Everything’s Good. There Is Plenty. (a poem)

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Everything’s good.

There is plenty.


Everything’s good.

There is plenty.


Everything’s good.

There is plenty.

~~ end of poem





The reason no one on eBay bid on the practically-new Rockport walking shoes Jim bought at a yard sale (in MY exact style, size and color) is……

The Universe wanted ME to have them!!!

Oh yeah, Baby — you know I’ll be stylin’ ’round town in those!

I really like The Universe!

Do you?

stuff 024

I photographed the little figurine above yesterday and put it up on eBay this morning.

She (or he?) sits about 8″ tall.

See my other figure here.


At The Museum

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we sat on benches
facing a painting much
smaller than imagined.

how could so much
longing and fame be
packed into just one
18″ x 24″ rectangle?

we then wondered
why america had
not gone metric.

we also wondered
who put the ram
in the ram-a-lam-
a-ding-dong, but
soon changed the
subject to proust.

we later found a
cafe and ate cake,
the crumbs falling
from your fork onto
the stolen artwork
in your underwear.

it was a great day.


Folks, do NOT ask me how my minds wanders to words like the above! I have NO IDEA either!!




Happy St. Pat’s!!



I’ll put the Spaghetti Bench photo credits in later.

Kelly’s turn on this laptop now. We are down to 1, and sharing.

But that’s okay, I’ve got songs to practice on guitar now anyway.


Okay, the benches are wood by sculptor Pablo Reinoso.

Prototypically Speaking, in 55 Words

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Centerpiece prototype,
darlings, here you go!


Not the best lighting
and the iPhone’s so-so.

But never to worry,
I’ll glow with the flow.


Plus, I’ve an awesome assistant,
a gal we all know…


who has no school today
due to 2 inches of snow!!




1 centerpiece down, 29 to go.
Is noon too early to crack the Merlot?




That was a Friday Flash Fiction in 55 words for Our Lovely G-Man.

And don’t worry, don’t worry — the decorating / centerpiece transporting posse is coming over tomorrow.

Now, I believe I have some stones to gather, rinse and hang out to dry…

Love, Jannie


EDIT:  I think the branch needs MORE bling, I’ll see what my peeps think.


And I Used To Think Computer Games Were Just A Waste Of Time!

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Some kids decorate their Club Penguin igloos like this…









omni warrior



and this…


But hey!  Guess who decorates her igloo looks like this…..??


Yep, Big Kid Jannie!!

Took me over 40 hours to “win” coins and decorate my igloo like.  Ahh yes, summer 2009 — when I temporarily went insane and joined Kelly in the Club Penguin craze.

So friends, you can imagine that while our Real House kinda looks like this…


and this….


(the 2 above of the room that once looked like this like this …)


our Final Living Room (up over our new garage) looks like this…




and this…


and the view from our front door looks like this…

Temporary _Upheaval

… I’ve always got my igloo haven to run to for sanity!

Actually, I’m no longer a CP member — but I could renew any minute to find my igloo with every last palm-treed pixel in place!!  I could even pile 100 giant speakers to my little respite if I were so inclined.  Or 37 TVs!!! How’s that for some life control!!  And all for only $5.95 a month!! No contract required.

How would YOU (do you?) decorate YOUR igloo??  :)

Have you ever played computer games with your kid?

Oh, Kelly wants you to see her new igloo…


toodle-ooo!  xoxo

The Sweetest Bloom

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(Me & Chance — March, 1994)

In autumn of 1993 God came to Jim in a dream and told him to build planter boxes in front of our humble bungalow.  And Jim did.

God told me to splash our bungalow’s dull grey trim with Bermuda colors, then try my hand at filling the planter boxes. And I did.

Spring bulbs came up!

Little birdies sang.

We drank much beer.


In early 1995 God sent Jim visions of a terra cotta / dark green paint combo for the bungalow. And it came to pass.


God told me to paint the door white. That too came to pass.

The shrubs flourished, I planted others. And trees!  I dabbled in summer flowers.

We drank more beer.

In 1994 we started building our first addition, then a second in 1996. And later, a third — glimpses of which I showed you here.  Sometime during the years of those first 3 additions, God also had us gut and remodel our kitchen and transform a spare bedroom into a dining room.

At some point the front door went green. (God likes to change things up.)

He saw that things were very good.

He gave us The Child. This one…

Sweetest bloom our entryway has ever seen.


God smiled and said  “Jim, my son. You have done well with your own two hands.  But you must build a 4th and final addition to the bungalow. Begin by taking out the planter boxes you built on the south side of the front yard. There you will build a whole new entry into a breezeway connected to a 2-car garage with a media room up over it.  Build a half-bath at the top of the stairs. (A lean-to shed off the end of the new garage would please me too.)

Make sure a gilded wooden pineapple decorates the very pinnacle, that you take at least 8 years from start to finish of said project in your spare time, and that you also build this for The Child while you are working on Addition Four!

Oh — and paint the entire abode again (I like that new “Navajo White” with dark green trim I see folks using.)

But, Jim my son, please finish the interior of Addition Four by December 1st, 2010.  Even though Jannie will one day find respite in something called “blogging,” which will ease her wailing and moaning over what she will come to dub “this fricking never-ending house remodel,” she’d really like the Christmas tree in there for 2010!”

So it was decreed.

Yesterday God told me to go out with my iPhone and take a photo of the exterior of the very lovely-but-still-unfinished pineapple-pinnacled addition.


And one of our entryway.


Yes, the Old Door is still where it was in 1994! The New Door is in the breezeway addition.  We’ve had both doors for 5 or 6 years now. (We use the new one.)

The “tree” you see to the left is actually the one-same little pittosporum that was behind the tulips above!

God says that one day the Old Door will be magically replaced with a beautiful new window, one with finished stonework all ’round.

Fairies will dance and glazed donuts will pour down our street like tumbleweeds.

Yes, there will be beer for all!

And our sweetest bloom will continue to grace our every breath.


What’s your sweetest bloom (or blooms) in life these days?