Great Peeps To Know — Recap 1

Friends, Sidebar Buttons | Posted by Jannie on 20 August 2010 @ 6:55 PM 44 Comments

Welcome to my first sidebar buttons recap!  Whoo-hoo!! 

Break out the beer!

20 buttons instead of my original 21 plan, because 5 rows of 4 just looks soooo…. tidy!

(And I live for tidy here in funsterland.)


Please note I’m making the buttons a little taller now, so if yours was one of the shorter first ones, it doesn’t mean I love you any less!!

Plus, I’ll probably link you all up more than once over the next 40 to 50 years!

To reiterate my sidebar plan… a new button will appear up top every day or 2, rotate down, then drop off after 20 days —  but will magically reappear in a scintillating post such as this!

The Endometriosis Petition will stay permanently.  There were less than 40 signatures on it when I first met Chronic Healing Jeanne almost 2 years ago.

Now look how many there are!!!

ANYONE can sign the very worthy petition. (Takes just a couple minutes.)

Highly Esteemed Blogger Sheila‘s button will stay up until the “Moms in Business” contest is over. (Takes 10 seconds to vote for Sheila’s super-excellent Aventine Hill all-natural bath and body products.)

And… because I love you all so much and care about your swell-being, I HIGHLY recommend the following book by everybody’s Bold Beautiful Blessing, Tess Marshall


(Yes, that’s Kelly beside the book.)

I also HIGHLY recommend Tess’ The Bold Life blog.  She is a super, super special and inspiring fun sweetie!

(And she now has a better Alexa ranking than I — excellently deserved!  I better get my love marketing mojo cranking and catch up with her again!!)  :)

And a bit unrelated… here’s a photo of Kelly when she was 4 with miniature waffles on her eyes…


Posted with love from, Jannie who will enjoy posting a Friday Flash Fiction 55 for the G-Man next week!