New Blue Bikini (new song lyric by yours truly)

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The lyric has been revamped (again) :) since the below… (Edit: March 17th, 2016.)


(The lyric below reflects improvements from the original version posted here — thanks to feedback from my inspirational songwriting buddies.)

gonna laze at the pool in the shade where it’s cool
hearing ukulele music floating in the air
gonna stroll on the sand holding your hand
watching the sun wave good bye to the day
i love you so much and i’ll love you even more
when i’m walking with you on the honolulu shore, in my

new blue bikini
supercute swimming suit
wait ‘til you see me
in my new blue bikini

it fits so good in the places it should
hugging my curves like the ocean hugs the shore
it’s the color of the sky in early july
denim blue that sings to the twinkle in my eye
bought it on sale today for only ten bucks
brand new with tags, ooo — talk about luck, got a

new blue bikini
supercute swimming suit
wait ‘til you see me
in my new blue bikini

(12 awesome measures of scintillating instrumental here, maybe something even a-la-Jimmy-Buffet-esque.))

gonna catch a few rays, ‘n splash in the waves
where the dancing dolphins are laughing every day
gonna do as we please, just you and me
going on adventures that we’ve never had before
we’ve been working so hard but we’ll be playing soon
i’ll be smooching with you on our second honeymoon, in my

new blue bikini
supercute swimming suit
ooo wait ‘til you see me
in my new blue bikini


~~ end of lyric.

If you’re in Austin Tx on Tuesday, August 11th 2015, please join us at “Song Doctor” where I’ll be singing and playing guitar on this brand new song of mine, whooohoooo.

And if you’re not in Austin Tx on Tuesday, Aug. 11, where are you going to be / were you??


Waikiki sunset photo by Joel Mertens, 2010.

They Like Broccoli,

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shooting hoops, ringing their little bells,

watching Little House On The Prairie and

dancing to 70s Southern Rock anthems.


And here’s a new Jannie song mp3 for you… DO YOU DREAM  It’s 2:40 long.

Still in rough-mix stage.  Piano and harmony vocals yet to be added.

If you can’t save it to your computer and want to, let me know and I’ll e-mail you the clip.

Sure hope you are well and will have a great weekend!!

~~ The Jannie


Jannie Gets Bold

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Just how bold is Jannie getting?  You’ll have to check it out here, on one of my favorite blogs in the universe.  :)

And see?!  I CAN actually post a single picture here on my blog without it leading to 17 pictures and 1200 words!  Who knew?


But wait!  A photo editd in for Hilary, to hopefully better show the chainsawed hole in the decking around the tree.  Here…


And Hilary, when you mouse over and read what I’ve named this photo, just think of it as a swimming grotto fed by natural cool springs, with hanging golden pothos ivy, bounganvillea and that bridal wreath plant draped ’round.


Someplace warm and not too far from a sandy beach.

A respite for midnight dips, with champagne and hollandaise breakfasts.  :)

Followed by a morning of strolls in shady parks, lunch in the shaded piazza, and an afternoon passed whispering to 600–to 1200 year-old art.  :)   Art that whispers, sings, and smiles back.



And one more, Hilary!



The Wedgie Wedding Song

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Just a little ditty I wrote, inspired in part by a George Carlin bit.  God rest his funny soul.

For anybody who does NOT know what a wedgie is, see the second definition here.   :)

Wedgie Wedding  Lyrics

1. The church was filled with flowers
And three hundred close friends
My gown of lace was white as snow
And I had no split ends
Everything was perfect, just as it should be
Except for one small detail that was
Tugging at me…
I had a wedgie on my wedding day
It crept on up as Dad gave me away
I had a wedgie but I tried to smile
Takin’ the trip down that long, long aisle

2. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids
We had ten of each
Guys in black tuxedos
Gals in satin peach
Cold champagne was waiting,
Steak and lobster too
All that I could think of was where my
Undies had gotten to…
I had a wedgie of atomic force
I would’ve loved to give it a yank, (of course!)
I had a wedgie but what could I do
Standin’ at the altar with my love so true?

3. Your undies may be borrowed
Your undies may be blue
But never ever let your undies
Get the best of you
Listen, everybody, don’t do as I have done
If you can’t trust your bloomers
You’re better off with none!!
I had a wedgie that was just plain wrong
My French-cut undies turned into a thong
I had a wedgie, I’m tellin’ ya , man!
It really wasn’t part of my wedding plan.
I had a wedgie on my wedding day.
I had a wedgie –what more can I say??

Friends, I have exactly 100 of my “I Need A Man” CDs left from my first printing.  And once they’re gone — they’re GONE!! There may be a second printing someday, but with changes.  So these are unique.

