What She Does…

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She rainbow looms.


She sews.


She shops for fabric.


She sings.


And sings.


And sings.


And sings.


She parties.


And parties.


She gyms.


She photographs.


She water musics.


She toy store musics.


She relaxes.


(Her dog relaxes too.)


She bakes bread.


It is good.


So very very freaking good.


Yes, she looms…




and loves.


And she IS love.



1. Where Kelly and Sweety relax was the first addition to our house, which Jim and I designed and he built with his own two hands from 1994 to 1996.  He built all the woodwork in our dining room too. Built that corner cabinet.

2. Her sewing machine currently has a lower thread tension problem but we’ll get it sorted out.

3. She photographed that lantana with her brand new iPhone 5S as I was photographing her. Then she added in a filter effect, and Instagrammed it.

4. In the close-up of the choir she is the shortest girl (purple shirts) in the front row, just above the piano. That theater is actually in the high school she will attend here.

5. Yes, Jim is known to eat family dinner in his pajamas. Shhh, don’t tell anybody.  :) :) :)

6. You are AWESOME. Today is awesome — enjoy it.

7. I love the number 7.

8. 8 is enough.

9.  That’s a heartbeat monitor on Jim’s wrist. He was rear-ended months ago and is still needs pain management. He’s trying to remain chipper, but he sure is looking forward to feeling 100% again, and hopefully soon.


I Had A Fleeting Vision

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I had a fleeting vision
that maybe it’s not too
late for ME to learn

to swing ’round & ’round
like that, until… I recalled
those two times a few


years ago I had to ride
that thing… (thought I
would die both times.)



Nope. I’ll leave
all that whirling
twirling powerstuff

to the Pea,
as in “Sweet Pea,”
Jr. Olympian, Level 7.

oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to all.

P.S. I have not been out in blogland for a while, but I DO have blog-hopping penciled in for two whole hours on Thursday, May 15th, whooohooo!!!!

1st “Pirate Ship Terror Ride” photo credit to… “Japan Ryan“, Blogspot.
Thanks, Ryan, if you ever read this.

Wow, Look What She Can Do Now!

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Isn’t she AMAZING!!?!!

Earned 9.250 for that at our just-ended Junior Olympics competition season, Level 7.

And what a season it was! One of great growth, development, learning, perseverance, travel, friendship and fun.

So proud of that shiny little gal who always gives it her best!



And isn’t their new team leotard Absolutely Freakingly Fabulously GORGEOUS!!

xxooxxoo to all you blog wanderers.

~~ Jannie

Siver Medal On Balance Beam — With Her Sights Set On Gold!

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Yep, she came in second for that routine Sunday in Dallas, with a 9.2. (The winner scored 9.3.)

Not bad for her first meet as a Level 7. Not bad at all.

She vows, “Next time I won’t have those 2 little wobbles, and will perfectly stick my dismount. I AM GOING TO GET A GOLD MEDAL ON BEAM THIS SEASON!!! And bring my floor, bars and vault up to at least 9.0s too.”

You go, Kelly-Girl, you GO!!! I KNOW you CAN do it.

And so our competitive gymnastics meet season starts…..



A Thanks To My Parents

The Pea | Posted by Jannie on 26 November 2013 @ 8:04 PM 32 Comments

“My parents are the best people in my life, and I owe my thanks to them.

They are the ones who motivate me, help me with school, and pay for my school lunches every day.

My mom, and my dad pay a lot of money every month, so I can do things I love. So I can have a home to come to every night. So I can have a bed to curl into. They ares the ones who cherish me. They comfort me. And love me. I would like to thank my parents. For lending me their heart.

I will always love you just as you do to me. Thank you.”

~~ by Kelly, as a recent blog writing assignment for English class.


And we are so so so so so so so thankful for her!!

Photo trio from her choir concert a few weeks ago. Choir is part of her daily school curriculum, yeah — AWESOME school!!! She apparently has a solo harmony part coming up in the Christmas performance! Whoohoo, can’t wait to hear it and post a video for you.

How’d life get THIS awesome???

[And I just took via timer and edited in the other photo tonight -- Thanksgiving 2013.]

Happy day to you and yours.

Happy Thanksgiving, every day.

Love, Jannie-Bo-Bannie