To Love & Subscribe (18 Reasons)

Some of my fans friends recommend my humble blog because…

1. “it’s like a tall, cool glass of lemonade on a summer day… like sunflowers growing at the side of the road, spontaneous and beautiful!” — Jewel, Pink Ink

2.  “fun with a twist and a surprise in every morsel” —  J.D. Meier, Sources Of Insight

3.  “always leaves you wanting more” — Sire, Whassup Blog

4.  “Jannie shares herself in her wild and crazy glory, with a magical touch” — Sara Healy

5.  “a gifted writer who makes me laugh, most of the time out loud” — Tess Marshall, The Bold Life

6.  “consistently funny and entertaining” — Dot, Deeper Issues

7. “photos always heavenly beautiful” — Jingle

8. “a spirit that’s hard to refrain from” — Mia, General Hysteria

9. “funny and genuine” — Vered, Professional Blogger For Hire

10.  “a place of laughter and lightness” — Patricia, Patricia’s Wisdom

11.  “Blue Bunny – we love him!!” — Hilary, Positive Letters… Inspirational Stories…

12.  “inspires a love of life and family and earth and everything in between… my heart fills every time I visit.” — Anne On Life

13.  “a very endearing and engaging writing style” — Ben Mester

14.  “it’s a delight to have Jannie for a friend” — Talon

15.  “a friendly place!” — Dancing With Daisy

16.  “I love Jannie’s humor and perspective on things” — SuZen, Erasing The Bored

17.  “I never really know what I will find when I visit” — Sara Healy

18.  “a musical maven paving the path and blazing a trail online”  —  J.D. Meier, Sources Of Insight

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