Dancingly Strange (a.k.a. “weird in the blogosphere”) — a poem

Seriously Weird, The Pea | Posted by Jannie on 19 July 2010 @ 3:30 PM 37 Comments


Yes, I’m a weird one

trailing eddies of  x’s

and o’s as I flit about,


my comments sometimes

too long, rambling and / or

too Blue Bunnily cavorted,


and / or too frequent or

too infrequent, or just

too dancingly strange.


Yes, I’m weird and change

up my header a lot due to

my new PaintShoPro toy…


but please know I’m harmless,

and always so glad to see you

when you twirl on over here.




Hey, how’s that for a crazy 1-minute poem?

Now let me find a dancingly sweet photo for it. 

Ah ha! One I took at the grand opening of Austin’s beautiful Butler Dance Center, when Kelly was 5.

It was a great dance party.

LL Cool Joe must’ve been the DJ — the tunes were so crankingly hot!

(Kelly only lasted 3 months at Ballet Austin because she was more interested in being a comedienne in class, but I did get some cute pix before we quit.  And of course, she took tap / ballet at a couple other studios from ages 2 to 4, so there are those pix and videos to cherish forever too.)

No more ballet, yet life has continued!  Who knew it ever could or would?!

And below, a little dance party break.


Friends, did you ever “quit” a class or an activity for you or your child?  And if so, how did that work out? Was it a learning experience?

And are you weird too? (Feel free to share details of that!)


With love and confections…




International Horizontal Photo Day!

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Hey, I’ll announce the final Give-away winners soon, but I must drop everything to let you know that today is International Horizontal Photo Day!!!! Yep.  I hereby declare it to be so! Whoo-hoo!!

Just turn your computer (or your head) sideways to stand beside me where I took these a couple weeks ago!

(Actually, it was the same morning I took this one!)


Well, back to my songwriting now, which is going so so great!!!  I am LOVING my progress on my next 12 tunes.  Amazing what a little focus can do.   :)

With love from Springtime Jannie

Edit…  You still may post a convincing and / or poetic comment for why you’d like a particular give-away item on THIS POST.  I’ll probably choose the winners Friday night?  Saturday night?  Sunday??  I have no idea when — but you know I will!  Then, I’ll leave a comment at the end of said post to let you know who won what and why.  (and I’ll e-mail the winners.)



(Okay!! Back to climbing chestnuts trees and planting peas, and such.)

I am now disabling my Internet!!   :)

And will NOT be back here for TWO  WHOLE HOURS!!

And will be setting timer after  I post this!  :)


It’s 1:04 p.m.  Do you know where your brain is?  :)

teknikel difikulltees by blue bunny

Seriously Weird, The Pea | Posted by Jannie on 12 December 2009 @ 6:45 AM 51 Comments


deere lovly & intresting peepil,

my jannie was hopping to show yoo some new viddio todae of she singing, butt she komputer cot on fier and explodid last nite.   she is fine tho, except for a milde konkussins.  and i haz onlee a few berned wiskirs.  and my tale.  and the kat, but onlee his furs on his left sied.

so i posting wile my jannie stil asleeping.  i hop she wil be prowd of me i up so erlee and werking harde.  maybee she  raze my salliry to $2.10 dollirs a week,  espeshilly sinse my speling iz so improoving.

so heer we goes…

these fotos iz all frum the day my kelly got her casting off she arm.  one monts ago, i tink.

i taeked all these myself.

heer iz my kelly in one of the big rumes in the texis kapitul bilding.

heer is my kelly in frunt of the bilding with some tall guys woo nevir moving a mussel. (i evin came bak next dae to wotch them, but they nevir evir moved evin one littel bite.)

heer is my kelly wating for the doctir to come and take she casting off. (she wuz hoping to brake she other arm, I think, dansing all around the tabel. she is mutch ennergees, my kelly.)

and heer is my kelly in frunt of happee noodle chubbie hugging time of funs. my jannie and my kelly lieks the name of it. and i lieks they karrits iz alweys fressh. and onse they gived me a free plastic spoone for my cabbige soop.

so that iz it for todae.

i hops we get yoo some viddio soone, i thinks next frydae the 18, becuz my jannie posting another exciting thing on tuesdae the 15.

wit love and infeckshuns — blue bunny manigemints manigir_avatar

BUTT WATE!!!  THERE”S MOR!!!!! my jannie’s sister just opined up her very own new blogg.  hoo-woo!!!!!   I bet my rosie rosann would lov if you pooped in to say hello to she.

