Homeless Man — The Lyric

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i see an old man with a long white beard slowly walking
shufflin,’ shufflin’ across the street, ragged shoes on his feet
where is he going all alone tonight?
i wonder as i wait in my car at the red light

homeless man, i see you there
with your albert einstein hair
are you going to a cardboard castle somewhere?

the trench coat he’s wearing is brown and wrinkled like columbo’s
maybe he’s really some kind of spy, like, with the fbi
maybe he’s an alien sent from outer space
does he think his own planet is a nicer place?

homeless man, where do you go
when autumn winds begin to blow?
where do you sleep when streets are covered with snow?

take this dollar
from my hand…
homeless man

(8-bar break)

i hear him singing handel’s alleluia as he makes it to the corner
sounds a lot like nat king cole, yeah he’s singing from his soul
then he turns around, opens his cardboard sign
i laugh ’cause it says “her lawyer was better than mine”

homeless man, thanks for the smile
and your happy hippie hobo style
maybe next time I’ll stop and sing for a while

and God bless you too
homeless man

alleluia, etc…


~~ a new tune of mine born about 10 blocks north of where that first photo (by Gregg  Klar) was taken.

(That’s the Texas State Capital in the distance, in case you didn’t know.)

I thank Kelly for pointing out that the song initially seemed to “drag on and on”, prompting me to slice the verses from 16 bars to 12. Thanks, Kelly! Sometimes less is more…

The second photo is by Steve’s Digicams.

And that’s pretty-much that for this!

Posted by Jannie for the occasion of this magic moment.



P.S. 1 more pic of our beautiful downtown, by Frink’s Photography.

Kelly actually had the great fortune of attending 1st through 4th grade at a small Montessori school at the edge of that big park!

I loves me some Austin, Texas!!

P.P.S. Unrelatedly… every month I plan to feature 7 Friends in my sidebar, those first 7 some of my very earliest blogging buddies, been friends now for 6 years.

xooxoxxoxoxoxo again.

Build A Song

Flash Fiction 55, Poetry, Songwriting | Posted by Jannie on 7 September 2012 @ 1:16 PM 21 Comments


Build a song on

foundations of rock

jazz blues & soul.

frame it with

guitar sky open

to hope.

leave roof

rafters bare

to the moon.

plant grass all

around and hear

how all grows

from the flow

of your soul

to the stars

and God’s

front porch

above  you.


Is that 55? Words, I mean? I DO know it’s Friday!!

And that some angel will buy that amp from me on eBay soon.

Sorry amp pic is a bit fuzzy — Blue Bunny’s been into his cups again.  :)



P.S. I still have comments to answer and blogs to read — and I will!!


“Love Will Be The Answer” — Lyrics

Photography, Poetry, Songwriting | Posted by Jannie on 2 March 2012 @ 6:29 PM 48 Comments


if you search the moon and stars for clues to who you are, if you search the wind,..
if you ask the morning why it skips across the sky, ask where you begin…
how can it be, you are here with me?
I can see these questions point in only one direction, I believe…

Love will be the answer
Love will be the dancer
so light on its feet, giving and sweet
Love will be the answer
Love will be the answer to everything

in this miracle of light where we are shining bright, in the arms of spring
hear the music of the leaves up laughing in the trees, hear the angels sing
feel heaven’s power in the mountains, in the flowers
anything we wonder in the sunlight and the thunder we will see…

Love will be the answer
Love will be the dancer
so light on its feet, giving and sweet
Love will be the answer
Love will be the answer to everything

speaking gently to yourself and everybody else go dancing through your day
take the children by the hand and you will understand everything’s okay
sailing by the chart in the ocean of your heart,
anything you’re searching all you need to know for certain is one thing…

Love will be the answer
Love will be the dancer
so light on its feet, giving and sweet
Love will be the answer
Love will be the answer to everything

All I know. All I know.
Love’s the way to go.
Do you see? Do you see?
Love will set us free.
Love will set us free.
Love. Love. Love. Love!

~~ end of newest lyrics.

Heading out to the studio Right Now to sing them, whooohoooo.

Snapped that photo down the street a couple hours ago.  That biggest bloom is about 1.5″ across.

I think it’s jasmine?  On a spray-type vine, and for sure loaded with heaven’s power — like you!

Happy Sweetness, y’all!!


Great News!! And 3-Part Harmony For You

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The great news… my FF55 is ready to post next Thursday, 5:55 TEXAS Time!!

Which is the same as Tulsa time, I do believe?  Which I’ve been living on.


I SO wanted to snag YAHTZEEEEEE at G-Man’s yesterday to win fame and glory, but…

that would’ve meant taking an Internet break in the recording studio.


Luckily, I came to my senses and said,

“Jannie, you’re here to sing. So sing!

The 55 will keep another 7 days.”


So I sang.


And the 55 is keeping just fine so far.

While Captain George was mixing, I did pop over to G-Man’s to comment from my iPhone, tho! Good Jannie!!




E-MAIL ME with the subject line “Jannie Loves Me” if you want the MP3 from last night’s session.


With George’s 3 guitar parts, Michael’s bass and…

Jannie singing to 150,000 peeps.

(That’s what I was picturing in my mind as I sang.)

I was opening for The Rolling Stones.


Wait, no!  THEY were opening for ME.  Yeah, that’s it!




And how cool – my photo of our girl-kitty Mieshka in the late afternoon sun inspired me to share my harmony evolution.






I WILL be answering each and every comment this post, yay!!

And dancing with my parakeets all weekend.