Thirty More Buttons

Sidebar Buttons | Posted by Jannie on 24 April 2012 @ 2:45 PM 50 Comments

thirty more  buttons

for the sidebar parade


with fun and delight

Miss Jannie has made.


this batch now linked

forever and a day,


(as long as her hosting

Miss Jannie does pay.)


why does she make these?

i haven’t a clue.


go ask Doctor Seuss

and Mister Magoo.


when did she start these?

i can’t quite remember.


I think it was early

one April December.


Is Jannie quite crazy?

Incredibly so.


But more poems await.

So go, blogger — go!


It’s Open Link Tuesday at dVerse Poets, whoooohooo.


P.S. After I hit “publish” on this I plan on taking a 1-week break from posting, but not from visiting your blogs.

Excellent Peeps, Batch 6

Friends, Sidebar Buttons | Posted by Jannie on 17 September 2011 @ 12:18 PM 29 Comments

I make them with pink…

I make them with blue…

I go for the green…

And floral ones too…

Music. Dancing. Laughter. Light.

25 new buttons, a cute little sight?


I wonder if  this latest batch

Has  new peeps thinking “Hey, what’s the catch?”


But verily Jannie says unto y’all.

Nope, really no catch at all.


Making sidebar buttons is fun for me.

(I like things artsy, as you can see.)


Do the “old” buttons then disappear?

Heck no! You’ll find those puppies here.


If you’re new here, it’s just a matter of time

Til  YOU  get a button, bloggin’ buddy of mine.



If Ever You’re Sad, Dear Blogger

Photography, Poetry, Sidebar Buttons | Posted by Jannie on 26 May 2011 @ 12:31 PM 36 Comments


git yourself on over here
and gaze upon your button
on my special Friends Page,

knowing that you are very
special to me, and not diluted
in any way because there

are so many buttons now,
and growing — when I stop to
design and code a new one

instead of walking the windy song moors
swimming with Blue Bunny’s dolphin friends
and photographing mystery flowers.


And if you don’t have a button
yet, or dream of me making you
and Even Lovelier & Better One,

just keep on popping in here
and commenting, knowing that
sooner than later I will notice

your Extreme Awesomeness,
make a friend connection with you
and lo — ye shall be buttonized,

which comes with a 24 / 7  invitation
to join me up in my wine-drinking tree
for as long as we both shall love.


Posted with Extreme Love, by: Jannie of the Wine Singing Way.



My Only Regret With The Sidebar Buttons Is…

Poetry, Sidebar Buttons | Posted by Jannie on 4 November 2010 @ 10:55 AM 68 Comments



each new one can’t

stay up top forever.


Yet, each friend

stays top in my heart.


And whenever

someone smiles


or holds a door open


or says a kind word


they grace the top

of love’s sidebar.


Yep, corny as

An Ishtar Song, that

last bit, but  true.



That was a Friday Flash Fiction in 55 words for The G-Man.

Except I can’t wait ’til my usual 5:55 to post this, so here you go!

It’s never too early for luuuuv. 10:55 a.m. now.

(At least I got a 55 in there!)   :)



P.S.  Edit…

I have so far made about 60 buttons — and I have about 150 friends, so please be patient until your button appears!

All buttons end up permanently linked in a post like this, then go up here, a page I’ll eventually organize into attractive archives, as the code grows and grows.

xoxo (agin)

Funstering Friends, 2

Friends, Sidebar Buttons | Posted by Jannie on 27 September 2010 @ 7:37 AM 40 Comments



People ask,

“Jannie, why do you make those sidebar buttons, anyway?!”

And I answer…

“Why plant flowers when so many already grow?

Why write songs, paint, sketch, sculpt, or weave words into poems and stories when so much art already exists?

Why keep dancing and laughing and flinging our kilts to the wind?

WHY sail these friend buttons out to sea?

Simply… because love is waiting everywhere and every day’s a celebration.

and dont werry, Groovy_BB_avatargroovie babees,

I mean, don’t worry!

All buttons that roll down and drop off my sidebar will reappear in a recap post like this.

(Funstering Friends are Excellent Humans who pop in and out of this blog,

and ones who may or may not pop in, but whose sites I like.)

(The first Friends recap was here.)

(Yes I’m getting better at the buttons, thank you for noticing.)



in stunning conclusion to this sidebar button post, here are a couple recent self-portrait attempts to show you how clean I got my spare ribs pan one day.



Posted with love, from and by Jannie