Who Wants Some Billy Collins, “Blogging For Dummies” And Some Other Free Stuff?? Give-Away Monday

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(Amber, Suzie, Me, Kelly: Kelly’s 5th birthday.)

Hey, guess were I’m off to this week??

To Deep Songwriting Zone! Well, starting tomorrow — ’cause today I’ll be hanging out with the 3 beautiful people above, plus little Emily.

Songs  —  time to focus on my next 12!

Give or take a title or two, the next ones are…

1.  Will You Come See Me In Nova Scotia?
2.  Everybody Cries Sometime
3.  Goin’ Down To The River
4.  Love To Spare
5.  Are You Ready For Love?
6.  Love Will Be The Answer
7.  You Could Love Me Good
8.  Keepin’ It Simple
9.  Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself (Save That Job For Somebody Else!)  :)
10. Let’s Drink Up The Stars
11. Sadder Than The Ocean
12. Will You Miss Me?

Alas, in deep quiet songwriting mode from Tuesday to Friday (Kelly will be packed off to gymnastics day-camp) I probably won’t be getting around to your blogs as much as I’d like to — the thought of which pains me.  I am not a fan of missing a single word of your posts. And if I’m not answering your comments here in writing this week, please know I’ll be answering each of you in my heart.  And smiling in your general direction.

All that being said…

It’s Give-Away Week here!!! Four gifts each day — including one of my cds daily! And on Friday — THREE of my cds, plus 3 other gifts.

(For a complete list of all the prizes this week, please see the end of this post.)

How will I be picking winners? Funny you should ask!

Each night, before I lay me down to sleep, (about 10:00 Texas Time,) I’ll read the comments and pick the daily winners based on whoever leaves a comment that touches me deepest as to why they would like a particular item. And I’ll leave a comment saying who won what. Sound fair?  (Subjectively fair??)   :)

Are ya excited??

Really excited??

Let’s go!!

Today we have on offer…

1.  “The Apple That Astonished Paris,”  Billy Collins “first real book of poetry” after 2 chapbooks and numerous publications of his work in well-known reviews. (I actually will be giving away all 7 of my remaining Billy Collins this week. What good is his brilliance to me, gathering dust on my shelves?) (This book is in excellent condition.)


(Sorry ’bout the fuzziness of this next photo, back cover of the book.  The fuzziness it’s a long story, one I might tell you when the moon is in just the right phase.)


2.  “Blogging For Dummies.”  Released 2008.  A goodie!  (Book in good condition.)



3.  Marilyn Monroe notecards with envelopes (one envelope minisculey larger than the other 3, but still  highly serviceable.)   :)   2 each of 2 poses. (Cards practically new!)


4.  One of my “I Need A Man” cds.  (Brand-new in shrink wrap.)



So, anything sound enticing? And why?

Please note: You are ALL welcome to comment on any and all item(s) !

Have fun, and I’ll see you in a comment here tonight!!  Whoo-hoo!!


Hey, How ‘Bout A Show Tune!

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Yep, another tune from my CD release party this past May, a song to be incorporated into the “I Need A Man” musical I am newly enthused about and back to working on again!

7 of the 12 tunes on My First CD and probably another 8 or 9 of the ones I’m writing now will comprise the show.  I still don’t have it all figured out yet, but hey – I’m confident the plot will fall into place and that after a rather circuitous romantic journey involving chainsaws, pastries and a motorcycle cop, a man will indeed be gotten for the protagonist.  I think her name might even be Esther Vonvandervester.

For me, the best thing is creating.  Such a rush to bring a song from a snippet of idea into a full-blown mini-story.


Here are the lyrics from the above tune, in case the slightly-less-than-pro quality recording was hard to make out.

Kissing 39 Good-Bye

They’re Singing “Happy Birthday”
It’s time to cut the cake
Take me back to thirty
Is the wish I’m gonna make
Another year’s disappeared so fast
Fading forever like a fireworks flash
And I am, I am…
Kissing 39 Good-bye again
Kissing 39 Good-Bye

Took my youth for granted
Thought I was the chosen one
‘Cause this isn’t how I planned it
I was supposed to stay young
Another year’s disappeared so fast
Fading forever like a fireworks flash
And I am, I am…
Kissing 39 Good-bye again
Kissing 39 Good-Bye

Bridge: La-dee-da-dee-da-dee-da-dee-da-dee
Singing, singing “Happy Birthday”

All those pretty ladies
On the covers of the magazines
Those picture-perfect babies
Some still seventeen
Will see the years disappear so fast
Fading forever like a fireworks flash
And they’ll be, just like me…
Kissing 39 Good-bye again
Kissing 39 Good-Bye
Kissing 39 Good-Bye Good-Bye
Kissing 39 Good-Bye Good-Bye
Kissing 39…. Good-Bye

Y’all have a great day now, ya hear!!  xo

The CDs Have Landed!

