Advice For Writing Thursday Poems

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if you go writing a poem on a thursday
be sure to wrap it in seaweed with the healing
powers of mustard and mossy mountain music.

a cabbage roll style wrap is fine.
Or, stickytape your poem inside a shoe box
and roost it in the warming oven of the

wood stove in a swamp woman’s hut.
let the poem sprout for seven sunsets
while the wise woman guides you

through the potions in her big book.
she won’t tell you what to do, as I am,
but she’ll teach you valuable lessons

as pertains to thursday imaginings.
for a friday poem you’ll need a gauze of
old gold bones for your framework,

and an iron fence to swing it on for
three high tides while it simmers for
all your neighbors to enjoy. but…

we’ll cover fridays next half-moon tuesday.
and wednesdays one mystical motherboard monday.
thank you for your poetic consideration.



Posted for dVerse Poetry’s Open Link Tuesday Festivities.

P.S. Mom and Dad have a stove EXACTLY like that in their kitchen, but theirs is by Elmira Stove Works.

They bought it about 1980 or so, as I recall. A good year.

And this is a good year too!

Thanks for your comments. I’ll be out to your blogs soon, whooohoooo!!!!


At The Museum

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we sat on benches
facing a painting much
smaller than imagined.

how could so much
longing and fame be
packed into just one
18″ x 24″ rectangle?

we then wondered
why america had
not gone metric.

we also wondered
who put the ram
in the ram-a-lam-
a-ding-dong, but
soon changed the
subject to proust.

we later found a
cafe and ate cake,
the crumbs falling
from your fork onto
the stolen artwork
in your underwear.

it was a great day.


Folks, do NOT ask me how my minds wanders to words like the above! I have NO IDEA either!!




Happy St. Pat’s!!



I’ll put the Spaghetti Bench photo credits in later.

Kelly’s turn on this laptop now. We are down to 1, and sharing.

But that’s okay, I’ve got songs to practice on guitar now anyway.


Okay, the benches are wood by sculptor Pablo Reinoso.

The Return Of My Coffee Rooster

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my coffee rooster flew back in through the

dog door this morning with muffins for all,


his tales from far beyond the pastried portal

leaving me, as usual, with maps in my eyes.


he’d been to sea with van gogh’s blue guitar

and georgia o’ keefe’s thanksgiving ukulele,


sailing on tall ships made from fine fiddles

and scrapbooks of far-off singing at night.


he’d yodeled in the alps with gandhi’s beagle

and gambled in paris with shakespeare’s cat.


he’d crept up einstein’s rose trellis to peek

at him and churchill sitting knitting socks.


told me his favorite part was arm-wrestling

nostradamus the october night they sat up


baking and eating starlit pies and laughing

until sunrise sang them both off to dreams


of moonkissed maidens they hope to one day

meet and marry on martha’s vineyard or mars.



Just a little poem for dVerse Poets Open Link Tuesday, which goes live weekly at 2:00 Texas Time.

from my coffee rooster and me.


theres_a rooster_in_my_coffee

The Unknown Mom — World Premiere

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Four things I want to tell you about this…

1. Turtle necks come in very very handy for sun protection.

2. The Unknown Mom is perhaps not at peak singing voice at 7:30 a.m.

3. Yes, the lucky blue hat had indeed gone missing again recently, but was retrieved by a stroke of fortune during a rare burst of mysterious activity I’ve heard called house-cleaning.

4. My fave part is The Child’s final note of the song. LOVE that! And her.

And you.

WAIT!!  I must edit in this number 5 to tell you I was in an automatic tranny car, with one hand firmly on the wheel, the other holding out the iPhone to tape — so don’t worry! I had my driving under control.

Posted with Love, by Jannie (close friend of The Unknown Mom.)

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I am at the library, but not for long. Gotta take The Child to gymnastics soon.

I had a bath today.

I washed my hair.

I did 10% of the dishes. (Still no dishwasher, but who really NEEDS one?)

I had only to add a bit of lettuce to the salad, whoo-hoo! No onions, radish or tomatoes to chop.

After I drop The Child at gymnastics, I’m heading somewhere to meet Mardi and Tracy for a few hours of beer-ment and song.


I may not be posting again for several days. Gonna get hopping on Christmas. All our family is in Canada.

And mailing the remaining blog give-away prizes — oh but first Kelly must choose which 5 winners get which of the 5 books. She’s gonna put on her cute little baby leopard blindfold to do that.

I will videotape, of course!!


And somewhere in all this I’m going to renew my soul on a walk or two by the river.

I look forward to getting around to read your blogs at some point too!


Now, About That Spandex Jannie 1986 (maybe 1987)…

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Spandex Jannie