13 Things Around Me On The Floor Where’d I’d Just Been Cross-Leggedly Sitting, Singing & Playing Guitar

Thursday Thirteen | Posted by Jannie on 30 May 2013 @ 9:12 AM 33 Comments


1. a cat (of course. we have six)
2. songwriting and gymnastics camp papers
3. metronome
4. guitar
5. old iPhone which i still use as my main vocal recorder
6. new cellphone — my amazing :) Samsung “Montage”
7. my feet (yes, my left one is there too I promise, under the hem of my fabulous new $12 hippie skirt.)
8. a pencil
9. my wallet
10. my bank ledger
11. my wonderful $200.00 Acer Aspire netbook that’s still sailing along after over 3 years. Hoping to squeeze another year out of it. Wish me luck!
12. the area rug Kalyani gifted me
13. my child-size oak rocking chair one day i’ll show you a pic of me sitting in

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