops,”

face the sun, put your right foot out, raise your glass in right hand and say…

“Solar oops, ein klaren dag.
annen hinnen mit bingen slag.
oop mitt merken, hanne pa berken.
alle sommen — skool!!”

(Or a reasonable facimile thereof.)

It’s Danish, I think?

It basically means “Life’s good. Let’s drink!”


And this just in… for Jannie this year
An iPad-made card from someone so dear!!


All of you, you Mothers or not… blessings and much laughter today and always.

Love, Jannie


just a short ebay-inspired poem

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So, we tap on weird little things called computers

to buy stuff we’ve never seen from people we’ll most

likely not meet until at least year 1, 459, 397, 682.


Kinda like in the days of butter artisans when Hilda,

Dot and Mary Katherine with their silver silk bustles

a-swishing, didst order from les grands catalogs.


Gold hair clips often. And mirrors made from melted sand

and the dust of wind-whipped chariots of uncorseted desire.

And seeds, oh yes — seeds whose children keep on singing.


My Open Link Tuesday share for this week of dVerse.



Oh, and funny what you’ll find when you Google “Victorian Seed Packets…”Funny_what_Youll_find

In 55 Words of Fiction… The Perfect Sister For Me Would Be…

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one with an awesome Friday Flash 55 shirt…


a dear auntie to Kelly…


an excellent Rooftop Yodeler…


every inch the sailor…


and every inch of love and fun I could imagine.

Wait — no fiction! I DO have a sister who is all that and beautifully much more!

Love you, Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday on the 8th!!



Well, golly gee, that was 55 words. Is there a G-Man of Friday Flash Fiction in the house???


The Red Crazy Straw

Rooftop Yodeling | Posted by Jannie on 20 February 2011 @ 3:19 PM 41 Comments


A lady out walking her hounds yesterday

did spot quite a treat on the ground where it lay.


The red crazy straw — tho in beat-up condition

to some of her things makes a stunning addition.


her roses,


her toeses,


her hound,


her guitar,

— look how utterly enhanced they now are.


See how the straw sets off a picture.


See it enhance her dining room fixture.

Just how lucky can one human be —

To have such a treasure for eternity?


~~ THE END ~~

You ever find any such awesome treasure on the side of the road?

And thanks all for your well wishes on my whiney last post, when I was feeling sick.

I’m feeling “almost normal” today.  :)  And I hope you are too!



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If you can’t wait the whole 51 seconds to hear to the winner’s name,

or if you are experiencing “teknickel diffikultees,” you can always

click here to see who won the “Dear Mystery Person” 7th Letter,


a winner who also gets copies of these photos…


And a life-time subscription to this blog!

Can things get any more exciting?!?

But wait — they CAN!  Jannie made good progress on songs today, Kelly likes school and Blue Bunny is ironing all Jim’s shirts!!

Now back to guitar on a new song, “Everybody’s Beautiful”

as in…

Everybody’s beautiful
Just the way we are
Everybody’s made of love
And little bits of stars
Everybody’s beautiful
Everybody shines, from the
Light we’re all created from
Brighter all the time…
Posted with love by, Jannie