10 Things I Could Do (But Probably Won’t) Tomorrow

Seriously Weird | Posted by Jannie on 3 November 2009 @ 4:07 PM 73 Comments


1.  Get a haircut unlike any I’ve ever had.  Maybe something like this…


2.  Hang out in a cafe all day writing in my Moleskine and looking mysterious in a long black knit dress and a hat like this…


photo credit: Sarah McAlister Hats

3.  Hang out at Austin’s  Driskill Hotel drinking margaritas, eating fine food and making new friends.

3.  Hang out at the airport (until I get booted out) with an official-looking clipboard, asking strangers if they blog and if they do, hand them my business card.

4.  Hang out at the bus station (until I get booted out) with an official-looking  clipboard, asking strangers why they’re taking the bus and not driving or flying.  (Be prepared for long rambling answers and / or marriage proposals.)

5.   Hang out at a park all day doing nothing but going up and down the tallest slide, being careful not to bowl too many toddlers over.

7.  Cook a 7-course meal to surprise my family.

8.  Hike in unmarked woods with nothing in my backpack but 5 waters, 4 beers, 3 donuts, 2 jumbo packs of beef jerky, 1 roll of “bathroom tissue,” hand sanitizer, 2 extra bras, my new iPhone and my Burt’s Bees lip balm with zinc.

9.  Take the earliest possible flight to NYC to spend the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the stained glass rooms. Also, hang out in the Ancient Egypt rooms looking mysterious in my silver lame unitard and another kind of hat, like this…


photo credit: Costume Craze

And be home in time to tuck Kelly in at 9:00.

10.  Stay in bed reading nothing but blogs all day,  getting up only to powder my nose, snag more Almond Joys from the freezer, champagne from the fridge and accept the pizza delivery.

And you?  What are some things you could do tomorrow, but probably won’t?    :)

Now, Where’d I Put Those Passports?

Seriously Weird | Posted by Jannie on 25 September 2009 @ 2:16 PM 47 Comments

The Czar? King? President? – yah, the President (that’s him!) of Bulgaria, one of this blog’s many lurkers, is flying us and a bunch of our friends over there for camping this weekend!  In his private  post-Concorde era Mach17 jet!  Yay — camping in Bulgaria!  What a dream come true!!!!

Kelly and her pals are so excited about the much-touted flaming marshmallow toss, the trampling of the moldy tomatoes and pin-the-cat on the blind-folded wild donkey.

And we big kids can’t wait for “the beer dunk,” whatever that is — but it sounds great.

(Whoops, for those of you who may have missed my blog’s first birthday celebration post a few days ago, JannieFunster.com is getting super-duper popular in Bulgaria.  Huge huge fans over there.

And of course President Georgi* (Or Parvi, as he likes me to call him,) though far too shy to leave blog comments, e-mails me like, TEN times a day.   And sends jokes.  And pictures, like this one from yesterday…

That Parvi!  Always up for a little humor break from his busy political day.

Anyway, gotta be at the airport in a little over an hour, rushing soon to pick Kelly up from school.  Just wanted to give you the heads-up that I’ll be away from computer until Sunday, maybe Monday if I’m jet-lagged.   Possibly even Tuesday, depending on how that whole Mach17 after-effect thing goes.

No Internet for me in the woods of Bulgaria, boo hoo — Parvi condones only wilderness-style camping.  He writes “Miss Foonster — NO komputer on kamping!  NO eye-phone!  NO plastik forke!  NO wirings in your upper undergarment!”

Unfortunately, they do have a 7-child hammock limit in Bulgaria, but I’m sure Kelly and her pals will make do just fine.

And off I go!  The Mach17 awaits.


* The President of Bulgaria is not to be confused with their Prime Minister, who also exists.  Educational here at Funsterland, huh?!  Who knew?