How To Be Happy

Photography, Poetry, The Parakeets | Posted by Jannie on 3 April 2012 @ 2:59 PM 59 Comments


tie your poems with spider silk

to the shoulders of yellow tulips

and wait for your socks to sing.


say your favorite word ten times

fast while spinning on a piano stool

that sailed on a tall ship from rome.


dance on stained-glass sidewalks

where painters are selling secrets

vangoghed with ribbons of rain.


sleep between sheets of music

on a pillow of mountain forest

under blankets of gypsy moon.


wake to the sound of silence

and pour it on the good things

already dangling around you.


a poem for dVerse Poetry Open Link Tuesday, week 38.



Angel’s the parakeet with the “eyelashes” and darker blue throat.

Timmy’s the singer.

Well, they both sing, but he usually jumps up to the microphone first and loudest.



One Of These Days — a poem

Photography, Poetry, The Parakeets | Posted by Jannie on 28 February 2012 @ 1:50 PM 38 Comments


One of these days I’ll write a poem

that strips down to its macrame bikini

and flings itself from a NY Plaza Hotel

chandelier onto Donald Trump’s hair.


It’ll be a poem that crashes the hotel’s

pastry kitchen, samples all the wares,

then whisks a bottle of champagne up

to the suite with the finest Park view.


Yep, one day I will.


But not today.


Today I’m writing a poem

about the Versailles of my

parakeets’ 2-bedroom loft.


It’s come a looooong way, Baby.


My offering today for dVerse Poetry’s Open Link Tuesday .



Thank you! And happy poetry-ing.



P.S. Angel “Van Halen” Funster, my little shredder, has an orangish face from her love of carrot demolition.