Get one here — only $10.00, plus low shipping.   Mailed with moonbeams and mystic loving meanderings directly from ME!!  :)


A Songwriter’s Wednesday

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Firstly…  (photo by me, last week.)  Left to right are KitKat — almost 3 years old, Sweety — almost 5 years old, and Peach — almost 12.5 years old.  We acquired these buddies when they were all 6 weeks old, respectively.

They certainly are friendly enough with each other, but all 3 lying together is a rare occasion!


Apologies for a 404 error here yesterday. I’d acidentally published a post, then had to snag it back. Some of you were so sweet to e-mail and let me know — thanks!! (Yes, I’ve actually checked and READ my e-mail lately!! Amazing, for me!)


Do you people have any idea how much your loving support and friendship on this blog means to me??!!??  But how could you?  I’m talking infinity, Babies!! Infinity for my love and appreciation for you all.

All about My Wednesday coming right up!  But first a “werd” from my trusty “bloging manigir.”

BB_Warhol thanks yoo, my jannie.  and thanks yoo for kleering the 044 mistree up. yoo beet me to it.

jannie_avatar You’re totally welcome, BB!

BB_Warhol butt, my jannie!!  yor big eye iz so smal today.  wate!  i wil get yor big one, becauze i lerned mor teknologees resintlee.  here i goes…

big_my_jannie_gravatar Oh , cool!!  THANKS, BB, you’re sweet.

BB_Warhol glad to hellp, my jannie.  now on wit the shows!

big_my_jannie_gravatar But first another new picture!  Also from last week.


Kitty really asleep, The Child only pretending — probably at my direction, but I can’t remember back that far in life. The Child WILL remember, tho.  She forgets very little.

They are both a couple of loves, that’s for sure, that child and that kitty.


REALLY back to our regularly-scheduled post…

Last year Thursday was my delectably selfishly fun “Takin’ Care Of The Jannie” day.

This year my long day is Wednesday, when Kelly stays for afterschool until 5:30, instead of the usual 3:00.

And what does Jannie do on her long day all to herself? Well…

“Fluffing up” pictures for blog posts.

Reading your blogs and /or smiling at each of you in my heart when I think about you — which is like  — 20 times a day for each and every wonderful one of you!

Speaking of thinking — did you hear we have 60,000 separate thoughts a DAY!!  Cool eh. I’m assuming that’s over a 24-hour period, ’cause the brain never stops.

BB_Warhol that is so troo, my jannie!  we dreems at nite.  liek, last nite i was bak in kidnergartin wit my frends, drinking karrit koolade and twirling on the wirlygig in my yelow pants.

big_my_jannie_gravatar Sounds like fun, BB!!

But back to this extremely non-rambling blog post. :)

No! How ’bout another photo next!!

Hmn, which one??  How ’bout this one…


June, 2007 at our community pool. I found it yesterday while looking for a Kelly-Erika picture for the “Miracle Roses” post I’m conjuring up. Even tho Jim’s eyes are partially closed it’s such a sweet daddy-daughter moment.

So, what else does Jannie do on a fun long Wednesday at home?

Thinks about housework – but usually only in passing.

Oh, speaking of — guess what!? I did ALL my dishes on Sunday!!  Yes, even the big salad bowl and the salmon pan with all that baked on skin!!

On Wednesdays I also do a little dreaming.

Some dancing.

Take the dogs for a stroll (but after sunscreen, to protect my fairness!  I’m so vain — I probably think this post is about me.)  :)

Work on new songs, with my 3 furry helpers cheering me on.  Today I had a great session on “Meet Me On The Moon Tonight.”   I think!

I take a bath.

I wash my hair or not, depending on what my major life plans are.

Today I paid the water and electric bills!!

And had fun creating packages for two Loving Internet Peeps. Mailing those tomorrow. With EXTRA love and hand-written notes!!  Oh — actually I’ve THREE to mail tomorrow!

So… that’s about it for me so far today.

Wait — one last pic, which I have no clue yet what it will be.

And what are YOU doing today??


Ahhh, THIS picture, yes!!  Remember all my give-aways a few weeks back??  These were the final parcels I mailed out last week. Took this pic in my minivan outside the P.O.

Oh, and wasn’t it cool I had the Marilyn Monroe stamps in my collection for Poet Toni Cross who won the Marilyn notecards!?!

I WILL be having more give-aways.  Still have some poetry books left.  And tons other lovingly-used Happy Life Stuff.

Anybody have any cool ideas for give-away contests? Please feel free to shoot any ideas my way!!