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Comment on 2016 (so far) Photographic Highlights by Jannie Sat, 11 Jun 2016 16:02:34 +0000 Hey Sweet Hilary, a tough gig indeed, gymnastics. But worth the work and how lucky were we to have had such an amazing adventure. She’d been saying since last summer she’d complete one more season… and so it went. Thought she might want to move on to dance. As it turned out the timing was absolutely perfect for her to try out for cheer, and bang — a few weeks after retiring from gym she was officially a cheerleader!! Her tumbling certainly helped her gain a spot on her high school’s team — 2 time NATIONAL winners during the past few years. Anyhoo, little houseshadow is here beside me on our big leather office chair. What a guy!! He had to have 7 teeth taken out a couple days ago, but he’s sure bounced back well!! He gives HUGE hugs to Hardwick. BB would say hi too, but he’s out planting tomatoes.

Hey Sweet Lynnie, when you are training 28 hours a week, it’s a LIFE!! :) But a great one in many respects. She will have an average of 2 games a week to cheer at, but definitely will have more free hours in her day — and more time for studies, yay!!! College applications are in just a couple more years, right!!?? Yeah, this dog is AMAZING!!! What a blessing. And he’s small enough to fly right in the cabin of the plane with us, he will love Canada!! Yep, more house progress pix to come for sure.

Hey, Sweet Alice, the thing about gymnastics is when you’re in it, you have to be in it 110%. It was great, but she wanted to move on. I didn’t really even believe her resoluteness to leave the sport until it was time to set up a meeting with her coaches to let them know that she’d loved it, but had gone as far as she wanted to. I thought she’d change her mind and give it at least one more year, but nope. Another great lesson in trusting the Child to know when she’s ready to let go. And we have the summer OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. Gymnastics went all summer, 5 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 or 2:30. And we could only vacation for 1 week. Now… we’re heading up to Canada for WEEKS!!!! I am NOT knocking our gym program — those hours are what it takes to succeed, and our gym DOES succeed, but we kinda like this “normal” life now. :) :) :) Yes, on the flyer. She is actually the only one on JV (grades 10 and 11) who has not been a cheerleader, so she does have a lot to learn for specific moves and dances, but she picks things up quickly and is SUCH a happy learner. And this may sound like bragging but… the house is FRICKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just got the electrical and plumbing inspections passed!!! Now on to insulation and drywall. Yes, I think I will for sure use that photo somewhere in the album art, maybe the back cover, but I’m not sure yet wehere. Having a guit. lesson Tuesday on a couple of my new songs, yay!! And going out to an Open Mike tomorrow with Mardi Funster. Oh, and I have to smile at “hanging up her spurs.” Trying to picture gymnasts whirling on the uneven bars in those. Hey — it IS Texas, could happen….. :) :) Smiling because, yes, they do hang up their “grips.” :) :)

Hey Sweet Snaggle, yes, looking back on this — it IS kinda HUGE. Just flung a fraction of the stuff I post on FB up here, and there you go… :) Okay, see you soon!!!!





Comment on 2016 (so far) Photographic Highlights by SnaggleTooth Thu, 09 Jun 2016 20:13:02 +0000 Wow, what a HUGE post- Great for Kelly!!!
Nice new doggy too- Will return for more perusing next week. Out of time again…

Comment on 2016 (so far) Photographic Highlights by Alice Audrey Sun, 05 Jun 2016 20:25:32 +0000 I’m surprised Kelly hung up her spurs. The way things were going I thought for sure she’d end up at the Olympics.

I bet she does great as a flyier. She’s probably light enough weight to be easy to toss in the the air and with all that gymnastics background can easily do the moves. It should be a good fit for her.

The house is really something!

So is that photo of you on the trampoline going to be an album cover? I think it would totally work.

Thanks for posting here for those of us who aren’t on Facebook much.

Comment on 2016 (so far) Photographic Highlights by Lynn Wed, 01 Jun 2016 10:22:06 +0000 I was surprised that Kelly retired from gymnastics, but sounds like that sport is not missed that much. And being a flying cheerleader sounds so fun!

Love that you adopted sweet doggie – he’s probably so grateful and doesn’t want you out of his sight, just in case!

Lovely house – can’t wait to see more progress.