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Everybody, we wish you and yours a very very Merry Christmas!


The Unknown Mom — World Premiere

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Four things I want to tell you about this…

1. Turtle necks come in very very handy for sun protection.

2. The Unknown Mom is perhaps not at peak singing voice at 7:30 a.m.

3. Yes, the lucky blue hat had indeed gone missing again recently, but was retrieved by a stroke of fortune during a rare burst of mysterious activity I’ve heard called house-cleaning.

4. My fave part is The Child’s final note of the song. LOVE that! And her.

And you.

WAIT!!  I must edit in this number 5 to tell you I was in an automatic tranny car, with one hand firmly on the wheel, the other holding out the iPhone to tape — so don’t worry! I had my driving under control.

Posted with Love, by Jannie (close friend of The Unknown Mom.)

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I am at the library, but not for long. Gotta take The Child to gymnastics soon.

I had a bath today.

I washed my hair.

I did 10% of the dishes. (Still no dishwasher, but who really NEEDS one?)

I had only to add a bit of lettuce to the salad, whoo-hoo! No onions, radish or tomatoes to chop.

After I drop The Child at gymnastics, I’m heading somewhere to meet Mardi and Tracy for a few hours of beer-ment and song.


I may not be posting again for several days. Gonna get hopping on Christmas. All our family is in Canada.

And mailing the remaining blog give-away prizes — oh but first Kelly must choose which 5 winners get which of the 5 books. She’s gonna put on her cute little baby leopard blindfold to do that.

I will videotape, of course!!


And somewhere in all this I’m going to renew my soul on a walk or two by the river.

I look forward to getting around to read your blogs at some point too!


The Kelly Way Of Putting On Suspenders

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Hey, Kiddoes!

I had so much fun up in my tree earlier today, picking 5 of you to receive the poetry books, but a technical issue prevents me from uploading that video now, sorry.  (Need to free up a bit of storage first, I think.)

So let’s say… a week from today on that?  Bravo!

Meantime, there’s an elfin dancer for you.

She walked in looking like that night before last, and 30 seconds later I was taping. 

She had not danced until the video — lucky us to witness!

How ’bout you, my friend? 

Will you hop up now with a little singing dance wherever you are??! 

Don’t be shy.  Your co-workers might join in on same!

Oh, her introduction is…

“Welcome to the Nerdy Show.  This week’s topic? You’ll find out.”



Love, Jannie



And that’s a photo I took on The Trail this morning — such a soft, refreshing so-glad-to-be-alive morning!

I know one of my good blogging  friends is also having computer issues, so she can at least see the pic, if not the enfin dancer video until she gets to MB’s computer, (if she’s not on MB’s computer when she reads this.)

Temp on my walk this morning about 64 F.

Currently 66, with a high of 76 expected.

I gotta go start my dishes now!

And make a gigantic salad with 10 things in it for my sweet-loving, good-looking Jimmy!!!

Then have a bath!!!

(But perhaps not necessarily in that order.  Dishes may have to wait!) (As usual.)  :)

xoxo (agin)

Woman Wiggles Pinkie Toes While Singing Duet With Blue Bunny & Getting Kitteh Loves

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Hay, that was Blue Bunny singing the higher “Texas,” and the whole last part! He’s got a great range, eh?!

Can you wiggle your pinkie toes independently of your others?

And if so, will you post a video of it on your blog?


In other news…

I’ll do the drawing for the The Seventh Letter winner on video soon (when my hair looks fluffy and fun) and let you know this weekend who gets That Fabulous Prize.

Also on my list…

— Blog reading
— “Do You Dream” verse 3 lyrics
— “Drink Up The Stars” guitar
— lots of other stuff.


“Somewhere On A Michigan Highway” — Singin’ For & About The G-Man

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He loves the Wolverines
He loves a fishin’ stream
He gets that far away look in his eyes…
Somewhere on a Michigan highway
He rides a Harley-Davidson
His silver mustache flyin’ in the wind

Ridin’ in the mornin’ sun
G-Man’s Tim Horton’s cup
Collidin’ with the very air he breathes
The air he breathes.


Just 55 words I put to a Neil Young melody in honor of our known blogging legend and coffee-loving patron saint of Friday Flash Fiction 55 — the G-Man.

If you are a Flash-55 writer (or play one on t.v.) git on over to the G-man’s lair Friday (or anytime Thursday after 8:00 p.m. MICHIGAN time) to check out the fun.  Let the The G-man know you’ve posted a 55 and he’ll pop on over to your place and comment!


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