Wow, Look What She Can Do Now!

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Isn’t she AMAZING!!?!!

Earned 9.250 for that at our just-ended Junior Olympics competition season, Level 7.

And what a season it was! One of great growth, development, learning, perseverance, travel, friendship and fun.

So proud of that shiny little gal who always gives it her best!



And isn’t their new team leotard Absolutely Freakingly Fabulously GORGEOUS!!

xxooxxoo to all you blog wanderers.

~~ Jannie

Siver Medal On Balance Beam — With Her Sights Set On Gold!

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Yep, she came in second for that routine Sunday in Dallas, with a 9.2. (The winner scored 9.3.)

Not bad for her first meet as a Level 7. Not bad at all.

She vows, “Next time I won’t have those 2 little wobbles, and will perfectly stick my dismount. I AM GOING TO GET A GOLD MEDAL ON BEAM THIS SEASON!!! And bring my floor, bars and vault up to at least 9.0s too.”

You go, Kelly-Girl, you GO!!! I KNOW you CAN do it.

And so our competitive gymnastics meet season starts…..



A Thanks To My Parents

The Pea | Posted by Jannie on 26 November 2013 @ 8:04 PM 32 Comments

“My parents are the best people in my life, and I owe my thanks to them.

They are the ones who motivate me, help me with school, and pay for my school lunches every day.

My mom, and my dad pay a lot of money every month, so I can do things I love. So I can have a home to come to every night. So I can have a bed to curl into. They ares the ones who cherish me. They comfort me. And love me. I would like to thank my parents. For lending me their heart.

I will always love you just as you do to me. Thank you.”

~~ by Kelly, as a recent blog writing assignment for English class.


And we are so so so so so so so thankful for her!!

Photo trio from her choir concert a few weeks ago. Choir is part of her daily school curriculum, yeah — AWESOME school!!! She apparently has a solo harmony part coming up in the Christmas performance! Whoohoo, can’t wait to hear it and post a video for you.

How’d life get THIS awesome???

[And I just took via timer and edited in the other photo tonight -- Thanksgiving 2013.]

Happy day to you and yours.

Happy Thanksgiving, every day.

Love, Jannie-Bo-Bannie


10 Things To Do While You’re Waiting For Your eBay Photos To Upload

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1. go pour some wine

2. go make some tea

3. go eat some candy

4. go eat some cake

5. go eat some pie

6. go pop open a beer

7. go scrub the bath tub

8. go rinse the bath tub

9. go enjoy your bath

10. go call your mother
if you’re lucky enough
to still have one


and if your mom
has passed on, write
exactly this in an

email, text or
on A Real Piece Of
Paper to one of

friends or

“I am grateful
for the gift of
you today,”

see what


(that message
of gratitude also
works beautifully
with significant
others, especially
ones who only
grow cuter and
sweeter with


(my S.O. is even more
handsome now than
when I first met him
all those years ago.)

Love, Jannie

Happy day to all.


P.S. That first bit was close to 55 words, eh?? :) And it IS still Friday…



Fun I Had The Summer I Was Eleven

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I found inspiring places to work on my flexibility, like the Texas State Capitol


and the Corpus Christi aquarium.


Aquariums are also great places to work on splits,


as are hotel pools,


and the beach.


Speaking of the beach, I made like a seagull there.


Dad LOVES the beach.

And I love Dad!!


I drove the harbor ferry in Corpus!


Well not really, but I toured the wheelhouse, enjoyed a cruise,


then lunched aboard a restaurant yacht.


Met a happy parrot that day too.


Back at home I met ducks


and iPhone video-chatted with my gym-mate.


LOVED the gymnastics pool party!!

I like how as the gracious hostess¬†was taking that, Mom was catching us from behind…


The hosts’ daughter is a talented gymnast too.

Olympics, here we all come!!!

I could do it — I’ll be 18 summer of 2020.


Or I could go the college gymnastics route, where I’ll study art, design, photography, writing, and film-making.

We’ll see. My goal is to see just how far I can go with gymnastics.

What else this summer?


Hung out with E.



Got my groove on with S.

Yes, that’s a big bass and I’m very small for my age — 3rd percentile on both height and weight.

And absolutely PERFECT for me!!


Tomorrow I’ll be back in school — 7th grade.

[edit, and my mom is awesome!!!!!]


Kelly Funster.


P.S. Mom is heading into her busiest 4 to 6 weeks of the year, and will be blogging even less than her already-light schedule of late.

And… she thinks YOU are awesome!!


(Yes, those are Mom’s toes in the last photo. She’s really weird, as you know.)