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Got them last week!  Was going to start taking orders yesterday but decided to wait until after the Release show Sunday, so I can focus this week on strumming my gee-tar, perfecting my macaroni sheep sculptures and kissing the running trail trees with my eyes.

Plus, I need to find me a fabulous new blue shirt!!  And maybe even some super-funky pants.

Here’s the CD’s front cover.

Here’s the back cover. (Totally went for the barcode, Dudes!)

And this sticker… (but smaller than depicted here,)

will go on the outside of the shrinkwrap of the CDs to be sold in stores.

In total, “I Need A Man,” includes 8 full-color pages of art, photos, writing and other never-before-seen stuff.  And the songs sounded good before but now with the packaging they sound, IMHO, pretty darn great.  How is that?

CDs available locally at Waterloo Records, starting next week, I hope.

Mail orders available directly from me — each CD packed in a pristine bubble envelope with aromatic moonbeams, Texas morning air and a specially chanted Jannie love incantation.   With a free Jannie autograph, if desired — the latter which will necessitate shrinkwrap removal.

$10.00 USD per CD.   Low shipping and handling, details to be posted Monday on my new Buy CD page.

I plan to put the songs on iTunes too, when I figure it out.  And maybe Amazon.com or CD Baby or some other such dew-fangled thing, if it makes sense.

Oh!!  Guess what?!  I’ve put another 6 MP3 snippets from the CD up on my Song Samples page.  Have a listen if you’re so in the mood.  They vary from about 45 to 60 seconds each.

And friends, my posting may be especially light for the rest of this week, to give myself a little pre-show “vacation” and allow me to get over with joyful abandon to read all your blogs.  Yay!

So take care and I’ll see you soon!!    xo

Song Quest Two

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A weight has lifted.

I’ve finally laid down my rucksack and rifle to drink my fill of the first water I’ve had in 24 hours.   Then slept a good sleep while my socks dried out.

My belly’s full.

My comrades all made it through too.

(I’m allowing my music to flow with ease, not struggle.)

The garden where I played my guitar and sang under broad palm leaves earlier tonight was strewn with white lights.  (Edit:  I was just sitting and practicing.)

A girl no older than 6 insisted I take a dollar for a tip.

I’m rich now!

I skipped running yesterday and the day before. Skipped it! But am quite over that guilt now.  As I mentioned, a weight has lifted.   I feel reborn.

Today I will be one with the trees and the river as I walk.  I will drown in the smell of the earthen mulch.  Drink in the birdsong.

I might even run.  All the more fun that it’s raining a bit.

The UVs will not age me!

Then I’ll get a muffin and a coffee.

I hope the muffins will be fresh (even the supermarket is skimping lately.  They probably think no one notices.  But I do.  Still, I forgive them.  Times are tough for many.)

After my coffee-muffin who knows what could happen?

I could discover Paris right here at home.

Find a cat sunning by a gate who lets me pet him.

Do a fandango in the soup aisle.

I want to write a song about…..  I’m not sure.

The ukulele one unearthed itself quite quickly, thanks to the love of my peeps.

I want to write a song as good as “Tears In Heaven,” “The Girl From Ipanema”  or “The Rainbow Connection.”

(I wanted to write “Blowing In The Wind,” but Dylan beat me to it.  Dang it.)

Universe, where are the words to my melody?

Where is my answer?

In me, of course.

But, where?

And what?

Doing It

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photo credit : cowgirl berlin
Do you know that among other services, Broadjam, the Internet music sharing company, helps Indie musicians get their songs placed in TV and movies?  Okay, it costs $20 a song to submit to an Opportunity and I’m guessing that less than .001% of submissions actually get placed but hey — I just gave it a whirl and submitted my song “Bones” to two Opportunities!  One call is for an FBI crime series and the other is for a horror film.
If you want a FREE download of my entire “Bones” song, please CONTACT ME and I’ll be happy to e-mail the MP3 to you.
No need to leave your e-mail address, it’s already on file for my eyes only here.  (Unless you’ve left a ficticious one?)   :)
I’ll be interested to hear your interpretation of “Bones.”  I have one way I describe it but I don’t want to sway your innocent mind so I’ll let the song speak to you itself and if you want to come back and tell me what it says to you — please do!
Have a super-great day and if you have a dream, no matter how big or small, I hope you’re DOING IT too!
(And sweet dreams tonight.  Don’t let the bed bones bite.) 😉